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Complicated beginner delay guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Kimberly, Aug 13, 2018.

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  1. Kimberly

    Kimberly Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    10:44 PM
    Moderator Post
    When it came to our staff testing the most they were confused about is delay. Delay is what handles the turn order of this game. Yes, its not truly turn based, but its turn-based based on who has the least delay.

    Almost all actions in GunBound gives specific amount of delay. Taking long on your shot? You have extra delay. Using Shot 2 over Shot 1? You got extra delay. Using an item? Each item gives a set amount of delay. Mastering the delay is one of the key objectives in GunBound, especially in 1 vs 1 or Aduka games.

    The first place where you will be introduced to the delay is the waiting room:


    As you see each item has a number on it. This is the amount of delay the item gives when you use the item, on top of the earlier mentioned conditions.

    When in-game

    When you are in-game you'll notice on the left bottom of your screen the turn order. On the right side of the names you see once again small numbers. Yes, this is the delay!

    Many people know that's the delay, but not many people know how to read it. Softnyx completely screwed this up in modern GunBound and even I don't understand how it works over there, but this is old GunBound, and this guide is based on how it will work on our server.

    When its not your turn:

    In here you see a turn list order when its not your turn. If you look carefully you see the person with red name (enemy) has -270 delay, while I have 830. This means the enemy has 270 less delay than me, and so its currently his/her turn. My total delay is 830.

    Personally, when its not my turn I don't look often at the delay. The delay reading happens when its your turn, and it needs to be read quick, since time is ticking. This takes time to master, a lot of time.

    So, the enemy uses a dual and shot 2, and gains a lot of delay. Its now my turn.


    This is what I see on my turn. This bit is very important. Basically, it now shows how much delay I am still ahead of my enemy. You'll also see that every-time 1 second passes, I am 10 delay less ahead. Each second gives you 10 delay, so the slower you shoot, the more delay you'll have.

    Also, the order of your name is also where you will appear after your shot! So when I am above Kimmy, it means I will beat her delay when my turn ends. Her number means how much delay I am still ahead of her.

    On this example I am ahead of 760 delay. If I shoot now, I will get another turn. However, remember how much delay each item gave? A dual shot gives 600 delay, I am 730 delay ahead. Yes, I could dual shot, and shoot again, because I would still be 100~ delay ahead. Remember that when you change from Shot 1 to Shot 2 the delay on the turn list immediately updates, so you also know how much delay you are still ahead when using shot 1 or shot 2, as well as SS/55 without firing your shot.

    So, you dual, and gain another turn. What to do next? This highly depends on how much life your enemy has left. Does he still have a lot? I highly suggest not using 2 duals in a row. Is he about to die? Finish it!

    What happens if I use 2 duals in a row anyway, and the enemy stays alive? Well, you'll have a lot of delay, and its very likely the enemy can do the same thing to you back: shoot 2 times in a row, or even dual 2 times in a row.

    Now its the enemy's turn, and look how much delay I got now:

    Each natural shot takes about 700~ delay (each mobile have different delays...) If the enemy is quick, he can use shot 1 (700 delay), shot 1 again (1400 total), and then dual if he wants to. Dualing when you barely have enough delay will get you in big trouble, and usually let your enemy shoot twice.

    How to tell on your turn that the enemy is allowed to shoot twice if I use a dual?

    This once again need be done quick while its your turn.

    Here's an other example:

    In here after my shot the enemy has 210 delay less than me when he's going to shoot. Remember how each natural shot takes 700~ delay (more when using Shot 2 or SS)? So if I don't use a dual now, its clear the enemy can't shoot twice in a row. What about a dual? Let's add 600 delay, since that's how much a dual gives in delay.

    End result:

    I end up with 900~ delay as expected. This is for some mobiles enough to shoot twice using shot 1, but people usually don't like to delay beat using shot 1, since they will be in trouble next. They usually 'save' the delay and just use shot 2.

    And here I am a bit out of things to teach, and leave it to questions when the server is up.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2018
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