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Basic GunBound mobile guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Kimberly, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Kimberly

    Kimberly Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    1:20 AM
    Moderator Post
    Work in Progress and far from done

    A few people in-game that are completely new to the game asked me about some mobile tips, and what each shot do. To my surprise, I never made a guide, and I should have.

    GunBound has 16 unique mobiles, where 2 of them are hidden. Here's basic teaching on all of them (soon) from my many years of playing the game.


    Armor is one of the more basic mobiles and has almost no gimmicks behind it. Armor is strong, but has a very poor delay and angle, meaning that someone can easily break your angle which makes you unable to shoot the opponent anymore.

    Shot 1 is as basic as you can get. It gets to exactly where you fire it to with no gimmicks or anything. The shot itself creates a decent hole, but the damage is very weak. Generally, this is only used to make users fall or to bunge, as well as breaking angles.

    Shot 2 is the more commonly used shot but is still very basic. Shot 2 has a small gimmick, but very tiny. Shot 2 launches as one bullet, but as soon it hits something it turns into a smaller bullet that is able to hit something else with smaller damage. Unless you first hit a pixel this is generally the same target. Armor shot 2 is one of the best in regards to damage but is extremely punishing if you either have no angle or manage to first hit a pixel before hitting the target.

    SS is where the first gimmick begins. The SS of Armor is very weak. However, if you manage to keep it at least 2 seconds in the air it becomes very strong. This requires you to use a high angle or long distance.


    Mage is another very basic mobile but has a few more gimmicks, but nothing compared to what's coming. Mage is a shield mobile, which means it has HP that regenerate over time. This HP is blue instead of green.

    - Mage can move more compared to Armor
    - Mage has a larger angle range compared to Armor
    - Mage generates HP, where Armor does not

    Shot 1 from Mage is very similar to Armor but has slightly less weight. Shot 1 is very weak and should like Armor only be used to put someone inside a hole or to bunge.

    Shot 2 is also very basic, but slightly different. The difference with Mage shot 2 is that it has less weight, and is slightly weaker. However, Mage has a much bigger angle range, which means it is harder for Mage to have no angle to shoot.

    Weakness: The weakness of Mage Shot 2 is that it's very sensitive to tornadoes. Both shots will likely split, unless you know exactly the angles to use

    The SS from mage is basic, but at the same time very special and unique to the mobile. The SS from mage is very weak but destroys the shield completely from a mobile. This makes the SS very strong against shield type mobiles, such as JD, Lightning, A.sate, and Mage himself.

    Recommended tip: The SS is not recommended to be used on non-shield mobiles. It's very weak, and you gain a lot of delay from it too. If you fight against a non-shield mobile you are better off using Shot 2

    Warning: The SS also removes your own shield if you fire it within your range (inside the effect).


    This is the first mobile that gets very gimmicky. Nak is a spider with a very poor movement speed but decent angle range. Nak is known for being able to shoot underground with its shot 2, its main shot.

    Shot 1 is another basic shot. Shot 1 is so weak that you should never use it unless you really have to. Even for bunging it's pretty bad.

    Shot 2 is the main shot from Nak and one that is unique for the mobile. Shot 2 has the ability to go from underground to the top and hit users from below. When shooting normally it goes a bit underground before going back up and hits the target. The higher angle you use the more underground it'll go. You can also use it to hit enemies near for powerful damage.

    Demonstration when used normally:

    Demonstration when used from underground:

    Weakness: The weakness of Nak is that it's very sensitive to holes. If the Shot 2 reaches a hole during its travel the shot will pop. This creates a recommendation for users to make a hole near themselves to horribly cripple the ability of Nak still being able to hit the target at longer ranges.

    The SS from Nak is very unique and only one other mobile shares similarities, which is Aduka. The SS from Nak travels through the whole map and does hit nothing but only characters. What this means is that if someone is hiding you are still able to hit the target if done right. The downside is that the damage from Nak SS is pretty horrible.

    Demonstration when not reaching a target:

    Demonstration when hitting a target:

    Another example:

    Recommended tip: The SS is not recommended to be used if you can reach the target using Shot 2. The damage is very weak and should only be used if the enemy is hiding on very little HP


    Trico is seen as one, if not the most difficult mobiles to use. Trico has a shot that goes in a fixed cycle speed, where your objective is to land the bullets at the exact right cycle. If failed, you do much worse damage. Furthermore, Trico is very sensitive to tornadoes, making it likely that one of your bullets miss

    Shot 1 is another very basic shot that is only used to break angles and to bunge people. Shot 1 is incredibly heavy and usually, people undershot their Trico shot 1

    Shot 2 is where the main fun begins. Shot 2 is very difficult to understand and I can only explain it so much. Shot 2 runs in cycles, and the cycle starts differently if you fire it left compared to firing it right. However, the cycle always starts at the same place, so it's not RNG depending.

