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    Below you can find just some of the many working features of MapleLegends.

    • Maple Island is 1x experience for both quests and mob kills until you leave for Victoria Island or reach level 10.
    • The old pre-v62 Maple Island quests are added together with v62's
    • The general quest experience rate is 3x.
    • Every quest in MapleLegends works, with many coded as GMS-like as possible (including text).
    • You will never lose quest rewards as a result of your inventory being full.
    • Quest items only drop from monsters and reactors when you have the quest active. Likewise quest items will only be visible to players with the quest active and who still need the item. Quest items will also drop if one of your party members kills a monster while you have the quest active.
    • You will never experience bugged kill counters.
    • You will never experience problems with drops as a result of having quests active (i.e. you will never need to forfeit quests because of a spawn bug).
    • Every 4th job skill quest works.
    Party Quests:
    • Henesys Party Quest (lvl 10-200; 3-6 members; Rice Cake On Top of My Head Reward)
    • Kerning Party Quest (lvl 21-30; 3-6 members; Squishy Shoes Reward)
    • Ludibrium Party Quest (lvl 35-50; 5-6 members; Broken Glasses Reward)
    • Ludibrium Maze Party Quest (lvl 51-70; 3-6 members)
    • Orbis Party Quest (lvl 51-70; 5-6 members; Goddess Wristband Reward)
    • Herb Town/Pirate Party Quest (lvl 55-100; 3-6 members; Lord Pirate Hat Reward)
    • Sharenian Guild Quest
    Non-GMS region maps:
    • Shanghai (MapleSEA)
    • Thailand (MapleSEA)
    • Ximending (Taiwan MapleStory)
    • Taipei 101 (Taiwan MapleStory)
    • Night Market (Taiwan MapleStory)
    Regions from later versions of GMS:
    • Magatia
    • Ellin Forest
    • Temple of Time
    • Malaysia (MapleSEA version)
    • Ninja Castle (MapleSEA version)
    • Ulu-city
    Cash Shop:
    • Cash Shop storage has been coded and allows you to store or transfer cash items between characters on your account.
    • Cash Shop gifting works and allows players to use Legends Game Cash to gift items to fellow players.
    • Cash Shop character and inventory slot upgrading works.
    • All non-donor Cash Shop items have expiration dates (usually 90 days) except for Hired Merchants, which are permanent. Items purchased using donor points will also be permanent.
    • Friendship and Couples rings all work.
    • All available items in the Cash Shop work properly.
    • Items such as Notes, Myo Myo the Traveling Merchant, Item Seal, and Item Megaphone, not found in the original v.62 MapleStory Cash Shop can also be purchased.
    • Authentic guild creation process
    • Maximum of up to 255 members each guild
    • Notification in chat when a guild member level-up
    • Full alliance support
    • A guild master can pass leadership for 5,000 Donor Points
    • Pets are fully working and will respawn when changing channels or entering and exiting the Cash Shop.
    • Follow the Lead is working and will allow the use of up to 3 pets at the same time. All multi-pet effects also work.
    • All pet equipment works for either singular or multiple including pet item ignore pendant, pet quote/label rings, magic scales, etc.
    • Pet revival and Pet AP Resets.
    • All pets have the same hunger per minute

    • Minigames (Omok & Matchcards) are playable and can be created by exchanging items dropped from monsters.
    • Minigames can be created on the higher level of the Free Market in addition to in any other areas.
    • Coming Soon: Elo Rating system; Updated Omok Rules.

    • PIN at login and anti-cracking system in place. You can, however, use @togglepin <hours> to toggle off your PIN for a maximum of 120 hours (5 days) between logins. For example, @togglepin 24 which cause the login system to only ask for you PIN if you either have not logged in within the past 24 hours or you are logging in from a different IP than the IP you last logged in from.
    • EULA appears on your first login with the MapleLegends ToS; gender selection also appears, although you can play characters of either gender regardless of what you choose.
    • Guest login is completely working if you wish to simply test out the game, however, none of the guest character data will be saved.
    • Ranking at the character selection screen displays correct ranking changes with rankings updating every 48 hours, or following each server check.
    • Character deletion works and also prevents the deletion of characters who are in the process of being married or are guild masters.
    • GMS-like Fredrick NPC to hold and return your items
    • Hired Merchants will display a list of players who purchase your items.
    • Hired Merchant chatting works.
    • Organizing your Hired Merchant works.
    • Owl of Minerva can be used to search for items in the Free Market and also enter the Hired Merchant that has that item.

