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New Profile Posts

  1. Kimberly
  2. Kimberly
  3. Kanade
    Kanade Kimberly
    Hey flatty, i need tech support. Theres an issue with some guy called pretzel claiming to be the supervisor, its clearly an error i need you to fix it asap. kthx. cOwOna Viwus event when?
  4. LeslieLinda
  5. Lulinya
    Boy that act like bitch.
  6. rvollegends
    rvollegends Precel
    good evening, can you look at my account recovery post :(
  7. PREP
    Take it back in time in my mind take it back
  8. Kimberly
    Do <NOT> use my profile for technical support. I will delete your post.
  9. BarrackObama
    BarrackObama Nise
    Hey Nise, I know you just unbanned me. Well I went back to GS1 and was training to gain the exp i lost because of the ban causing me to die. Well it banned me again. This time stating "hacks". It was the same scenario. I was healing to lure the mob then i took the tp door. It banned right after that. Should I make a new post or can you take a look at it? thx
  10. BarrackObama
    BarrackObama Duckys
    Hey Ducky, I noticed you are reading the thread about my character ban. It happened again, could you take a look at it ?
  11. Waeri
  12. VannyK
    B>Cute android GF PM me offers. :D
  13. Aesteris
    never really give a shit about people.
  14. YoniSL
    Tickling zakum ass like OG hene hoe
  15. jackieeeexd
    jackieeeexd Duckys
    Hey, not really sure who or where to reach out to but i'm having trouble voting. Ive been constantly voting to the point where I keep getting vote in ___ time, and the blue one is not clickable. But I don't get voting cash and when i check my account info, it said last vote 76 hours ago or something. Let me know if you can help, thanks!
  16. MissingU
    dan the robot
  17. Porkupine
    Porkupine VonG
    Hello! I'm so sorry I missed your guild application, it's been a very busy weekend for me and I didn't get a chance to check.

    If you're still interested, please add me on Discord! eruwu#6490
  18. 7771
    7771 Duckys
    Said banned for hacking these are my friends acc, im not sharing any accs or hacking at all.
  19. 7771
    7771 Duckys
    hey ducky you unfairly banned all my accounts ive been a member for over 5 years, and this is the game i play during the corona out break. There was no screen shot evidence, or if there was you can see that i said nothing wrong and i was just a party member basically a bystander.
  20. Bambo
    Bambo Precel
    hey are you just the cute one