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Update General Patch Notes: August 13, 2022

Discussion in 'Update Notes' started by Kimberly, Aug 13, 2022.

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  1. Kimberly

    Kimberly Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    8:16 PM
    Moderator Post
    Welcome to the general patch notes!

    This post will contain a comprehensive list of fixes, changes and new implementations for the server-side of things, that are in addition to the already-posted client changes, new content, and balance changes.

    Client patch notes: Click here
    Neo Tokyo II info: Click here
    Balance patch notes: Click here
    Main Event information: Click here
    Community/Forum event information: Click here
    Promo Event: Click here

    General Changes
    • The Freemarket Entrance is back to its default looks, for this event!
    • Some of the game data files have been polished and their size has been overall reduced; this should help ease the load on the client, which is the cause of crashes at effects-intensive boss fights.
    • Following the work from here, Neo Tokyo monsters have had their names fixed in every missing place (cards, quests, scripts, and so on).
      AfterRoad > Afterlord
      Overload > Overlord
      ProtoRoad > Prototype Lord
      Eruwater > Iruvata
      Vergamot > Bergamot
      Nibergen > Nibelung
      Auf Haven > Aufheben
    • Added support for the following effects, that are either already used somewhere, or will be used in upcoming content:
      • Scripted warp to a specific point of the map (rather than only on a portal location)
      • Selective NPC visibility (only certain players in a map will be able to notice these)
      • Monster skills castable only upon specific map conditions
      • Monster Cards for Neo Tokyo part 2 and Haunted House/Phantom Forest has been released
    Skills and Debuffs
    • Armor Crash, Magic Crash and Power Crash now trigger in their originally-intended hitbox.
    • Power Guard and Mana Reflection parried damage will now count towards the total damage recorded via !dpm command.
    • Dispel skill code has been revamped, although its functionality remains unchanged.
    • Banish debuff now plays its animation, before banishing the affected player from the map.

    The expedition system has been recoded as a whole, and is now fully converted to our new stateless scripting method; it will be more easily sustainable and expandable.
    Two new expeditions have been introduced:
    • Dunas 2;
    • Aufheben.
    Note: Core Blaze fight is actually a 6-man Party Quest. It will not make use of the expedition system.

    Map Changes

    Mystic Door portals have been relocated in the following maps, and should no longer appear invisible or inaccessible:
    • Shaolin Temple Main Hall;
    • Kampung Village (report)
    As they served their purpose (alleviating the effect of the massive influx of players during 2020 and 2021) for the time being, the following Dungeon maps will no longer be accessible:
    • Ghost Ship 1
    • Ghost Ship 2
    • Ulu Estate I
    • Ulu Estate II
    • Ulu City Center
    • Sutra Depository 5-6 F
    • Star Avenue South Section
    • Sophilia's Bedroom (Voodoos)
    The following maps have received visual improvements, either HD resolution support or camera position relocation.
    • Conference Room
    • Cloud Balcony
    • Sky Terrace
    • Eos Tower 1st Floor
    • Silo
    • Black Mountain <Valley>
    • Ninja Castle Hallway (Ishirasu grocer map)
    • Ninja Castle Hallway (before Delusion map)
    • Room of Delusion
    • Room 1
    • Room 2
    • Tenshu Room
    • Kamuna (all 4 maps related to Nameless)
    • 2100 Odaiba (3 maps related to Bergamot)
    • 2095 Park
    • Way to Minar Forest
    • Battlefield of Water and Darkness

    The spawn point for Dunas squad lobby has been moved away from the exit portal, which should prevent accidental exits.


    • Item experience obtained while training will no longer be split between equipped items that have their level already maxed.
    • Attempting to retrieve more mesos than can be held, from a Duey package, will now fail to deliver the package, instead of truncating the mesos to fit in player's inventory.
    • Debuffs that affect a Zombified character will no longer trigger with invalid values.
      • This issue caused effects such as Zombify + Seduce locking the character in place without animated icons.
    • Bosses that frequently change aggro target should now be less prone to glitching, and either being stuck or only casting skills.
    • Losing a set of Throwing Stars (eg. npc exchange) no longer states that "you have gained" a set of those Stars.
    • Friendly monsters (Romeo, Juliet from MPQ; Dida from Park PQ; Moon Bunny from HPQ; and other mobs that are damaged by other monsters) no longer suffer over-time damage from Poison Mist.
    • Armor Crash, Magic Crash and Power Crash no longer trigger glitchy effects upon initial cast.
    • Battleship Cannon and Battleship Torpedo will no longer lock the character animation until the cast is finished, if the player quickly dismounts after cast.
    • The following level-specific skill inconsistencies have been corrected:
      • Shout level 4 (report)
      • Fire Charge level 18 (report)
      • Transformation across multiple levels (report)
    • Casting Smokescreen will now animate the caster even in third person.
    • Assassinate dash will no longer repeat the first Assassinate cast animation in third person.
    • Treble Clef Label Ring can now be correctly purchased from Cash Shop.
    • The displayed cost of the following cosmetics has been corrected (no price alteration), from 3100 to 3700 NX:
      • Couple Shirt
      • Bunny Love T-Shirt
      • Friendship Shirt
      • Planetarium for Two Promise Ring
      • Angel Bunny Promise Ring
    • Monkey Cape and Hearty Heart Antenna no longer crash the game, with specific animations.
    Thank you for all your suggestions and reports!
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