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Warrior HB Mule Guide

Discussion in 'Jobs' started by kfirzz, Oct 17, 2020.

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  1. kfirzz

    kfirzz Blue Snail

    Jan 31, 2019
    11:50 AM
    1. Intro

    kfiranego entertainments presents
    guide for HB mule

    HB buff is a skill granted to the warrior dark knight class(2nd job skill) which increases our Max HP and MP By 60% for a duration.
    HB mule is one of the most used mules in the game and definitely a necessary one to people who boss but have sinned and didn't wash there characters enough or at all.
    another common use of HB mule is for 4th job Mages increasing there max mp making potions such as mana bulls and % based mp potions much more effective and save money.
    But this are not the only uses this mule has and i am gonna cover many other unique things you can do with this mule.

    here i am going to show you many ways you can use this mule and the level required.
    hopefully i can convince you to make one.

    Farming - Level 41
    the most common usage for this mule you can see it almost used by every mage who has sinned and didn't mp wash and therefore this buff is necessary to reach 30k mana.
    find a safe spot in the map your farming and place the mule ideally the spot is somewhere close to the rotation you clearing the map for example here's a picture of ulu estate 1 :
    ulu 1.png
    my mage stats before HB buff :
    before hb.png

    my mage stats after HB buff :
    after hb.png

    As you can see i have not sinned and therefore i have no use for HB mule for that particular scenario but for mages with less than 20k mana its extremely useful and recommended will save you a lot of mesos in the long run.

    Zakum - Level 50
    this is probably the second most common usage, a lot of times when a zakum squad sells helms they don't have a DK and therefore some classes with low HP at the early part of the game cannot survive that fight.
    this can be quite frustrating for those classes but this is where this mule shines.
    you go into a party with the helm buyers and refresh the HB buff on them whenever its about to expire and this helps them survive the fight as long as they have 3.2k effective hp they can tank all the attacks during that fight.
    remember to bring all cures for this fight zakum will occasionally use lightning attack which causes "seal" status effect(unable to use skills).
    even though we can enter zakum at level 50 with this mule after doing the prequest i recommend to level it more as it will save us potion money.

    Neo Tokyo Bosses - Level 100
    Neo Tokyo bosses are one of the highest damage dealers in the game and the lack of DK's doing this content makes it harder for sinners who haven't washed properly or just need that bit of extra hp to be able to tank the big hits in this content.
    in my opinion this mule shines in this content the most as it enables you to make an attacker without having to wash it to the extreme to be able to tank big hits.
    with all that being said to progress through the bosses there are a lot of quests in between and they are very long and have frustrating drop rates for the quest related items highly recommended to get a few people to help you when doing those quests.

    Anego Camping - Level 125 (credit to ThiefNL)
    female boss is one of the most contested map bosses in the game because of the big amount of exp and items dropped such as wand 30% and yellow snow shoes.
    being able to safely camp this map without any possible way of dying because of our high hp at this point we should be 30k and skills such as power stance enable us to stay on the safe spot of the map without getting knocked down.

    here's a picture as an example:
    anego camping.png

    Bodyguard A - Level 130 (credit to LiquidOoze)
    high level content for range attackers while the hb buff here can be nice if we mess up we are using the HB mule for a different reason in this map.
    at 4th Job every warrior class gets the skill "rush" which lets us push mobs in a direction combined with "power stance" which gives us 90% not to move while getting hit by an attack we can make this fight a lot more easier.
    what we do is we go into the room first with the HB mule it should look like this:

    what we are going to do is go to the right part of the map and start rushing monsters from right to the left till we reach the wall when you finish it should look like this :
    holding bga.png

    as you can see now that we collected all the mobs when we summon BGA the fight is a lot cleaner and easier without mobs spawning on us and this way we also deal more damage as we don't get knocked around by mobs.
    because the fight is long due to BGA having a lot of hp we will need to somewhat focus on this mule.
    "Power Stance" is only giving us 90% chance to prevent knock back and because we are getting hit frequently we will need to move our mule every once in a while back to the wall and recast power stance, i recommend putting hb and power stance on macro.

