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[Guide] Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest

Discussion in '(Party) Quests' started by Siao, Feb 2, 2019.

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  1. Siao

    Siao Windraider Retired Staff

    Jul 15, 2017
    7:36 PM
    Introducing Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest
    Credits to BronzeBronze for the fantastic banner!

    Assemble your best party to take down the gruesome fierce bosses for wonderful and juicy rewards!​



    Head on over to Phantom Forest in New Leaf City and find Lukan to get things started. Hunt for 10 Stormbreaker Badge [​IMG] from Stormbreakers and return back to him once you are done.


    Jack can be found in Crimsonwood Mountain: Cavern of Pain. Head back to Phantom Forest to look for Lukan again and help him eliminate 75 Windraider, 75 Firebrand, and 75 Nightshadow. Guide on the quest can be found here. Return back to Lukan once you are finished and he will reward you with a Crimsonwood Keystone [​IMG], which is an entrance key for you and your squad to get the party started! PS: Bring pots! Not forgetting All Cure Potions :)
    *Note: It is required of the expedition leader to complete the pre-quest, and optional for the rest of the party.

    Tip: 12 Crimson Hearts [​IMG] is required to start each CWKPQ.

    Levels and classes

    Levels required: Level 90+

    You will require 10 -20 people for each party quest with 2 members of each class branch is required: 2 Archers, 2 Magicians, 2 Pirates, 2 Thieves, and 2 Warriors. You are permitted to participate in this PQ twice a day, every 24 hours.


    Once everyone enters, have your expedition leader speak to Jack Barricade. This will unlock the hidden portal; search for the portal (as shown in the diagram) and enter through it to proceed to the next stage.
    *Note: Try not to stay too long in this map else Master Guardians will spawn!


    There are 5 Sigils that are required to be activated. Have your party members locate (as shown in the diagram below) activate the Sigils corresponding to their classes using certain abilities. Activated Sigils will spin, and a blue message will confirm that it is activated.



    Once activated, your group may proceed to the next stage.​


    A jump-quest like stage that involves each class activating their respective Sigils (as located in the diagram below). The portal at the top of the map would take you back to the bottom of the map. Five members would have to enter the top portal to complete this stage. All Sigils must be activated first before the stage is completed (bottom portal would be activated). Once the stage is cleared, proceed through the portal at the bottom of the map to advance to the next stage. Here's a tip: haste your party members before starting the jump quest!


    Beware, there are also deadly totems that will take you down to 100hp regardless of how much health you currently have, have your potions/heal ready!


    A stage that requires one of each class to jump through fire and bats in order to activate their Sigils. The Sigils are located where the Xs are marked as shown in the diagram below. There are 5 Sigils in total to be activated. Be careful however, as there are fake Sigils on the map, so make sure you guys communicate and say which is fake!


    Tip: Each Sigils spawn randomly. Activate the respective Sigils using the Skills listed above.


    This stage requires the collection of the statue's missing weapons. Each class gets its own portal. Enter your respective portal complete the requirements listed below to obtain your weapon.


    Warrior: Kill all Crimson Guardians and talk to Master Warrior to receive the Master Sword [​IMG]
    Archer: Kill all Master Guardians and talk to Master Bowman to receive the Ancestral Bow [​IMG]
    Pirate: A Forbidden Gun [​IMG] is hidden in one of these Treasure Chests. Use regular attack skill to open them.
    Magician: This involves a lot of teleportation to reach to the end. Once you’re at the end, talk to Master Mage to receive the Staff of First Magic [​IMG]
    Thief: Use your regular attack skill to hit purple eyes that are scattered around the room. Once done, talk to Master Thief to receive the Primal Claw [​IMG]
    Tip: Flash jump is very important in this stage, use it!

    Drop these weapons on the proper locations on the statue, they will glow and disappear. Once all 5 weapons are on the statue, you may proceed to the next stage.

    This is how it should look like:



    This is where the great fun begins. Have your expedition leader to talk to the NPC to begin. Once all mobs have been eliminated, she will summon the Five Bosses.

    Red Nirg





    This is a very time consuming stage that requires you to strategize with your teammates. Certain bosses have certain skills that will make the entire task very tough and challenging. Which boss to eliminate first, and which is last? You decide!


    Well done Legends! You’ve done it! Here’s your sweet sweet bonus. There will be several boxes scattered across the room. Hit them continuously with your regular attack skills to open them.

    & many more!
    Special thanks to all of the staff who slaved for hours to make this possible. BIG THANK YOU to shotshot for fixing up so many stuff, and FeroxAnimaFeroxAnima DraudsDrauds OhDoggoOhDoggo HyoonHyoon on for their endless deaths and sacrifices while testing out the PQ :D

    Shout out to BronzeBronze for the amazing banner & icons and photoshop magik, very much appreciated, lunchlunch for giving me a better insight on this PQ - gimme your brain I want your knowledge! (I was a clueless and lost puppy), & OhDoggoOhDoggo for helping me with this guide <3

    I hope everyone enjoys this PQ, let me know if I miss out anything, and feel free to add in your tips and guides in the comment section down below. I may miss out some stuff because reading and watching videos of CWKPQ for 3 days almost killed me.

    Last but not least, try not to die MapleF8

    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
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