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Raon launcher shot2 does not work properly sometimes

Discussion in 'Report Bugs' started by LaLeY, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. LaLeY

    LaLeY Red Snail

    Feb 5, 2015
    1:35 PM

    So, I've noticed some kind of bug that happens often using this mobile (Raon launcher), sometimes when a player uses shot 2 and it lands, the "babies" (most of the time it's just one) are not awaken or if the player that shoots them is really close to them the babies will ignore the enemy and look directly to the shooting player (sometimes one of the babies won't be awake at all either if they're not really really close to the enemy, almost surrounding him/her).


    Here is one clear example, one of the babies looks at the enemy and the other at the player.
    I really don't know if it's an actual bug or some kind of weirdness that I think it's happening when using Raon launcher but would be good to have some opinions and maybe look into it.

    Thanks a lot!

    PS: there're no bug report formats that I could find, but I think it's clear enough, if not let me know ^^
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