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[Tips and Tricks] 2020 Anniversary Event Quest Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Skuire, May 24, 2020 at 4:42 AM.

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  1. Skuire

    Skuire Selkie Jr.

    Aug 16, 2017
    7:11 AM
    [Pink Bean Party Quest Guide (click here)]
    [2020 Anniversary Mini Guide (click here)]


    Henesys Park + Game Zone
    • five event NPCs here, three with unique quests
    • quests repeatable daily, i think
    • obtain Spring Festival Coins from these quests, from Fairytale Event (Heartpounding Boxes), and as drops from all mobs
    • required level 30 for quests
    • timmy needs three etc items. all are retrieved from NPC objects found in different maps.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    • becky needs 15 invitations and 1 birthday cake. both are found in ludibrium maps from mobs
    • 1 birthday cake - terrace hall mobs
    • 15 invitations - toy factory mobs

    • Laura needs a textbook from a mob within 20 levels of yourself.
    • i was lv 136 and received the textbook easily when hunting mobs at Shaolin Forest of Towers.

    Rock Paper Scissors

    • he is found at the Game Zone (Henesys Park right side, next to Bowman Academy)
    • play Rock Paper Scissors with this NPC by exchanging RPS ticket
    • RPS ticket is obtained from 5th Anniversary Box (drops from all mobs)
    • winning will grant a certificate that can be traded for [​IMG]
    • your win streak will determine the amount of coins you recieve. if you lose, you will get NOTHING!
    • Reward for RPS is 2^(Wins - 1). Won 4 times = 8, won 3 times = 4 (thanks jackimarujackimaru)

    Fairytale Event
    • get to Fairytale Land by talking to Gaga in most major towns
    • games here reward Heartpounding Box which contains Spring Festival Coins, GM scrolls (65% and 15% (?)), and other unknown items(?)
    Hansel and Gretel
    • hit the cats until they die! only regular attack works here.
    • each cat killed = 5 points.
    • you can exchange points for 1 Heartpounding Box per day. 200 points = 1 box
    • !!PRO TIP!! the cake fork from Vicky & Cookie in Cake Town can throw stars, so get yourself a set of subis and snipe away. live without fear of getting YEETED!

    Gepetto's Escape
    • jumping quest with three stages.
    • requires party of 2, can be attempted once per day
    • Party leader will become Gepetto (old man), who cannot attack and is mainly there just to follow and collect treasures.
    • four treasures to collect per PQ: one treasure in stage 1, one treasure in stage 2, two treasures in stage 3
    • 3 treasures can be traded for Heartpounding Box at the end of the quest
    • you keep any treasures obtained, even if you do not complete the quest.
    • Since the PQ can only be attempted once per day, it is advisable to split the four treasures between yourself and your partner. Each should get 2.
    Stage 1
    Very simple. Jump across and collect the treasure on the way.
    • Ideally, the Non-Gepetto player will collect Stage 1's treasure.
    • TIP: Gepetto is not affected by obstacles like the stars and spike traps. He can move right through them.

    Stage 2
    Another simple stage. To collect the treasure here, the Non-Gepetto will need to hit the cat's bell and jump precisely to the left as soon as the cat smashes the ground (see below clip for an idea of how to make these jumps).
    • Ideally, the Non-Gepetto Player will collect Stage 2's treasure.
    • It is partially advisable that you skip collecting Stage 2's treasure until you've gained more experience in the PQ. The time limit is strict.

    Stage 3

    Non-Gepetto will need to make another "cat-jump" to the right across the gap, and talk to the NPC. This will open the portal on the bottom of the map (press up on the -> arrow). In the next chamber are the final two treasures and a path to the end portal.
    • Ideally, the Gepetto Player (old man) will collect Stage 3's two treasures.
    • The Wing icon in the top left of the map is supposed to increase your Jumping stat when you click on it. (it was bugged the last time I ran the pq, so your mileage may vary):
    • Refer to this clip for an idea of how to make the "cat jumps":
    • (make sure you're also holding your arrow key in the desired direction at the moment of making the jump)

    clip courtesy of EminenceEminence !

    The Giant's Beanstalk
    • Requires 1 Magic Bean to enter - these are obtained from Fifth Anniversary Box (drops from all mobs)
    • Time Limit Jump Quest where the objective is to climb up, then kill the Pigs and collect their Golden Eggs
    • If you're not a hermit, Using the Cake Fork from Vicky&Cookie (in cake town) and a set of Throwing Stars is HIGHLY recommended. With it you'll be able to attack from a range making the quest MUCH easier.
    • Can be repeated indefinitely as long as you have enough Beans.
    • 100 Golden Eggs can be traded for 7 Heartpounding Boxes!
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