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Guide for MAC MAC Installation Guide

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by Nise, May 30, 2018.

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  1. Nise

    Nise Game Moderator Staff Member Game Moderator

    Jul 5, 2017
    8:42 AM
    [How to Install the Mac Client for MapleLegends]

    1. Download the MapleLegends NEW Mac Client, click here to download. Click here if you face problems with the first link. (mirror not up yet)
    2. In your downloads folder, double click "MapleLegends.dmg" (your Mac should say verifying and mount "MapleLegends Installer")
    NOTE 1: If it gets stuck on verifying, re-download because you're file was probably interrupted mid-way​
    3. Open the folder, and you should two files


    4. Double click "xQuartz-ML.pkg"
    NOTE 1: This is MapleLegends specific, so even if you've installed xQuartz before, please do it again.
    NOTE 2: You only have to do this ONCE, for all future installations/patching of MapleLegends, you can skip xQuartz (MAKE SURE YOU DON'T UPDATE IT THOUGH!)​
    4. Now double click "MapleLegends.pkg" and follow the steps to install
    5. Go to your applications folder and right-click MapleLegends to open! (if you double click to open, wineskin might open instead)
    6. Your game should start running smoothly~

    IF for some reason, your application icon doesn't show up:
    1. Open the MapleLegends.dmg you downloaded
    2. Press "Command + I" on the "Wineskins.icns"


    3. Go to your installed MapleLegends application, press "Command + I"
    4. Click on the top left icon and then press "Command + V"
    5. That should copy and paste the icon from the .dmg to your application file!

    [How to Enter Full Screen]

    MapleLegends will now be launched in Windows mode by default. But don't worry! If you love being full screened, there's still a way! It's wayyy easier than before ^^

    1. Find your MapleLegends application
    2. Right-click "Show Package Contents"
    3. Open Wineskin > Advanced > Configuration
    4. Under Windows EXE, change it from "C:\Nexon\MapleStory\MapleLegendsWindowed.exe" to "C:\Nexon\MapleStory\MapleLegends.exe"


    5. Relaunch your client, and now you can play full screened!

    [How to Multiclient]

    Some non Mac users might have told you to just double click on your client again but that is not how it works for us, but its really easy to do.

    1. Find your MapleLegends client (in your applications folder)
    2. Select it, press "Command + C" and then "Command + V" (this will make a copy of your client)
    3. Launch it and now you have two windows open :)
    You can do this however many times until your mac explodes OnionNinja
    [MapleLegends Doesn't Run OR Bounces on Doc and Disappears]

    If you get this upon downloading, make sure you used right-click to open. If not:

    1. Redownload & reinstall the file
    2. IF that doesn't work, right-click to "Show Package Contents"
    3. Afterwards go to "set screen options" and put in the following settings:


    5. IF you still have issues, try the solution suggested for "IF You're on Mac OS 10.7 or Older"
    [IF You're on Mac OS 10.7 or Older]

    1. If you're on a Mac OS 10.7 or older and your client isn't launching, you'll have to revert to our old settings (which sadly means it's not GFX proof)
    2. Download the unofficial wineskin winery which you can download here (this should automatically start downloading when you click the link)
    3. After it finished downloading, launch the application and click the "+" sign located in the middle left of the window.


    4. You can choose 2.22 for full screen mode, or 1.4.1 for windowed mode, and then click download and install
    5. Find your MapleLegends application
    6. Right-click "Show Package Contents"
    7. Open Wineskin > Advanced > Tools > Change Engine Used (located on the right hand side)
    8. Now you're going to see a window that should look like this


    Change the engine to the one you downloaded hit okay. IF the engine didn't change, copy and paste the MapleLegends application, delete the original one. Try the steps again on the duplicated MapleLegends. You should now be able to run MapleLegends on your very outdated OS! SeemsGood
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2019
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