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Gunbound Avatar Option

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by EnkiDU, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. EnkiDU

    EnkiDU Mano

    Oct 10, 2018
    11:56 PM
    Dragon Knight
    Providing a New Topic about Generation avatars one in the Gunbound
    to Harmonize and give ideas to new users and veterans playing Gunbound and the benefits
    What can you have using these Avatars?
    This is a small statistic.
    Made by Clan Lordâ„¢ and CreeDoo
    A while ago, these sets were the best for maxing out certain stats in Gunbound, but there are always new avatar coming out and now the sets shown here aren't the best anymore. So to see the real best sets, this is the best place to start - or search for MrLogic's avatar analysis. I think it's mirrored on gamefaqs. Anyway this document might still be useful because it explains little things like why shield regen or delay are useless to max out.


    The first set is the standard clone set. For a long time the standard clone set had pet-01 instead of 02. The tradeoff is 3atk and 3 bunge (Pet 01) vs 6 hearts (02). The bunge, if it isn't grouped together with lots of other bunge is relatively useless. The 3 attack isn't useless but it's not as good as 6 hearts.. which combine with your 50 defense to add maybe 120 HP. Anyway, the clone set offers 50 defense, a bunch of hearts to make you even harder to kill, and a pretty good 30 attack. The touch of delay is nice too, you can win turns vs those with none. Avatar calculator value: 2.926

    The second set trades your chief hair in for the great devil hair. Besides looking cooler, it gives you 8 less defense in return for 8 more attack. This isn't really a good tradeoff because defense is more valuable than attack already, and you're losing the 12 hearts too. But having 41 and 42 atk/defense looks so cool and balanced, neh? update: I found out that angel of death head would give you a nice, perfect 42/42 balance. Avatar calculator value: 2.29


    The first set gives you very high defense and near maximum hearts. It gives almost nothing else, but you're almost indestructable... it's like having 3000 HP. Avatar calculator value: 2.625

    The second set isn't quite as good, it just takes you from having near-max hearts to the maximum. You gain 3 hearts and lose 5 defense. Avatar calculator value: 2.459


    This first get gives 50 attack, which causes some comical damage numbers vs noobs (nak shot 2 hitting for 400 dmg). Vs. a defense set though, you will be doing a bit less than normal avatar off damage, and your defense is only 24. You do get 18 bunge as well, and bonuses for delay, item delay, and popularity. Avatar calculator value: 1.842

    The second gives the best possible mix of high attack and high bunge. You lose 2 atk and 6 def from the other set, but gain 12 bunge. For practical purposes this isn't a good trade, but having awesome attack and bunge is fun for certain mobiles like nak. Avatar calculator value: 1.688


    This isn't 50 bunge, but it's the best you can do at 44. It's not as good as attack or defense sets.. you have literally no defense and just 12 attack from the bazooka. So this set is bot and map dependent, and even then you'll have trouble vs a standard clone suit (25% more dmg to your 0 defense) or an attack whore (40% more damage, you're sure to die in 2 turns). Avatar calculator value: 1.096 (but I haven't added bunge to the calculator yet)

    The suit on the right is better, even if it's not your max bunge... you get 20 more atk from the great devil head and 18 defense from the pet, making you as strong as a clone suit in terms of attack power. Defense is still a problem. You only lose 6 bunge in the tradeoff from the set on the left. Avatar calculator value: 1.532


    The normal delay outfit gives you 31 delay and a bit of item delay also. It gives you just enough defense to matter and a useless bit of attack, along with other random stat boosts. All in all this is a crappy suit. Delay isn't as hot as it sounds because it only goes up to 30, and only affects the shot delay, not the base delay. What that means is that the delay bonus is only applied to about 1/3 of your total delay, the other 2/3rds are not reduced by your stat suit. Example: Typical shot 2 delay: 900 (500 base delay, 400 shot delay) 31 delay suit will reduce shot delay by (I assume) 31%. Shot delay is now 276. Total delay for shot 2 is now 776. A typical shot 1 is 750, so this is noticeable but it isn't enough to allow you to run laps around the other guy and get double turns. Avatar calculator value: 1.233

    The suit on the right sucks too. Almost all of your stats are worse except for item delay. Item delay maxes out at 37, so what does that translate to? Let's look at a dual. 900 shot 2 delay + 650 item delay = 1550 total delay. Let's reduce 650 by 37% from our avatar. That makes it... 409. So firing a dual is now 1309 delay. Woot? That's still worse than firing an SS or dual+. It will avoid eating 3 turns in a row I guess. Avatar calculator value: 1.52


    These both give 50 stars, but the suit on the left is more expensive. If you were to actually take it into avatar on, you'd also have 3 defense and 24 hearts, which is not good defensively but might let you keep moneywhoring for 1 or 2 more turns. I just want to state for the record that anyone who claims to have an 'original' money whore suit... give me a break. The tux and groom hair and other 50 star outfits are all very old news and everyone has outfits like this, though they're less common than the one on the right. Avatar calculator value: 1.278

    The right suit needs no explanation. It's useless in avatar on, but there's no reason not to use in avatar off (unless you care about looks, in which case it's boring and hideous). Avatar calculator value: 1 (that's the same as 0, LOL)


    The shield regen suit looks kinda cool, doesn't it? It's not that useful because even though you regrow a lot of shield between turns.. your enemy has to miss you a lot in order for that extra life to be useful. Your other stats absolutely suck balls... you not only get 0 defense, you get NEGATIVE attack. Imagine hitting a 50 defense suit with a shot that does normal damage... the damage is generally cut in half, right? Now imagine the same shot doing about 7 pts less damage and then getting cut in half. A 250 pt attack suddenly does 121, doh :X I haven't tested this suit, my friend tested it for 1v1 and said it sucks... but maybe a large 4v4 game might make it more useful since you have plenty of turns to regrow shield. Then again maybe growth is based on delay used up and not turns, so it doesn't matter anyway. Avatar calculator value: 1.014 (1 would be considered naked). It looks like my calculator can handle negative numbers.

    The outfit on the right is the ultimate defense whore outfit. Defense stops at 50, but if it didn't.. this outfit would give 69 defense. Damage would be reduced by over 2/3rds... so a typical 250 dmg shot would drop to 80ish pts. I include this outfit for fun because it's the most expensive, it costs over one million gold. That would be over 100 US dollars to buy the outfit with cash, if that option were available. Of course, you cannot, these items are all gold only. Using the GBAP calculator with my stats, this is how many games it would take to save up for it: win rate: 67% avg gold/win: 1000 (Assume cash suit) avg gold/lose: 200 (assume 1 kill) avg time/game: 30 mins (total guess, I play 4:4 usually) If the calculator and my inputs are right, I would need to play 1,414 games to save up for this outfit... I would be playing roughly from the time I am a chicken to the time I become silver battleaxe+... 707 hours not counting lag :X Avatar calculator value: 316.8 ...but if def weren't capped, 3.768
    that have an excellent Day
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2018

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