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Anniversary Event 2021 rant

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Motto, Jun 10, 2021.

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  1. Motto

    Motto Headless Horseman

    Jun 30, 2018
    5:53 AM
    Yes, given we have an entire month to rant about the event.
    Its good we already start doing so on first day.

    I'm actually sad to post this thread at like 2 hours after event started but it has to be said.

    [deleted because toxic people]

    I'm looking at possible ways to farm coins and I'm stuck with:

    Ravana 5*2 coins / day
    Papulatus 5*2 coins / day
    Jiaoceng 10 coins / day (but not in range yet)
    Scarga ? coins
    Targa ? coins
    could do zak or stuff but lmao [​IMG]

    Party Quest (for a lvl 14x)
    CWKPQ idk*2 coins / day (maybe same coins as zak so 15?)
    HPQ 5*unlimited coins (4mins run maybe with your own mules, 3mins run with others)
    GPQ 6 coins * run (some say 20*run idk)
    APQ ? coins * run

    Grinding (oh boy)
    I tested out various maps, approximated from 20mins/each and, as a stupid shadower I'm getting :
    BLv 14coin/hr
    ML5 12coin/hr (sucky sucky 2hit ko)
    7f 10coin/hr
    ^ I tried finding someone to grind with, makes it really tedious to find +/- 20 lvl range for these things ("oh ur +2 lvls from range sry" kind of deal that becomes bs at 7f)

    Event stuff (uuuuh masochism)
    So it seems Pink Bean PQ is once per day and gives 10 coins/day (?)
    While JQ is 5x times a week and gives 15x clear so possible 75 coins/week
    ^ the catch is you're going to want to hang on a rope by the end of those 5x JQs given how RNG the cookies are at moving around
    Still no puff daddy but I'd imagine it being 5~10 coins per clear maybe

    So if we take a random casual player that wants to play the "event system" they're prone to think... wait a minute... am I supposed to now play the game for 5~6 hours/day to get maxed coins per every week?

    Calculating the 7days/week we get per "cycle" we're looking at something like

    Pink Bean PQ x7 = 70 coins
    JQ x5 = 75 coins
    Event stuff = 145/250 coins/week (seems ok, depends on puff daddy and timezone it starts spawning hardcore, yep looking at you US timezones, rip EU gang)

    Total ATM 145/500 coins/week

    Rabana [​IMG] 5x2 x7 days = 70 coins
    Papu 5x2 x 7 days = 70 coins
    CWKPQ bosses 15 * 7 = 105 coins (speculation territory on this one)
    Easy bossing = 205coins?/week (eh can do that)

    Total ATM 350/500 coins/week

    APQ (if you're married lulw) 8coin x 2run * 7 = 112 coins/week
    GPQ 6coin x run =
    hope your guild wants to do em (15~20 mins in general)
    HPQ (good luck finding a slot to do these, in the 3 hours server was on I was able to get 1 HPQ run, fuckin Henesys is bloated with mules now) but still 5 coin * run = can even cap 250 coins/week on this one (50 runs of 3~4 mins each)
    PQs = 250 coins/week (depends on how lucky you are to get HPQ slots during day, maybe depends on which timezones are inactive)
    ^ this one is "easiest" to fullfill

    Total ATM 500/500 coins/week

    The thing here is... are you going to waste half your day hoping to get HPQ slots?
    Do you work? Are you home all day doing nothing like a hobo (like me) ?

    All this will give a variation of PQ points, most likely I'll be able of doing some HPQ in early morning when US timezone is asleep.
    Are you sure you're going to do bosses every day? CWKPQ every day?
    All this gives issues that well... you'll have to start grinding. [​IMG] (but wait we're at 500/500 so why even care)

    So lets start subtracting:
    • If you're not able of doing JQs in general, like cheese JQ (PTSD holy shit) you're most likely loosing that 75coin/week.
    • If you're not able of doing CWKPQ daily (maybe only weekend 2 runs) then you're looking at loosing (supposedly) another 75 coin/week
    • If you're not into doing scam APQ that gives 0 apple after 20 runs, you're loosing another 112 coin/week
    • If you're in a timezone where most players are active + you work, well say goodbye to HPQ runs
    So all in all you're looking at a reduction of 75+75+250(PQs) = 400 coins/week

    So we're back at a Total of 100/500 coins/week given you've basically just done Pink Bean PQ, some Rabana, Papulatus, 2x CWKPQ.
    You're now in the territory of "what the fuck am I going to do to get that 400 coins.
    Well the thing is, you can grind 250 + 50 coins/week
    (50 from party range +/- 20 lvls)

    I for one will attempt to try even more maps and update the thread but for what I'm getting I'm averaging close to 15coin/hr alone in maps I can almost certain 1hko or 2hko.
    ^ Strangely here some classe are able of abusing the living heck out of coin/hr...

    The problem here is that the system requires to cap you weekly, so as a casual gamer you are supposed to work more time of your day to possibly gain the coins weekly.

    I'm surprised Nightz777Nightz777 was right from the beginning. (don't toxicfunny me pls nightz u did right)

    +1 The reward system is nice, prices are pretty good and cheap for cosmetics or equipments.
    +1 Glasses+Leaf+Ring is a pretty cool thing with the slots to upgrade em. (from what Mirrors said its 6month duration) very nice for new players to get some stats based equipments without having to buy sheriff pendant + some random eye acc and a free ring with some stats which can get on par with a tier 7 monsterbook ring (stat wise)
    + The various cosmetics are pretty cute (wasted some time during offtime to check them out)
    +1 Prices for APR are pretty good and standard, giving the possibility for a max of 2000/160 = 62APR from the event (better than 0 per event)
    +1 Chairs are very nice [​IMG] , I was talking with HiyoHiyo about String Phone Chair legit this afternoon before server going up, its a very cool chair.

    Raffle is... well yeah as usual a raffle (sad most chairs are raffle-locked behind it, could've been cool to have the other chairs available for anniv. points)
    +1 point for it being lvl 70+ locked
    but most likely most old players will already have farmed 5+ lvl 70+ mules from valentine event

    Share your experience of the event so far, all this can be used later on for the final event feedback to give to GMs.

    edit 2: given people are toxic I'll not even care about what classes make and stuff. Just pure numbers on maps.
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