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My stupidly varied journal

Discussion in 'MapleLegends Journeys' started by Ainz, Jan 24, 2021.

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  1. Ainz

    Ainz Skelegon

    May 2, 2015
    11:34 PM
    So many I keep forgetting
    Hi everyone!

    This thread will mostly serve as a journal for myself where I list goals, check them off, and also keep track of what I have achieved each session. It will probably consist of a wide range of different characters (as I have the tendency to burn out on a character within 2-3 days of making it) and an absolutely chaotic range of different things I will be doing on different days.

    This was, as for so many, inspired by Sku's thread.

    First, I think it'd be fair to introduce you guys to the 'few' characters that I do consider to have a future (There are heaps more, ranging from failed attempts at a class to storage mules, but I will save both you and myself the effort.)
    The Introductions
    Disclaimer: The information provided here was noted down on Jan 24th, 2021 and will probably be outdated very soon.
    [​IMG]First off, my beautiful Bishop. I certainly have intentions of finishing this guy off to at least 130 (in order to sell WS/2hit skele) but for now, I'm not particularly interested in playing a 4th job mage.
    [​IMG]Excuse the nudity on this poor sod, I have temporarily benched him as I ran out of inspiration on where I would grind. I really do feel some desire within me to continue leveling it and I feel like I'll give it another go sometime soon.
    [​IMG]This guy is basically in the same position as the Gunslinger, but with the added hurdle of my intense loathing for doing zakum prequests. I may very well end up just skipping the zhelm on this guy temporarily and continuing to level it.
    [​IMG]Is it a sweaty Night Lord, is it a MU mule?! I don't think there is anyone that knows. I find sins very fun to play due to their dynamic and agile nature, but GTOP has decided to never ever let me pass a single vote again, so I will not be washing this guy up to HT thresholds. It might be a fun Zak-NL though.
    [​IMG]What do you do when you burn out on a 4th job Dk? Exactly! You make a class that is very similar yet more boring and keep up your naive dreams of it becoming more fun! This character was temporarily benched for other projects, but I think I'll hop on it sometime today or tomorrow and start pushing it towards CDs.
    [​IMG]A character that is currently virtually only used for Eurek's scrolling skill. I have my doubts on whether I want to continue a CB that is practically entirely unwashed, but I might reset out some base AP to int and continue with the addition of my (okay-ish) int gear. I will probably not be going through the Meso Explosion route though.
    [​IMG]Once one of my favorite characters, currently a Nightghost farming mule. I sort of enjoy playing the class, but feel like I really need to push beyond 130 to make zerking a comfortable feat.

    Right, with the introductions out of the way, I think it's now time for the goals (both short- and longterm) and my current plans.
    Character-specific goals:

    [ ] Reach lvl 130
    [ ] Reach lvl 135 to start running Zak
    [ ] Get pants???? (I currently have a 23 dex overall and a 21 str Neos Top but I can't switch to the top without getting decent pants....)
    [ x ] Reach lvl 130
    [ x ] Reach lvl 60 to get the acc for CDs
    [ ] Reach lvl 70
    [ ] Reach lvl 100
    [ ] Reach lvl 120
    [ ] Decide where I want to grind
    [ ] Reach lvl 50
    [ ] Reach lvl 70
    [ ] Reach lvl 100
    [ ] Reach lvl 120
    [ ] Reach lvl 70
    [ ] Reach lvl 81(?) or 83 for being a MU mule in the meantime.
    [ ] Reach lvl 100
    [ ] Reach lvl 120

    General Goals:
    [ ] Get a zak run done
    [ ] Get a character to at least Tier 5 MB Ring (I never do this stuff)
    [ ] Get my cash stack back to 200m
    [ ] Sell Silver Deputy Stars

    This is probably where I'll leave off this thread for now. It was a nice way to pass the maintenance and recollect my thoughts about the game and my plans. I will probably get a couple of hours of playtime in when maintenance ends and update you guys on the progress!

    Thanks for reading~
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You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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