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Medium Weddings are BROKEN

Discussion in 'Report Bugs' started by Lirbo, Aug 30, 2021.

  1. Lirbo

    Lirbo Slimy

    Feb 18, 2017
    8:40 PM
    Night Lord
    ⚔️ Beaters
    Description of the bug:
    Bug #1:
    Once the hubso & the waifu start the wedding a 10 minutes timer starts.
    • Now if you are a guest and you didn't enter the Wedding Hall itself by 5:00 by clicking an NPC on the waiting room you're simply kicked out and miss out the wedding.
    • If the couple didn't click the NPC to enter the Wedding Hall the wedding is simply canceled, everybody gets kicked out and they have to remake the reservation (they don't have to re-pay though).

    Bug #2:
    Now on 5:00 the ceremony in the wedding hall begins, the NPC starts talking without even having to click on it and it talks so fast that you can't even see what it says, you can definitely sense that something is extremely buggy there.

    Bug #3:
    Now after the ceremony ends (a few seconds after 5:00) you're now stuck for another 5 minutes in the wedding hall, no matter who you press you can't get forward to the cake map.. you're simply jailed for 5 minutes.

    Bug #4:
    Cake stage, cool.. now you're supposed to wait 1 minute and prepare for your pretty website-picture that doesn't exist.
    After that minute, another 5 minutes timer begins where you're supposed to be a sitting duck (or actually a standing duck, if you know what I mean) and simply wait for the timer to run out, because yeah.. the married couple can't skip that stage as well...

    Bug #5:
    Ahh, you're finally done serving your time in the Cake Map, now it's time to hunt those keys from the cake mobs! Oh wait, did I mention that you have to clear 5 ETC slots? because the keys can't stack

    With all respect to the team, I have no idea how the new wedding system was even released when it's that buggy. Prior to that on the old system none of it existed aside from the issue where the keys couldn't be stacked up.

    What is supposed to happen?:
    None of it?

    Where did you find and/or notice this bug?:
    When I got re-married/got invited to weddings (I'm talking about the Chapel here, I don't know if it's the same thing on the Cathedral)

    A step-by-step guide to re-producing this bug (optional):
    Get married and see how buggy it is.

    Extra information (optional):
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  2. randomhs

    randomhs Timer

    May 25, 2020
    1:40 PM
    bug #6: Finally married? Guess what, the wedding ring effect doesn't work for some couples (assumably, same gendered marriage).
  3. Pasta

    Pasta Game Developer Staff Member Game Developer

    Jul 18, 2017
    7:40 PM
    Moderator Post
    Bumping this thread to confirm that this is getting worked on for the coming patch.

    As a little disclaimer, #3 #4 #5 aren't technically bugs, they come from the conversion of the wedding system to a gms-like flow.
    They do feel impractical, however, so they will be altered along with the other issues.
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