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Project : Free Zakum Helmet Service #Season 2

Discussion in 'Community' started by Huiae, Jul 20, 2021.

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  1. Huiae

    Huiae Headless Horseman

    Aug 1, 2015
    Chuncheon, Korea
    12:58 PM
    Original project hosted by PepperPepper isn't continuing after july 25 2021, I decided to succeed her project and start my own one.
    Detail info about her project is linked below. again, this project won't be happened w/o your passion, sarah. respect.

    Free Zakum Helmet Service | MapleLegends Forums - Old School MapleStory

    Hello! Are you new to the game and are having trouble getting a Zakum helmet? I, and a few other friendly members of the community, am offering a weekly Free Zakum Helmet run! See details below.


    NOTE: This is a free service for players who are new to the server to jumpstart their first character without having to make a big purchase. This is not a service for users who have multiple characters or have been in the community for a while. We won't bash you investigating you're fit or not, but Please let our intention being kept.

    And most important, please pay back to fellow newcomers with your ability when you become able to.

    - Must Be Level 50 or Higher.
    - Must Complete Zakum Pre-Quest.
    - Must Provide 2 Eyes of Fire To Enter.

    Infomation about run

    - Every runs will be afk-able.
    details : using mules to make afk-condition, because potion $ and surviving inside are also burdens for newcomers.
    - Can be long run, up to an hour per round depends on runner entry.
    details : another purpose of this project is getting exp for our attackers. means, we're not cherrypicking pog guys only for luxurious run.
    - Can be failed just like other selling runs by mistakes/DCs. We aren't professional zakum sellers.
    - Won't be cancelled because of lack of runners. Even if there's no any helpers, If there's any looter planned and booked, I'd solo it.
    Warning : Prepare enough anti-cancer pills to keep your mind in this case. I warned. -sigh-
    - Will accept looters maximum up to 3 players. Following first come-first serve rule, for reply on this post.
    - Looting order priority will follow order of signup aswell.

    How Do I Enter?
    Respond to this thread and fill out the following form:

    IGN :
    Class :
    Level :
    Discord ID :
    Which Run? (Date/time) :
    Have you finished the entire pre-quest? :
    What is your favorite thing about MapleLegends? :

    After you write reply to signup and book a slot, MAKE SURE to contact me in discord 'Hui-ae Cheon#7890' for confirm.
    To send DM on me, you should be in Maplelegends discord server : MapleLegends (discord.com), or it'll be blocked automatically.
    (thanks Sanchi for letting me notice this!)

    Booking slot is done after I confirm your signup in discord. make sure to contact 'AFTER' writing thread reply for signup.

    When run happens?

    Every monday / wednesday / friday 2AM Servertime. (2hrs after daily reset. Servertime follows GMT/UTC.)

    Want to help this project?
    If you're interested in helping this project, there are 3 ways coming up in my idea.

    1. attending as runner - you can contact me in discord to book a runner slot and share fun time in run together.
    details : Literally anybody 135+ is welcomed (Unless you're completely leeching intlord spamming less than 3k dmg) because this has meaning of exp-zrun also, therefore, I won't accept more than 5~6 runners per round because of exp distribution problem. I wish this run has meaning of both 'charity helm' and 'efficient exp getting' for fun of both looters and runners.
    details 2 : for splits, I will loot everything except helmet/SBs/card/chair first, and runners will do @dice 100 so
    winner takes ALL for single round. INCLUDING GENESIS. for chair/cards, you can ask favor to winner if he/she doesn't need it. In case if there's looter who matches with SBs dropped, looters get SB. Diamond is mine for small hosting fee.

    2. Spreading word about this project around yourself - let your newcomer friends/guildies know about this so they can access this project, because, most of us barely see forum. This would help a lot for both us and newcomers, for advertising, and getting access for this. Also, this motivates us a lot!

    3. Review reply after getting helm would be helpful too, for bumping up this thread and give idea to future newcomer looters. I wish you be honest for reviewing how it was, so PLEASE feel free for writing what you felt. Honest reviews are much more helpful for us aswell to make improvement too.

    To start the pre-quest, talk to your 3rd job instructor in El Nath.
    Guide: https://forum.maplelegends.com/index.php?threads/zakum-prequest-guide.2738/
    Jump Quest Video Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Nv6lWpe9fo
    Jump Quest Video Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jM3BH-tPpCQ
    When we start the run, we will meet at Adobis. Door can be provided. You must have at least an Eye of Fire on you (After giving us 2 EoFs), to enter zakum run. We will then go one map to the right, where the leader of the mission will start a squad with Adobis.

    You will be in pty so-called 'hospital', which keeps you stay in zakum map as dead ghost and resurrects you every 9 mins.

    Once the squad leader begins, a timer will start at the top of the screen. You will need to click Adobis and sign up as a member of the squad. Once everyone is signed up, the leader will enter the map. You will need to click Adobis to enter the map.

    You will stay on the bottom left of the map for the entirety of the fight. Once zakum attacks you and you die, NEVER press "OK" button on popup window comes after your death. pressing "OK" button will kick you into elnath town and there's no way to save you from that mistake.

    Once Zakum dies, wait for direction from the party leader to loot a helmet. There are often remaining mobs on the map that can damage you. Once you receive the all clear, proceed to loot the helmet. All other drops are off-limits and belong to the party.

    Make sure to follow instructions from the party at all times :)

    And once you signed-up to join, PLEASE make sure to be on time. Your booking means blocking someone else's chance aswell. Signing up and no-show is just nothing more than bad attitude on our preparation (we prepare a lot to make successful run) but also on potential looter who is blocked by you. hope this doesn't happen. If you signed up but can't make run, make sure to know me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so I can allow another looter can get chance.
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You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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