    Toad - Level 129 (credit to LiquidOoze)
    toad is the best exp source after horntail to range attackers and the hardest hitting boss in the game his magic attack in 2nd phase does 14.5k~ damage and touch damage can get to 20k~ depends on your defensive stats.
    so besides helping us tank this big hits the HB mule also gives us more exp and let me explain you why.
    if you bring a dark knight to this fight they cannot zerk 100% of the time and dark knight is a class that is reliant on being able to zerk to deal damage this means they deal very minor damage and takes our exp.
    by using a HB mule that's below level 175(the level required to leech exp from toad) we gain more exp to our attacker.
    so what we want to do is first get to the toad room i assume you know how to get here if you read this section.
    when we get into toad room we want to hug the right wall since attacking him from the right is the optimal way since its more damage.
    during the fight we are going to get hit frequently so we have to keep moving our mule to the right and hug the wall keep casting power stance and hb on the attackers repeat till toad is dead.
    here's a picture of a mule hugging a wall:

    Horntail - Level 129
    horntail is the most popular boss in the game some would even say the only boss in the game and require decent amount of hp to survive during the body phase.
    for this boss i highly recommend the luk version that i will cover later on in the guide.
    the reason is it will enable us to become the sed target but we will still need help from a bishop to survive.

    after i explained why this powerful mule is needed lets get to how to make it
    first of all pick a name i suggest a short name that would be easy to kick invite from the party if needed example : greyw0rm , Tauriel , DELVAUX , Underpass , MrDc , Eiji.


    Unwashed Version
    just like the title says we do not care about washing which makes it ez to follow and nx friendly.
    perfect for people that's gonna cap there hb mule at level 41.

    dice roll aim for high str the rest of the stats doesn't matter as we going to pump all points into hp after a certain point.
    people that plan to cap at 41 should put all your ability points into hp once we max out the improved max hp increase.
    i recommend getting 50-70 base str as it would make the 2nd job fight a lot easier the rest of the points can go to hp.
    if you plan to camp anego you would need 200-250 base str with a bad sky ski to be able to kill the mobs in that room in 2hits.

    LUK Version (Recommended for Bossing)
    the reason we go luk is because we gain avoid this way we get hit a lot less and waste way less potions.
    i would only recommend this version to people with decent amount of nx and +80 total int wash gear from level 50.

    dice roll :

    x str
    4 dex
    4 int
    x luk

    we have no use for dex because luk also gives us accuracy besides avoid.
    int is also not needed because washing warrior is easy.
    i would still recommend getting 50-70 base str as it would help us in 2nd job and 3rd job advancement fights we can reset into luk later after we are done with the 3rd job.

    4.Skill Build

    1st Job

    Level 10: +1 Improved HP Recovery [1]
    Level 11: +3 Improved HP Recovery [4]
    Level 12: +1 Improved HP Recovery [5]; +2 Improved MaxHP Increase [2]
    Level 13: +3 Improved MaxHP Increase [5]
    Level 14: +3 Improved MaxHP Increase [8]
    Level 15: +2 Improved MaxHP Increase [MAX]; +1 Power Strike [1]
    Level 16: +3 Power Strike [4]
    Level 17: +3 Power Strike [7]
    Level 18: +3 Power Strike [10]
    Level 19: +3 Power Strike [13]
    Level 20: +3 Power Strike [16]
    Level 21: +3 Power Strike [19]
    Level 22: +1 Power Strike [MAX]; +2 Slash Blast [2]
    Level 23: +3 Slash Blast [5]
    Level 24: +3 Slash Blast [8]
    Level 25: +3 Slash Blast [11]
    Level 26: +3 Slash Blast [14]
    Level 27: +3 Slash Blast [17]
    Level 28: +3 Slash Blast [MAX]
    Level 29: +3 Improved HP Recovery [8]
    Level 30: +2 Improved HP Recovery [10]; +1 Endure [1]

    2nd Job

    the end result should look like this max hyper body first

    Hyper Body: 30[MAX]
    Spear Mastery: 20[MAX]
    Pole arm Mastery: 20[MAX]
    Spear Booster:20 [MAX]
    Pole Arm Booster:11
    Iron Will:20 [MAX]

    3rd Job

    the order in which you level this skills doesnt matter as we wont be training but leeching during leveling.

