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S> `'* Orbis Exchange Service *'`

Discussion in 'Free Market' started by EndG, Dec 17, 2020.

  1. EndG

    EndG Slime

    Jul 31, 2018
    6:41 AM
    "Got a selection of good things on sale, stranger! What are ya buyin'?"
    Last Update: 2021-01-07 4:25 PM PST
    Supply: 168 stacks (33,600 teeth)

    I'd like to offer an Orbis Exchange service. I've recently been training a cleric and thought I'd stick to more unconventional training maps. To make this worthwhile, I thought I'd offer a service for new upcoming funded accounts.

    What is Orbis Exchange?
    In Orbis, you can exchange etc. items dropped by various monsters for xp and an assortment of insignificant items. a 3rd-party reference has been linked below. MapleLegends offers 1k xp per exchange.



    In summary, I'm offering large amounts Zombie's Lost Tooth in exchange for meso. It costs 300teeth for levels 8~10, and 9500teeth for levels 10~21. I'm offering teeth at 1500mesos each, implying levels 10~21 to cost 14,250,000 mesos.

    Rates, Pricing, and Justification.
    Owl rates seem to do no justice here as teeth are often at 5k, 3.5k, and seldom 2k. At 2k, lvl10~21 would cost 19m. Players normally leech bubbling slimes until lvl21. The prices I've been seeing for a single player sit at around 2.5m meso/hr, and I hear that leeching until lvl21 takes roughly 3 hours. This implies lvl21 to cost 7.5m over 3 hours. It seems that a typical mid-level non-mage player can make about (low estimate) 3m mesos/hr through gachapon and other grindy methods. To account for the time spent, I think its fair to assess lvl21 to cost a relative estimate of 7.5m+3*3m=16.5m.

    In conclusion, it seems that buying teeth until lvl21 is a very fast and fair compared to leeching. Between 7.5m~16.5m~19m, I think that 14.25m (1500meso each tooth) for lvl10~21 is a fair assessment.

    Fairness and Enforcement.
    Due to the nature of obscure transactions such as this, it is encouraged that both parties use screen recording software to document a full transaction confirmation. The buyer must agree to having their teeth traded over, or if they prefer to have them publicly dropped. In the event the teeth are to be dropped, the buyer must confirm how many at a given time, and must pay up-front and at their own risk. Pricing is based on a per teeth agreement, as opposed to the entire transaction. Should a player wish to pay in items, both parties must agree to which items and their respective pricing. Items over 2.7m (9*200teeth*1500meso) will have to be partially traded up front, should 1 trade transaction of 1800teeth not be sufficient. The buyer and seller hold the right to having their game play footage publicly available and should comply with the MapleLegend's terms of service.

    I'm human and subject to errors. Please feel free to document your own calculations in the comment sections and I'll comply accordingly. I will do my best to attend to this post when I can. Feel free to message me in game at "EndB". My buddy lists are available. Otherwise contact me on Discord at "Clay EndG#0991".

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  2. braidgame

    braidgame Pac Pinky

    Jun 21, 2015
    10:41 PM
    I did some Orbis Exchange Quest before.
    The reward exp is not 1,500 but 1,000 in Legends as far as I know. You can check that again.

    So, If only using this service for lv7~20, it need like 77 x 100 zombie teeth, and that's about 38.5 stacks. The price would be 15.4m for this.
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  3. OP

    EndG Slime

    Jul 31, 2018
    6:41 AM
    Big thanks for correcting me Braid! :) I'll edit op now.

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