    Shooting from left:

    Shooting from right:

    Shooting into a tornado:

    The SS is one of the only shots in this game that is random. The holes Trico SS make are randomized, making Trico SS does a lot of damage or terrible damage. Usually, it's terrible. The SS from Trico is not great. Over the course of years it was debated for a long time what the sweet spot is of Trico SS. But because the holes are random, its never really proven where that is. The game holds an address in the mobile value where it stores how far the holes spread.

    The cool thing about Trico SS is that it creates a very evil face during its animation. Never seen? Now you cannot unsee it!

    Trico is, in my opinion, the second hardest mobile. I do not like to use the mobile, and the only mobile I hate even more is Turtle. NOT FOR BEGINNERS.


    Bigfoot is a beginner's new toy. When it comes to new players, they often start with Bigfoot. The reason for this is because it's cool, it lights up when you move, and it's cool. Did I mention that Bigfoot is cool?

    Bigfoot is a support mobile, as well as a bunge mobile. The damage is horrible, but it has the ability to break angles pretty horribly, as well as walking a good distance. Bigfoot has rarely issues with being unable to hit something.

    Shot 1 fire multiple missiles almost at the same spot. Shot 1 is used to bunge, or cripple the angle of an enemy. The damage output is very bad, and should not be used for damage. If you are close to an enemy its recommended to use shot 2 instead.

    Shot 2 is more used for damage than it is for bunging. However, it's really weak long range. Shot 2 can, for a support mobile, be very strong when your enemy is near. However, Shot 2 splits out very quickly, so the recommended way to use Shot 2 is to face your enemy and full power right into him.

    Using shot 2 long range:

    Using shot 2 directly:

    SS is similar to Shot 1, but closer to each other and stronger. SS can be used for bunge reasons, but also offensive reasons. It's a mix of shot 2 and shot 1 damage wise.

    An overall good mobile for beginners, but gets horrible at long range.


    Boomer is, in my opinion, the third most difficult mobile, but definitely the most complex one. The reason why it's not the hardest, in my opinion, is because Boomer has a lot of methods to stay away from its complex nature. Example, directly firing, tapping, etc. Boomer outputs one of the best damage of all mobiles but is incredibly difficult to use. Boomer uses the wind to make it's shots, and a very tiny bit of wind change can make a huge difference where the shots land. The defense of Boomer is terrible and is almost the weakest, where JD is worse.

    There are many ways you shoot with Boomer. One of them is wind against you, and one of them is shooting the same direction as the wind. The former is much heavier and different where the former makes it slightly similar to just another mobile, but very light.

    A hook shot is a Boomer shot with wind against you. The way you can tell you've made a hook shot is if the shot first goes up in a bow and goes down again in a bow. A hook shot never goes straight up or straight down.

    Hook shot example:

    non-hook shot example (0 wind)

    How to tell if a shot is a hook or not?

    I have memorized this 100%, but it is quite difficult to learn, and different people approach it differently. The main rule to have a Boomer shot hook is for the Wind to be at least 2

    Here's a quick poor edit with Paint

    Basically, if the wind is 2, and is at the place where I made it white (a very small bit before the game's stripes, the shot will hook. If the wind is 2, but further away (more to bottom, top) the shot will NOT hook.

    When the arrow is more to bottom or top, it needs to be higher than 2. The personal way I use to tell if its hook or not, is by calculating in the head how far away the arrow is from the center and double the distance each time.

    Very annoying to draw, but I try


    Imagine the teal bit is where the arrow is right now at Wind 2 and you wonder yourself if the shot hooks or not. What I do is double increasing the distance its from the center. So teal is where the arrow is, and let's say the yellow line is where it's at doubled away.

    Here's a good example of the wind arrow being at pretty much the very max to where it hooks at 2. If it's further to the top it would not hook.


    Observe with a friend in 1 vs 1 and if you memorize it's quite easy to learn when the shoots hook or not.

    Protip: Wind above 20 ALWAYS hooks, unless it's perfectly straight up or down
    Weirdness: Extremely rare, but if the wind is perfectly < or > without a pixel off, Wind 1 can hook as well. This is very rare and only happened like 4 times total for me. Outside of that only Wind 2 can hook, 1 NEVER.

    Backshots is another way for Boomer to hit their targets. Backshots can only be used when you have wind against you and you shoot the other way

    Demonstration with 20 wind >

    Backshots are very complex to explain, and it's better to get a friend in 1 vs 1 and experiment around a lot. Basically, the
    stronger the wind is, the further you can backshot your shot.

