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Reworked Super Transformation (Visual)

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Zorele, Mar 20, 2023.

  1. Zorele

    Zorele Slimy

    Jan 12, 2018
    6:07 PM
    Hello guys! This is my first time suggesting anything not related to game balance but I find this idea fascinating.

    Currently Super Transformation has roughly a 67% uptime (without including tl resets) and the visual aspect of it is completely identical between different players and non customizable. This leads to every buccaneer looking exactly the same for most of their playtime. It is also true that in big expeditions like PB the presence of multiple transformed buccaneers can make it a bit harder to keep track of your character.

    I personally feel like being able to have the visual feedback of your style choices constantly makes for a better experience than being stuck to fixed pixels without any degree of customization. Since I'm aware there's probably some folks who like the visuals on super transformation I'd probably go with the idea of having an option in legends.ini to toggle the change based on preference.

    My proposed idea would be to be more loyal to where maple took the original inspiration in the first place (DBZ) and instead of a full blown transformation, some sort of aura surrounding your character could be implemented. The following picture is a very rough idea and obviously isn't maple compatible but I wanted to give some sort of reference.

    Let me know how you guys feel about this idea.
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  2. Kargo

    Kargo Headless Horseman

    Mar 5, 2015
    12:07 AM
    Not a bad idea imo. I think there was a similar effect in Netts PQ:


    if you skip through this video you see he’s ‘charged up’ later.
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