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Shino's Charity Foundation for new Legend-ers

Discussion in 'Community' started by Shinohara, Apr 22, 2017.

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  1. Shinohara

    Shinohara Nightshadow

    Mar 31, 2017
    Calderock Village
    2:02 PM
    Shinohara / Saratoga / Shukashuu
    ☆ Aqours ☆
    Hello to those viewing this thread!

    To state the purpose of my thread briefly, i would like to offer some help to newcomers who are joining this server.
    Provided items will include potions and/or mesos which would be capped at a maximum value of 350k.

    Simply state your IGN here and i will attend to your request shortly!
    *I will only accept requests in this thread to ensure accountability and fairness.

    My availability in most cases (+9 GMT)
    Weekdays - 10PM to 2AM
    Weekends - No fixed timing, depends on availability.

    SlimePolice Service Rules
    * It is the requestee's responsibility to find or request a meeting date through either a PM or thread comment!
    * Only players below level 30 are allowed to request for beginner's aid.

    :lollipop: Fellow Helpers
    ☆ Qwiox
    Refer to the following link for availability: https://forum.maplelegends.com/inde...-for-new-legend-ers.11305/page-18#post-162587

    :pinkbean: Fellow Donors
    ☆ Meepy
    ☆ AkashBlack (1,000,000 Meso)
    ☆ Jase (3,500,000)
    ☆ ThePotatoSalad (Provision of free Maple equipment) 23/11/17
    ☆ Massacre / boldaslove (1,000,000 Meso) 29/11/17
    ☆ Angbak (1,000,000 Meso) 29/11/17
    ☆ Boxy (4,200,000 Meso ) 30/11/17
    ☆ Diether (1 Steely, 1 Wooden Top) 2/12/17
    ☆ Rizset (200,000,000 mesos) 24/12/17
    ☆ Yvione (5,000,000 mesos , 1 Ilbi, and 3 Red Skis) 24/12/17
    ☆ merky (2,000,000 mesos and 1 Old Raggedy Cape) 24/12/17

    :coin: Treasury status
    ☆ Updated via latest posts

    :star: New Maplers helped
    ☆ View spoiler for maplers who received help
    - SSJBroly (XRATED)
    - Shaughn (Farted)
    - Shutup (Graves)
    - Swopomo (Swopom)
    - Mai Vu (Kinno) ☆ By Meepy ☆
    - Kofuku (Kofu) ☆ By Meepy ☆
    - Jem (KungFuJemmy)
    - Commanders78 (uTaro)
    - hidden4love (hidden4love)
    - Solutions (Solutions)
    - ostftw (ostftw)
    - xxleonn (DonutAngel)
    - JasonNeo (JasonNeo)
    - amehdictato (Ameh)
    - MXLsStar (MXLBlight)
    - phodacbiet (keyblade)
    - zhaothecows (zhaothecow)
    - Delfitus (Delfitus)
    - Delmona
    - rabzraccooon (rabzraccooon)
    - N3rd
    - Ace2andy (SH0GUN)
    - doodlenauts (Babycheeks)
    - Rayjaco1 (Nitrogen)
    - Crossbuns (Crossbuns)
    - Spoilt (Spoiled)

    :picopico: FAQ
    Why is the service capped at 350,000 mesos?
    There are two reasons. The first is for sustainability on my end as i too require mesos to fund current and future characters, the second is my belief that providing newcomers with just a stepping stone would be more beneficial than spoon-feeding.

    Do i need to repay the amount of mesos given?
    This service is intended to aid new players in their starting journey so no repayment is required.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2018
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You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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