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The Life of Dami - Day 16

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ferlucio, Mar 30, 2021.

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  1. Ferlucio

    Ferlucio Game Moderator Staff Member Game Moderator

    Jul 27, 2017
    1:11 PM
    Hi it be me, Dami. Like many who went before me I've been thinking on making a diary aswell.
    I will call my diary 'The Life of Dami' and I hope to bring you alongside my MapleLegends adventure to give an insight in how I play this game.

    My real name is Damiƫn but most people call me Dami. I also go by the name of Mew, Aschtra, Opel, Ferluci, Ferlucio, WorstGMEver, PotatoBurner and Frogman.
    I am quite active in the MapleLegends Discord so you'll probably see me chatting during EU times. ( I am from the Netherlands)

    I will start my diary by listing my characters that I currently play:


    Ferluci, 17X Bishop.
    Guild: Beaters

    Pretty much my main right now. Always liked Cleric when I started playing MapleStory, so I decided to remake it when I started MapleLegends.


    Zakum Helmet: 16str, 16dex, 26int, 13luk
    Bathrobe for Men: 24int
    Raccoon Mask: 11 int
    Red Emerald Earrings: 27TMA (12/15)
    Crimsonheart Cloak: 18int, 3luk
    Mark of Naricain: 4int, 6 luk, 9MA
    Red Marker: 21 TMA (12/9)
    Maple Shield: 27TMA (9/18)
    Elemental Wand 6: 171TMA (10/161)
    Blue Snowshoes: 10 speed. Bishop go BRRRRRRR




    Bluetech, 13X Bowmaster
    Guild: Perion

    My attacker that I finally reached level 135 on. Slowly started bossing on it. Will become my main attacker cause as I liked Clerics in the past I also liked Bowmasters.
    I am still washing it. Current goal is 17.7k HP so I have 18.7k with MB10 and 30k with HB.


    Zakum Helmet: 16str, 13dex, 25int, 14luk
    Rat Mouth: 9dex, 9avoid
    Spectrum Goggles: 2str, 2dex, 2slot
    Element Pierce: 7str 8dex
    Red Arzuna: 30str, 5dex, 5hp, 3avoid
    Pink Gaia Cape: 4att, 5slot
    Horntail Necklace: 23str, 23str, 23int,21luk, 41avoid
    Yellow Market: 13 Weapon Attack
    Red Wing Boots: 2str, 17dex, 4 speed, 22jump
    White Nisrock: 125 Weapon Attack, 5dex, 2 avoid
    Monster Book ring Tier 2: +2 all stat



    Aschtra, 14x Hermit. Yes, Hermit.
    Guild: Perion

    This was my first character created in MapleLegends I really liked it. And then I heard about washing so kinda threw it away around level 103. I spend some NX adjusting my skills and it became my Meso Up Mule.


    Maple Hat: 4hp, 4mp.
    White Mouse Kit: 19hp, 18mp
    Red Cross Earrings: 10luk
    Alcadno's Cape: 5speed 2jump
    Blue Mystique Shoes: 2str, 4dex
    Maple Flag: 5int


    Stats at the start of this diary:




    I hope you will like reading my diary.
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