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Low Repeatable Ravana quest won't stay in "Completed" tab

Discussion in 'Report Bugs' started by DrJason, Feb 1, 2022.

  1. DrJason

    DrJason Windraider

    May 30, 2018
    11:30 PM
    DrJason, Zrar, WhyDaggers
    Islander, F/P Arch Mage
    Description of the bug: (optional screenshot/video): The repeatable ravana quest "The Final Stage of the Sealing Ritual" (ID 4433 https://maplelegends.com/lib/quest?id=4433) involves looting a ravana doll from the boss and giving to it to Old Abbot for a random helmet reward. After completion, the repeatable quest "The Unfinished Battle" (ID 4434 https://maplelegends.com/lib/quest?id=4434) gets moved to your "available" tab. If this is completed again, the first quest gets moved back to your available tab. This cycle repeats forever and the quest never goes away.
    What is supposed to happen?: other repeatable quests stay in your Completed tab until you initiate them again, in which they then move to your in progress tab.
    Where did you find and/or notice this bug?: Doing this ravana quest multiple times trying to 100% my quests.
    A step-by-step guide to re-producing this bug (optional):
    Extra information (optional):
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