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Important GunBound Origins Terms of Service

Discussion in 'GunBound Announcements' started by Kimberly, Aug 27, 2018.

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  1. Kimberly

    Kimberly Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    6:22 PM
    Moderator Post
    When signing up for GunBound Origins you'll also automatically agree with the MapleLegends, our old School MapleStory's Terms of Service, which you can find by clicking here

    If you've received a permanent ban in either GunBound Origins or MapleLegends, you may no longer be welcome at both services. After which, further accessing the server is considered as ban evading.

    The Terms of Service on this thread will cover the rules for GunBound Origins, our Old School GunBound server.

    1. Server Abuse

    1.1 Illegal Activities- Blatant illegal activities, or attacks occurring on or towards any server used in connection with GunBound Origins or MapleLegends' services are prohibited. Illegal activities are felonies and/or misdemeanours which can result in incarceration and/or fines. We consider all of our players as adults with the capacity to make your own decisions, so please use your common sense when using our services. Punishment: Permanent Ban

    1.2 Unofficial Commerce - Any unofficial advertising, trading of in game avatars for non-GunBound Origins currency (e.g. real world currency, currency from other servers including MapleLegends), external services (e.g. advertising, real-world services (excluding art)), is strictly prohibited. The selling of an account is entirely prohibited, be it for non-GunBound Origins currency or not. Punishment: Permanent Ban

    1.3 Chargeback Fraud - All chargeback claims are prohibited. When donating to GunBound Origins or MapleLegends, we assume that you are using your own credit card, Paypal account, or Bitcoin account. The use of another person's property without their permission is considered fraud. If we receive a chargeback claim regarding a payment related to your account, with the reasoning being credit card fraud, your information will be sent to company and government authorities. Additionally, you understand that you choose to donate not because you expect a reward in return, but rather to show your commitment to helping us re-create a memorable gaming experience. Punishment: Account Ban

    2. Game Abuse

    Hacking - All forms of hacking are prohibited. Hacking constitutes the usage of third party software to inhibit or restrict another individual from using our services, or to give oneself an abnormal advantage over others. This includes editing the game files and software that aims for you. Punishment: Permanent Ban

    2.2 Bug/Glitch Abuse - All forms of bug/glitch abuse are prohibited. If you find a bug or glitch in-game which you believe can be abused or exploited for GP, Gold/Cash, or avatars, gameplay advantages, or in any other way, please report it to a member of the GunBound Origins Staff immediately. Depending upon the severity of the abuse, the punishment may be upgraded or downgraded. Punishment: Account Ban

    2.3 Account Sharing - Account sharing and giving away accounts is prohibited, with no exceptions. Each account is to be owned, played by, and used by only 1 person. Shared IP alone does not equate to account sharing. Note if a player quits and gives away that account (no longer intended to be used by him), that account will be immediately account banned. Punishment: 1st Offense: 10 Day Ban; 2nd Offense: Account Ban

    2.4 Fixed Games/Botting - All forms of botting or Fixed Games are prohibited. Fixed Games are games which are pre-planned with a partner to achieve a predestined outcome. E.g, taking turns to lose and win during a 1 vs 1 match, or having a member in an enemy team that purposely misses so the other team could win, or self suicide for easy GP/Gold. Punishment: 1st Offense: Permanent ban

    *If one is found to be using a mule account to play a Fixed Game with a main account, both accounts will be banned.
    **If an account has more than 50% Fixed Games, the account will immediately be account banned.

    2.4.1 Ice tagging/Mamuteo - Ice tagging is a different method of Fixed Games where players in a 1 vs 1 match pick specific settings and map and manipulate the game to obtain the maximum GP possible. These forms of games are NOT ALLOWED and they will fall under the Fixed Games category as well. (see point 2.8) Punishment: 1st Offense: 14 Day Ban, removal of 50% of your Gold/GP, 2nd offense account ban

    2.5 Multiclienting / Multiplaying - Each human is only allowed to play on one account at a time. This includes multiple PC's, as well as software allowing the game to be ran on multiple instances. Being in channels while playing on another account is fine, but playing on multiple accounts at the same time/room is not. Punishment: 1st Offense: 7 Day Ban all accounts; 2nd Offense: account ban

    2.6 Major Abuse - If any rule is found to be long term abused/extensively broken by any player(s), additional punishments may be applied. This includes: Skipping of Offense Punishments. Punishment: Immediate Account Ban, or an Immediate Permanent Ban.

    3. Player Abuse

    3.1 Staff Impersonation- The impersonation of staff members by non-staff members is prohibited. This also means that any player not yet recognized by the MapleLegends administrators as a member of the MapleLegends Staff is not allowed to claim that he/she is a member of the MapleLegends Staff. Punishment: Account Ban

    3.2 General Scamming - Scamming of other players is not tolerated. This constitutes gifting of avatars from a player via a method unintended by the other player. For example, agreeing to gift avatars for another and then deceiving the player by gifting another avatar would be deemed scamming. When betting gifts on a fight, video evidence is required to prove a scam. Punishment: 1st Offense: 7 Day Ban; 2nd Offense: 14 Day Ban; 3rd Offense: Account Ban

    3.3 Harassment - All forms of harassment will not be tolerated. This includes rude, hateful, abusing, threatening, or otherwise objectionable behavior both in-game or on the forums. We don’t expect everyone to be best friends with each other, but we simply ask that players respect one another. We have zero tolerance for comments targeting a player’s race, ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, or sexuality. Punishment: 1st Offense: 3 Day Ban: 2nd Offense: 7 Day Ban; 3rd Offense: Account Ban

    3.3.1 Spamming - All forms of spamming is not allowed. This includes spamming in the chat, as well as the Buddy List. Depending on the severity of the offense, the staff reserves the right to take away your ability to send messages. Punishment: 1st Offense: Warning/1 Week mute, 2nd Offense: 3 Day Ban; 3rd Offense: staff decision

    3.4 False Reports - The creation of false reports is prohibited. This occurs when a player attempts to report another player for abuse in a manner that uses deception to get one banned. An example of this would involve the editing or selective positioning of a screenshot to make it look like a player is abusing when he/she is not. Punishment: 1st Offense: 3 Day Ban; 2nd Offense: 7 Day Ban; 3rd Offense: Account Ban

    Please note that the Staff has the right to use their discretion to ban you for any reason which they deem is abusive, disruptive, or otherwise has a negative impact on the server.

    If you believe that you were unfairly banned, please create a ban appeal by clicking here.

    GunBound Origins and MapleLegends Staff

    ~Rule changes are NOT retroactive~
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