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Accurate EXP Calculator for Leeching/Grinding

Discussion in 'Guides' started by riceylin, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. riceylin

    riceylin Red Snail

    Jun 22, 2020
    8:36 PM
    Hunter, Bowmaster
    [EDIT: Mirrors seems to have fixed the error. Give her calculator a try again if you haven't!]

    I was using the Mirrors EXP Calculator and then realized that it didn't match up with calculations I did manually. I investigated how Mirrors was doing the calculations, but it seemed faster for me to just redo the logic myself rather than find the issue.

    Here's the revamped calculator! You will need to create your own copy to use it.

    Use it to calculate:
    • EXP needed to get from level A X% to level B Y%
    • Hours of grinding needed
    • Hours & cost of leeching
    It uses the same (great) interface from the Mirrors EXP Calculator, but should give correct results according to the MapleLegends EXP table. It's been tested by me and some friends!

    Thanks to Mirrors for the original calculator and idea!

    Feel free to leave any feedback.
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  2. Nise

    Nise Supervisor Staff Member Supervisor Game Moderator

    Jul 5, 2017
    1:36 PM
    I can see some minor changes from Mirror's, the most major being how you changed the formula to return "Total EXP needed".

    But everything else (not just the interface), but the baseline logic, formatting, little tidbits, like:

    Q. How much does leech cost?
    I don't know, ask your seller :~)

    Or that hover over leech price calculator, still remain the same as Mirrors.

    Just adding credits in-text to Mirrors and calling it RiceyLin EXP Calculator, rather than trying to communicate with the OP (Mirrors) seems a bit disrespectful to the OP. I'm not trying to criticize, but just trying to convey how I would probably have felt if I were the OP.

    I've posted a number of calculators onto the forums in the past, and I sincerely appreciate it when people approach me to point out some mistakes, and I give them credit after that. It seems like a joint and communal project at that point. And even when I'm helping correct someone else's, I DM them and don't post a new one instead, since I think it sort of undermines the intent of "getting something useful out there" and look as if (even if you don't intend it) it's more about the "fame and views" :(
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  3. OP

    riceylin Red Snail

    Jun 22, 2020
    8:36 PM
    Hunter, Bowmaster
    You're right, that wasn't my intention. I changed the name of the calculator and made some other edits that I hope makes it more clear.

    Would be happy to make additional edits that you think are right.

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