    Protip: If you can backshot and hit your target, always take it. Backshot does extra damage compared to a normal shot (including hook).

    A full power hook shot is YET another way for a boomer to hit someone. A full power hook shot does not, in particular, have any bonus, but it's just another method.

    A full power hook shot is when you have hook, but try to shoot it like any high angle mobile. Unless the wind is extremely strong, and thus causes your shot to go backward instead, it'll go up and then down to hit the direction where you shot.

    Demonstration of a hook shot:

    Hooks, nor full power hooks cannot be accomplished if you shoot the same way as the wind. This is yet again very complex, so experiment with a friend with different wind angles and find out how it works. I play Boomer for countless years, and it's not expected to learn Boomer easy just like that.

    Now we are finally off to the shots themselves. All the shots from Boomer use the exact same formula/gimmick, and barely any mobile has that.

    Shot 1 is weak and is rarely used. Shot 1 is only used to finish a mobile on very low health, and almost never otherwise.

    From now I'll demonstrate the shots in their non-hook counterpart.

    Shot 2 is the main weapon of Boomer. Is pretty much the same as Shot 1, but much more powerful.

    While this is another weapon with a lot of bullets at a time, Boomer shot 2 never separate from each other, so is save to be used in a Tornado.

    The SS from Boomer is very similar to Shot 1, but it has a similar gimmick as a few other SS's. Boomer SS is weak but becomes very powerful if its 2 seconds in the air. It will turn golden and very shiny.

    If you don't understand half of this I don't blame you at all. Boomer is extremely difficult and is not recommended for new users.


    Raon! You may have seen him as your desktop icon. That's right, the mascot of the game! Do that mean Raon is powerful? Unfortunately not really, unless you and enemy are at the right spot.

    Raon is a bunge mobile, meaning it's powerful at bunging people and breaking angles. The damage output, however, is pretty horrible, unless used smartly.

    Shot 1 is Raon's main shot to bunge people. Unfortunately, it is very weak, and even weaker when shot through a tornado.

    Shooting through a tornado

    Shot 2 is the main offensive attack from Raon, and also the cutest one. Shot 2 launches mini minions, also known as babies. Even though Raon rarely gets used, there's a lot I know about it.

    When the babies are not close to an enemy, they will sleep (see above). If they are near an enemy, they are awake and will move towards the enemy they are facing the next time it's your turn.

    When babies land inside a tornado

    A more advanced way to use Shot 2 is directly firing them towards your enemy directly in the center. This can be extremely powerful and cause over 600 damage against a boomer

    <Videos here once I can do them>

    The range the babies walk towards your enemy depends on the enemies mobile type. Creature mobiles are very short, while mechanical (like Armor) are much further.
    Protip: Raon S2 can be extremely evil if you land babies near a spawn position of an enemy, making Raon very strong against enemies spawning near you
    Fact: Each player can only have 8 babies max inside the game. If you fire more, 2 of yours will explode.
    Weakness: Babies get sucked up when inside a Tornado.
    Weakness 2: Raon Shot 2 rarely gives gold.
    Weakness 3: When using Shot 2 as dual and there's weather like Thor or Lightning the second shot blows the first 2 up

    The SS of Raon is very interested. It's a big baby that is angry and wants to hug someone badly.

    When landed, it has 4 seconds to interact with anything, including the mini babies. If nothing, it will explode by itself.

    Raon SS is powerful if you need do a little bit of damage while not having 100% accuracy. Be warned however it also explodes on your teammates!

    Unfortunately, Raon SS is still weak against tornados, and like the mini babies will be sucked up when interacting with one

    Weakness: One small hole can already get the raon stuck, and waste your turn.


    Lightning is a very weak shield type mobile, but have different ways to hit the target. Is also very strong in hitting multiple targets, as well as a SS that has the biggest AoE of all of them. The downside is that the damage is just not good.

    Lightning also has the longest movement distance together with Dragon. He also has a lot of shield HP, making him very sensitive to Mage's SS.

    Shot 1 work exactly how lightning works IRL. Lightning shot 1 hit the first thing it lands on from above, making lightning be able to hide from below while hitting targets from above

    Example shot:

    As you see my shot lands below, but hits the target above, making the 25 jewel fall down.

    Also, even if you miss, you usually have a 'shock' damage towards the enemies near, causing them to lose 75 HP at least.

    Weakness: While you can hit targets from above if an enemy hides below with terrain above, you are no longer be able to hit him!

    Shot 2 works similar, but goes from the top left and right instead.

    Shot 2 needs very specific angles to hit the target, else it's weaker than Shot 1.

