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Ironsku's Iron Quest

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Skuire, Nov 9, 2019 at 8:47 PM.

  1. Skuire

    Skuire Timer

    Aug 16, 2017
    2:09 AM
    ok maplers, it's time for a new challenge. i need to feed my yearly maple addiction, and legends is STILL the only mapleserver worth playing (press F for u***y), so let's set some new rules.
    and yes, master quest is CANCELLED! i got bored ok? OnionMuha
    also i boomed all my money for fun LOL!
    (i might put up some highlights in the future)

    i'm going to set this up as an "Ironman" type challenge, with a few variations of my own to make it more fun. if you don't know what an ironman is, it's a challenge involving a self-imposed set of rules that comes from either runescape or WoW, not sure which cuz i've never played either. SlimeSmile

    1. No trade

    Exchanging items or mesos with other players is forbidden. Buying/selling in player shops is forbidden. Storage is allowed, but retrieving items/mesos that didn't originally belong to your iron character is forbidden. You may give away items, but purely as charity - not in exchange for any favors. And of course, picking up other players' drops is forbidden.

    EXCEPTION(S): Skillbooks only obtainable from big bosses (infeasible to solo, e.g. Zak, HT) are allowed to be purchased for full market price. This includes untradeable Zakum books like ACB10. However, skillbooks feasibly obtainable through farming CANNOT be bought.

    2. No party

    EXCEPTION(S): PQs ARE allowed, but only at the maximum level for that PQ. (e.g. KPQ level 30, LPQ 50). This is so that you aren't relying on PQs to level, but still have the opportunity to get PQ-exclusive cards and equips.
    Also, any random event quest that you happen to need a party for IS allowed.

    Q: Why no permadeath?
    A: Permadeath is boring in maple and I want to be able to kill myself for PQs.
    TLDR: Get everything on your own.

    i've always been kind of a solo player, so a challenge like this sounds right up my alley. as for goals, i'm not gonna set any right away-- not to say i don't have a few ideas. we'll just see where it goes..


    now join me and we'll try to turn this dorky idiot into a maple hero!

    btw i injured my wrist recently so i won't be able to play TOO much atm. i'm doing physical therapy tho so it should be better within a few months.
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  2. Midnight

    Midnight Headless Horseman

    Jan 2, 2015
    4:09 AM
    Dragon Knight, Assassin
    Holy **** he's back
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  3. Kanade

    Kanade Horny Mushroom

    Sep 14, 2018
    Away from you
    10:09 PM
    Holy **** you still haven't changed your picture you creepy fecker. Also looking foward to seeing how long you last with your iron quest
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  4. Zooploop

    Zooploop Pink Teddy

    Aug 15, 2018
    4:09 AM
    He's going to use chaos for his weapons instead of farming for 30s
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