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Lynux HP/MP Washing EXPLAINED.

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Lynx, Mar 17, 2021.

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  1. Lynx

    Lynx Timer

    Jan 13, 2020
    1:00 PM
    Hi everyone, Lynux here!
    Here's a link to my YouTube guide.
    For those who prefer a written guide I'm posting it here as well
    (Note that a few tweaks were made between written/vid guide, but both have all the necessary info :] )

    I've seen so many new players struggling with washing
    Yes, it may seem confusing at first or even after reading a guide or two, and in my opinion many guides don't actually EXPLAIN how this works, and so many ppl are still confused.
    So that's why I decided to make this guide. My main goal here is to let you UNDERSTAND how washing works so you can decide what will work best for you. Lets start:

    1) As you probably already know- Washing is a method to increase one's HP/MP.
    Now, keep in mind - this method only works due to HP & MP sharing the same AP pool ,the same way all stats (STR/DEX/INT/LUK) ,share the same pool.
    Now you might not understand what does this have to do with anything, but you will understand in a moment I promise.

    2) So the way this method works, is by putting AP into HP - (that's obviously how you increase your HP) and then "wash" out these points from your EXCESS* MP pool, so that you do not lose out on AP in your main stats, while still gaining HP from the points you put in it.
    So now you understand why this only works due to HP and MP sharing the same pool, if they didn't then you'd had to take out the points you put in HP - FROM HP, and you wouldn't get any progress there.

    3) Now you may be wondering, what is *excess MP and how do I get it?
    So, its pretty simple; every class has a certain formula that decides what is the lowest MP you can have at a certain lvl, going into this is pointless, I'll add a link with all the formulas here, its very straight forward, but you dont need to memorize it or anything.
    So in order to take points OUT of MP you MUST have excess MP, meaning enough MP higher than the minimum amount you can have at a given lvl, your MP CANNOT go below that minimum amount.

    4) Next is how do you get that excess MP:
    As you probably already know, for that you would need INT.
    The way this works is, for every 10 INT you have on lvl up, you will gain 1 EXTRA MP,so for example if you have 100 INT when you lvl up, you gain 10 EXTRA MP (in addition to the natural gain of your class,which you can also see in the link with all the formulas, some ppl tend to forget this). The INT amount will always be ROUNDED DOWN, so if you have 109 INT on lvl up, you will still gain 10 extra MP.
    **Note that this takes into account ALL sources of INT; such as gear AND buff (maple warrior)**

    5) The other method to get excess MP is to MP wash.
    This means you will be putting FRESH AP into MP. Here again, INT comes into play- but only BASE int - gear /MW DO NOT contribute here. So, for every FRESH AP you put into MP, you will gain BASE INT/10 ( also rounded DOWN) in addition to the natural gain of your class) , so for example 170 base INT, will get you 17 MP + natural class gain.
    *Remember this only takes into account BASE INT so for this method to be effective you would need a decent amount of BASE INT

    6) Ok, you now understand how to gain extra MP and how it is used to increase your HP.
    The last step is to use AP resets,but before that, a few notes:

    6.1) As you can see in the formula gains link, there are different gains for FRESH AP and Reset AP;
    Fresh AP - are points that were not previously put into anything, a common mistake here is that fresh AP are only the most recent 5 AP you gained when lvling, this is not true; as long as a point was not put into anything it is still "fresh", so they CAN be saved up if need be.

    6.2) For the most part, these differences aren't too significant - EXCEPT for a few cases, Warriors, Brawlers and Mages.
    These 3 cases are different because of the HP improvement skill for warriors & Brawlers, and MP improvement for Mages. This is important because these skills only apply when FRESH AP is used, so long story short, as Warrior / Brawler you want to only use FRESH AP into HP, and as mage, Fresh AP into MP. Make sure to MAX these skills before applying AP, for warriors & mages, this is the first skill you want to max at 1st job, same for brawlers - but they get it at 2nd job.

    7) Using AP Resets: Now that you know all the different gains, you can decide for yourself how you want to use your AP & resets. Here are the main methods:
    1) For regular HP wash - Simply put fresh AP into HP and then use AP Reset to take out of MP into stats.
    2) For MP Wash - Put Fresh AP into MP and use AP Reset from MP to stats.
    3) This one has a bit more to it, so stay with me. it is kind of a combination of the first two ,and often referred to as "infinite wash" or "stale wash" , but for the most part it is MP washing, let me break it down a bit:
    a) First, you need 1 point in the HP/MP pool
    b) Keep Applying fresh AP into MP , and use AP Resets to take out of MP into HP.
    c) Finally, you AP Reset again from MP into stats - optionally, you can keep 1 point in HP/MP pool until you're completely done.

    8) Now because HP/MP share the same pool, you can keep reseting from MP to HP, as long as you have that one point in the pool and have excess MP, just make sure you keep track of how many points you put in, and reset out of MP into stats so that you keep the 1 point you put in the HP/MP pool if you choose to.
    This method may seem a bit confusing at first so go over this again if you need :)
    8.1) A few more things to keep in mind about this method;
    since it is mainly MP washing, you need high enough base INT for it to pay off, and it will cost more NX (because basically you're doing MP AND HP Washing). However, this is more efficient in most cases, as you can see by looking at the formula gains.

    Oh, one last thing - MP Washing for mages, once you understand all of the above, this is piece of cake:
    Since mages naturally have high base INT (and pure INT is meta), you will already gain a LOT of MP per MP wash. All you need to do as mage, is put FRESH AP into MP, and then reset from MP to stats (INT). When you take out of MP it will say -X MP, that amount is wrong, it will ALWAYS take out exactly 30 MP.
    I recommend to start doing this at around lvl 90-100, so that by the time you hit 120 and gonna spam ult 24/7 you already have a HUGE MP pool. Some people will tell you to start at 120, this is non-sense, and I just explained why.

    9) If you're hardcore and want to also HP wash your mage, the best way to do it would be using the "stale wash" method, when you reach close to max MP, just keep resetting from MP to HP whenever you want.

    10) One last VERY IMPORTANT tip. the MOST important thing in washing are your FRESH AP, they are the key for everything, and there is NO way of making a point "fresh" once its applied. So if you're not sure what to do yet - or like me and planning some crazy late wash with crap top of resets - I highly advice you to simply save your fresh AP.

    So now you understand how washing works and can plan your way knowing what you do !
    I hope you found this guide useful and let me know if you have any questions!
    and as always; Happy mapling :)

    Formulas Link:
    NOTE: small mistake in the formula page, the fresh AP gains for MP are not variable, but always the minimum amount mentioned, e.g flat 10 for thief/archer and not 10-12.
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