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My Perma Beginner Journal

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by braidgame, Feb 1, 2020.

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  1. braidgame

    braidgame Horny Mushroom

    Jun 21, 2015
    8:54 AM
    Hi! I start writing my own journal after these years playing in this heart-warming server:heartbeat:.
    My first character Outside, is a perma beginner(as title said, and which is founded in 2015), and you can find its cool definition in this awesome guide.

    Anyways, this journal is not a new character's journey.
    Just a super noob records himself to suffer in the maple world.MapleF14
    I think it's quite interesting to show you guys how I level my perma beginner and his fantastic skills to survive. Also when I look back maybe it's a kind of achievement.
    I will try to update this journal regularly, also some things in life.(Like spencil2's journal)

    Let's go~SlimeCool

    Diary #0
    Lemme introduce my character more.
    You can find the little introduction in my signature, but most importantly, I don't leech my perma beginner.MapleF13
    Yeah that's why it take me long ass time to level till this level.MapleF18
    Personally I do some quests to help me gain more experience, or I just go grind at some notable places.(would be referred in my later journal)
    Also, I seldom do party quests.(Nobody want to pt with a noobMapleF7)
    But if there is a chance I will do it. Some PQs are quite fun.

    This is my currenct stats now:
    (The feeling when your weapon mastery is only 10%, so my damage range is large MapleF12)
    (Also some accuracy problems, I decide to make it "high-based DEX")

    And this is my favorite weapon:
    Because "faster" don't lieMapleF17, also it has nice weapon multiplier.

    I will showcase more my other cool stuff in the future.

    Next part is my future plan:
    1. Get to level 100 as soon as possible.(hope before 2020 end)
    2. Craft Crimson Arcglaive.(The highest att weapon perma beginner can wear now) (Done!)
    3. Make 15wa+ cape. (Already have a 7wa cape 4slots now)
    4. Collect monster cards to make Ring Tier 6 or maybe Tier 7 all by this character own.
    5. Solo Headless Horseman (Done!) and Spirit of Rock once.
    6. Do my left quests if I forget to do or not do.

    That's all, if there is anything I forgot to say, I will write down in my future journal.

    Thanks for reading and hope you can keep on track of this grand journey.


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Thread Status:
You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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