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S> INT/Attack Equips/Scrolls/Zakum/Scarlion Helm & More [UPDATED 27/03/2020]

Discussion in 'Free Market' started by peNg, Aug 26, 2017.

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  1. peNg

    peNg Mushmom

    Jun 29, 2017
    4:16 AM
    Chinese Soc
    "Good, better, best. Never let it rest." St. Jerome

    Shop Location: Channel 1 Room 3 Door Spot
    Shop Name: Maple'2020
    Shop Owner: xpeNgz

    Zakum/Scarlion Service (Optional):
    1. Zakum Helmet +13 to +17 to STR/DEX/INT/LUK
    -> Service Time on Weekdays: 12PM-5PM Server time
    -> Service Time on Weekends: 12AM-5PM Server Time
    -> Level/HP/Class Requirement: Lv.50 / 1800HP Any Class or 300HP Mages

    2. Scarlion Helmet +13 to +19 to STR/DEX/INT/LUK
    -> Weekdays: 12PM-5PM Server time
    -> Weekends: 12AM-5PM Server Time
    -> Level/HP/Class Requirement: Lv.90 / No HP Requirement / Accepts all Class

    -> 100% Guarantee at least 1 Helmet
    -> Please drop a message or PM me to schedule a slot!

    Items for Sale:
    7WA 3SLOTS Pink Gaia Cape
    C/O 300mil
    A/W 450mil


    10INT 8MA Purple Adventurer Cape
    C/O 95mil
    A/W 109mil

    119WA 11LUK Gold Double Knife
    C/O 60mil
    A/W 99mil

    14INT Yellow Gaia Cape
    C/O 30mil
    A/W 39mil

    14TMA Purple Gaia Cape
    A/W 35mil

    30WA 7STR 3LUK Dragon Khanjar
    A/W TBD


    2x8MA Purple Adventurer Cape
    A/W 29mil

    114WA 9LUK Gold Double Knife
    A/W 9.9mil

    1x60% Shield for Weapon Attack
    2x30% Earring for INT
    1x20% Clean Slate Scroll
    1x30% Shoe Jump
    1x30% Topwear Luk
    1x60% Glove for Attack

    8INT 15MA Stolen Fence
    A/W 500mil

    Items Sold Since August 2017:
    Note: You may use the sold items as a rough gauge for price check. However, prices may change from time to time depending on changing demand/supply~

    120WA 4Slots Dragon Kanzir [SOLD]
    C/O 460mil
    A/W 599mil

    View attachment 16665

    8INT 15MA Maple Shield [SOLD]
    C/O 220mil
    A/W 339mil

    View attachment 15739

    7INT 13MA Maple Shield [SOLD]
    C/O 205mil
    A/W 215mil
    View attachment 15316

    8INT 15ma Stolen Fence [SOLD]
    A/W 450mil

    6INT 10MA Stolen Fence
    C/O 90mil
    A/W 119mil

    90WA 2STR Maple Soul Spear [SOLD]
    A/W 17mil

    6INT 5Slots White Raccoon Mask [SOLD]
    C/O 95mil
    A/W 104mil
    View attachment 15319

    6INT 4Slots White Raccoon Mask [SOLD]
    C/O 75mil
    A/W 89mil
    View attachment 15367

    17INT M Bathrobe [SOLD]
    A/W 107mil
    View attachment 15740

    5INT 9Slots M Bathrobe [SOLD]

    A/W 29mil
    View attachment 15741

    6INT 5slots White Raccoon Mask [SOLD]
    A/W 140mil

    63WA 5Slots Dragon Green Sleve [SOLD]
    A/W 150mil
    View attachment 15395

    7INT 13MA Stolen Fence [SOLD]
    A/W 210mil

    7INT13ma Stolen Fence [SOLD]
    A/W 210mil

    9INT 16MA Lv15. Single Earrings [SOLD]

    A/W 215mil
    View attachment 10217

    9INT 16MA Lv15. Silver Earrings [SOLD]
    C/O 217mil
    A/W 220mil

    6INT 10MA Stolen Fence [SOLD]
    C/O 110mil
    A/W 129mil
    View attachment 15318

    10INT White Raccoon Mask [SOLD]
    A/W 90mil

    8INT 14MA Lv15 Silver Earrings [SOLD]
    C/O 60mil
    A/W 80mil
    View attachment 10138

    18INT Bathrobe [SOLD]
    A/W 115mil
    View attachment 13213

    11WA Purple Work Gloves [SOLD]
    C/O 25mil
    A/W 37mil
    View attachment 13215