    • All job advancements are GMS-like (including identical text).
    • All transportation is GMS-like (e.g. boats to towns). These are not skippable and they do arrive at specific intervals.
    • All skills (attacks and buffs) work.
    • 3rd person critical hit animations are displayed.
    • All area bosses are fully functional and spawn
    • Zakum is fully working
    • Horntail is fully working
    • Targa & Scar from Malaysia fully working
    • No black screen/GFX or other similar client crashes
    Skill changes:
    MapleLegends has a few skills changed for balancing reasons. They are listed as follow
    - The damage cap is increased from 99k to 199k

    [​IMG] - Beginner

    [​IMG] Recovery cooldown has been decreased from 10 minutes to 2 minutes
    [​IMG] Echo of Hero works through the whole map

    [​IMG] - Fighter
    [​IMG] Rage gives 15 weapon attack at level 30 instead of 10

    [​IMG] - Paladin
    [​IMG] Blast output damage has been increased from 550% at level 30 to 600%
    [​IMG] Ice Charge damage has been increased from 105% at level 30 to 125%
    [​IMG] Thunder Charge damage has been increased from 125% at level 30 to 150%
    [​IMG] Flame Charge damage has been increased from 125% at level 30 to 175%
    [​IMG] Blizzard Charge (Blunt Weapon) has been increased from 105% at level 30 to 125%
    [​IMG] Lightning Charge (Blunt Weapon) has been increased from 125% at level 30 to 150%
    [​IMG] Flame Charge (Blunt Weapon) has been increased from 125% at level 30 to 175%
    [​IMG] Heaven's Hammer delay reduced from 20 seconds at level 30 to 10.

    [​IMG] - Dark Knight
    [​IMG] Berzerk increases overall attack once HP drops below 50% at level 30 instead of 45%

    [​IMG] - Mage
    [​IMG] Big Bang full charge duration reduced from 2 seconds to 0.9 secs.

    [​IMG] - Shadower
    [​IMG] Boomerang step delay between use reduced
    [​IMG] Boomerang step have its hill restrictions removed, meaning you can cast it at the end of hills (Demo: Click)

    [​IMG] - Marksman
    [​IMG] Piercing Arrow full charge duration reduced from 2 seconds to 0.9
    [​IMG] Snipe's cooldown reduced from 10 seconds to 5
    [​IMG] Snipe's damage increased from 99k to 199k

    [​IMG] - Buccaneer
    [​IMG] Dragon Strike delay between use reduced when hitting mobs
    [​IMG] Barrage delay between use reduced
    [​IMG] Energy Charge delay between use completely removed

    [​IMG] - Corsair
    [​IMG] Battleship have 90 seconds cooldown for all levels, instead of more cooldown each level.

    • Every boss has a boss bar, so you do not have to use commands such as @bosshp during bosses like Anego/Female Boss
    • Jump Quests such as Zakum have a check point system; if you logout at stage 2 you will respawn in stage 2 and continue!

    Common Private Server Bugs Fixed:
    • You will very likely not disconnect at Zakum / Horntail or when a lot of things are going on (GFX/Black Screen game crash)
    • All Cash Shop disconnections fixed
    • All maple messenger bugs fixed
    • All common quest bugs fixed
    • Alien sack working
    • Cash Shop related exploits fixed
    • Double-click NPC DC bug fixed
    • Error 38 at map changes (e.g. Taxi to Henesys) fixed
    • Job instructor map disconnections fixed
    • No pet rollbacks, no sudden hunger, no "going home due to hunger" bugs
    • Pets don't pickup pickpocket mesos
    • Items do not randomly stack or not stack
    • Relogging when dead will not revive you in the same map
    • Falling through the map puts you back at the map where you were, similar as GMS
    • No merchant DC issues when players leave the shop
    • Players are not permanent seduced/debuffed when they die with one and get revived
    • Jump down mobs/item disappearing fixed
    • Reactor related disconnects fixed
    • Jr. Balrog respawns is not limited to 1 time each server check
    • Mystic Door disconnections fixed
    • Fully compatible with Windows 8, 8.1, 10 (Parameter is incorrect fixed)
    • You don't get randomly kicked from PQ's for no reason
    • You will never get stuck in-game. The MapleLegends auto unstucker should unstuck you after a maximum of 30 seconds.
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