    SS like mentioned earlier has one of the strongest AoE of all the attacks. However, it's really weak. It's useful in breaking angles and finishing off enemies with not much health left, without fear of slightly missing.


    J.D also known as cakebot. J.D is a walking cake that shoots cake, and suck enemies into holes with its shot 2.

    Cakebot is the most commonly used mobile together with Bigfoot in bunge games, and also the weakest mobile in health and strength. Thus, Cakebot is a support mobile and not offensive.

    Shot 1 is a pretty basic shot. It creates a decent sized hole and leaves a small shock, which is 60 damage.

    Shot 2 is the main weapon of cakebot. Shot 2 ignores enemies and tanks and only hits the ground. However, its after-damage sucks enemies inside the hole, making it a powerful move to ruin angles, as well as to bunge. The downside is that Shot 2 is the weakest shot 2 of the whole game

    The distance for an enemy to get sucked, like Raon Shot 2, depends on the mobile type of the enemy. If you try to suck an armor inside a hole it's much easier compared to a creature mobile like Turtle.

    Tip: JD is extremely powerful with Dual +, if you fire shot 2 first. The hole will be so bad for the enemy that mobiles such as turtle and armor cannot shoot anymore.
    Weakness: Terrible damage and HP no recommended for non-bunge games


    A.sate is the only mobile together with hidden mobile Knight that fires a bullet which then fires more bullets from above that goes to where the bullet landed.

    A.sate is an extremely powerful mobile close range but gets much weaker at long range. A.sate is a shield mobile with weak HP and strength.

    The weakness of A.sate is that it requires very specific hits (usually center of mobile) or else a lot or everything misses

    Shot 1

    Shot 1 is the basic shot from A.sate. It's very weak, and not used often. The satalite as I will call it from now on is lower compared to when you use Shot 2.


    What I've circled is the satellite. When you fire your shot and the bullet landed the lasers will come out of that thing.

    Here's an example shot

    As you see, the laser comes out directly from the satellite and hits to where the bullet landed.

    Example shot in a tornado

    And here is the biggest weakness of a.sate outside of the range. Tornadoes do affect the lasers and cause them to no longer get to exactly where the bullet is.

    This is where skills start to take a role and you need to shoot with the tornado direction in mind. Usually, that's slightly more power.

    Shot 1 is horrible weak outside of that and should almost never be used.

    Shot 2 is the main weapon from A.sate. Once you change to shot 2 you'll notice your satellite is much higher.


    Shot 2 fires multiple lasers near each other when the bullet lands. The weakness of Shot 2 is that the longer range it is, the more separated those lasers get. However, shot 1 is so weak, that you still always use shot 2 regardless of this flaw.

    Example close range

    As you see, the bullets all arrive at the same spot. The goal here is to try to hit your enemy from the center for maximum damage.

    Example long range

    As you see, instead of going up to down they now go to the left to right. On an even bigger map like Miramo Town, this problem becomes even worse.

    To top that weakness off, Shot 2 has the same tornado weakness as shot 2, making A.sate incredible weak for long range as well as tornadoes.

    SS is the perfect shot to fix both weaknesses. However, you can only fire it once every 4 turns. SS becomes similar to a more traditional shot, and make the lasers land to exactly where you fire your bullet.

    As you see, where the bullet land is where the holes happen. Perfect for long range, but very easy to slightly miss and completely miss

    Tip: When an enemy is close always go for the close enemy as A.sate for max damage
    Protip: When you are directly under an enemy you can tap A.sate shot 2 and hit the person from above!
    Weirdness: When you SG (shotgun) a SS it may not land where the bullet does, for some reason
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2019
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  2. Jess

    Jess Dark Stone Golem

    Apr 1, 2016
    7:20 PM
    Jess, RyeBread
    Was planning on making a guide like this! Thanks for saving me the effort :)
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  3. OP

    Kimberly Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    1:20 AM
    Moderator Post
    Trico Bigfoot and Boomer added. Boomer is a mess, and I don't recommend using this mobile until you are very experienced with the game.
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  4. OP

    Kimberly Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    1:20 AM
    Moderator Post
    Raon lightning and JD added
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  5. Kykko

    Kykko Snail

    Dec 6, 2018
    7:20 PM
    When's best and cutest mobile: Turtle?
  6. OP

    Kimberly Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    1:20 AM
    Moderator Post
    Turtle is actually my worst mobile. I should get back to this though.
  7. Poetic

    Poetic Orange Mushroom

    Jan 16, 2017
    Free Market
    7:20 AM
    Poetic, Vows, Rabies
    Your description of Raon's SS killed me LOL. OMG.

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