    14INT Yellow Gaia Cape [SOLD]
    A/W 80mil
    View attachment 13226

    3INT 6Slots White Raccon Mask [SOLD]
    C/O 32mil
    A/W 35mil

    16 STAT (12DEX 4LUK) lv.80 Male Thief Bottom
    A/W 15mil
    View attachment 13214

    7Slots Brown Work Gloves (5 Pieces)
    A/W 16mil per piece
    View attachment 13217 View attachment 13217 View attachment 13217 View attachment 13217 View attachment 13217

    7Slots Yellow Marker (3 Pieces)
    A/W 13mil per piece
    View attachment 13219 View attachment 13219 View attachment 13219

    7INT lv.10 Sword [SOLD]
    A/W 10mil
    View attachment 13221

    6DEX 5Slots Ratmouth [SOLD]
    A/W 65M

    6DEX 5Slots Branchnose [SOLD]
    A/W 65M

    23LUK Bathrobe [SOLD]
    A/W 45M

    152TMA Clean Elemental Wand 5 [SOLD]
    A/W 18.8M

    16STR Stolen Fence [SOLD]
    C/O 8M
    A/W 8.8M

    9DEX Black Snowshoes [SOLD]
    A/W 40mil
    View attachment 10032

    18INT Male Bathrobe [SOLD]
    C/O 70mil
    A/W 90mil
    View attachment 10193

    8MA Clean Purple Adventure Cape [SOLD]
    A/W 24mil
    View attachment 10142

    5DEX 5Avoidability Branch Nose [SOLD]
    C/O 33mil
    A/W 35mil
    View attachment 10140

    7INT 12MA Lv15. Single Earrings [SOLD]
    C/O 50mil
    A/W 53mil

    99WA 7Slots Sky Ski [SOLD]
    C/O 33mil
    A/W 38mil

    115WA 9LUK Gold Double Knife
    A/W 10mil

    6INT 3MA 4Slots Red Marker [SOLD]
    A/W 65mil

    3INT 6Slots White Raccoon Mask [SOLD]
    A/W 35mil

    69WA 3STR 6DEX 9ACC Lv.10 Frozen Tuna [SOLD]
    A/W 4mil

    8INT Lv.0 Sword [SOLD]
    A/W 23mil

    Why INT/Good Equips are a Worthy Investment:
    1. Do you know you can actually buy INT equips at close-to-zero cost?
    -> let's see why you can buy these items for 'free'
    -> INT equips have high demand which means easy re-sell to another buyer, when you've done using them
    -> when sold, you cover about 100% if not more than 100% of your cost of buying it
    -> therefore, mesos spent are recovered while you gained full benefits of it

    2. HP/MP wash
    -> additional HP is especially useful for surviving end-game bosses
    -> additional MP is useful for cost savings in pots, especially for 3rd and 4th job Magicians
    (30,000 mp at level 130 is possible with MP washing, which save you about 1-2billion mesos when you grind from 120-200, depending on your pot control)

    3. Magic attack
    -> is useful for grinding, higher damage implies faster kills
    -> therefore faster leveling for yourself and your buyer (if you sell leech)
    -> higher attack is useful for soloing mini-bosses as a Magician

    What's Motivating me to make such Items:
    -> scrolling is scary yet entertaining as you get to experience a range of emotions from anxiety, excitement, disappointment, frustration, surprise to satisfaction and trust me, the list goes on.. xD
    -> furthermore, seeing the needs of yours getting fulfilled keeps me going ^^

    Items Selling upon Special Request:
    1. 24 Stat (21LUK, 3DEX) Thief Top
    2. 21 Stat (14DEX, 4STR, 3LUK) Thief Bottom
    3. 8 Stat (5LUK, 3DEX) Zombie Army Ring For sale - just kidding
    4. 26LUK (Yellow Labelled) Male Bathrobe
    5. 16DEX Green Bamboo Hat
    6. 13 Stat (11DEX, 2STR) lv.70 Thief Shoes

    Added-on Services (To be discussed):
    1. Item crafting service
    -> please approach me if you would like to see a specific item of a specific stat being crafted, it would be my pleasure to get it done for you at below-market prices

    2. Item lending service
    -> discuss with me if you require a specific INT/non-INT item for a specific period of time, what i would require from you is an item of at least an equivalent value to ensure the deal is safe

    Goodluck & Happy Mapling! :)
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2019
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