    Elemental Resistance:20 [MAX]
    Spear Crusher:30 [MAX]
    Dragon Fury Spear:30 [MAX]
    Dragon Roar:30 [MAX]
    Power Crash:20 [MAX]
    Dragon Fury Pole Arm:21

    4th Job

    worth mentioning that the skills "Rush" and "Power Stance" have a prequest to obtain them.

    Level 120: +1 Rush [1]; +2 Power Stance [2]
    Level 121: +3 Power Stance [5]
    Level 122: +3 Power Stance [8]
    Level 123: +3 Power Stance [11]
    Level 124: +3 Power Stance [14]
    Level 125: +3 Power Stance [17]
    Level 126: +3 Power Stance [20]
    Level 127: +3 Power Stance [23]
    Level 128: +3 Power Stance [26]
    Level 129: +3 Power Stance [29]
    Level 130: +1 Power Stance [MAX]; +2 Achilles [2]
    from here you can max Achilles if you keep leveling after its maxed there is no where to put points anymore.


    for both versions we cannot kill mobs fast enough because of our ability points distribution
    this means we will have to leech from level 20 to which ever level is our goal.

    Levels 1-10
    pretty straight forward can level in maple island by doing the quests there remember you need 35 base str for 1st job advancement.

    10-17 - Henesys PQ
    Henesys pq is the way to go as we dont have damage to kill mobs also its a great way to level few characters at once highly recommend to level more mules since doing it for 1 char just doesn't feel efficient.

    17-20 - Quests
    Natilus lvl 15 quests with greens mushroom sign quest should get you to level 20 .
    use another char to do the killing quests.
    if you really dont like questing you can do bubbling leech.

    20 and forward is just leeching i suggest to check a guide for leeching spots

    2nd job advancement

    buy fish spear scroll it with 60% spear att and if you have accuracy/dex gear that's equip able in those levels use them could also sniper pill accuracy potion from ludi.

    3rd job advancement
    same formula as in 2nd job accuracy/dex gear is the way to go can upgrade your weapon to green ski and scroll it with 60% spear att.

    4th job advancement
    kill manon and griffey or pay 10m to skip.
    start with the rush prequest before power stance since it will help you in elnath pq thats required to obtain power stance.
    once you have the rush skill and you started elnath pq mobs will start spawning but we dont have damage to kill them to protect the npc and thats fine because if you dont kill the mobs they do not respawn.
    so what we do insted is rush all the mobs in the room either to right or left and just wait till we can leave.


    Unwashed Version

    there is not alot to do here you going to get hit alot if you take this mule to bosses
    at the very least you should focus on getting 140% speed.
    you can use items like bone helm , sauna robe, red whip , red snowshoes for anti slide scrolled with speed.
    all of this should be enough to get to speed cap.

    LUK Version

    - best in slot would be max avoid zak helm with highest luk you can get but scar/targa can work too.

    Earrings - 10+ luk very cheap and ez to get.

    Face - angry mask/rat mouth/tree branch scrolled with face for avoid atleast +6.

    Overall - i would use bathrobe over sauna robe as i value the speed you gain scrolled with 20+ luk

    Weapon - korean fan can also be scrolled with dagger att 10%/30% to gain more luk used for stationary bosses when you dont need to move
    pumpkin spear when you need to rush mobs like in BGA room
    red whip recommended for toad

    Shield - stolen fence scrolled with 12+ luk

    Shoes - would be yellow strapped shoes scrolled with 20+ avoid

    Cape - icarus cape(1) scrolled with luk

    Gloves - pink marker scrolled with at least 2 30% glove for dex

    Pendant - horntail pendant with max avoid and max luk

    Potions - ginseng root , all cure , mana elixirs.

    HB Mule is a great option for people that have sinned and didn't wash but its also more than that, with this many uses to a character i expect to see more refined hb mules in the future.

    thank you guys for reading i was kfir cya on the next guide.

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