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Zakum Prequest Guide

Discussion in '(Party) Quests' started by Pepsi, Apr 15, 2015.

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  1. Pepsi

    Pepsi Red Snail

    Apr 14, 2015
    7:49 PM
    I thought I'd post up an old thread I made for anyone that still didn't know how to do it. I guess that's fairly unlikely on this server though.

    There are 3 sections to the Zakum Prequest. This guide will explain them all.

    - Lvl 50+

    Before you start
    before you can start doing the pre-quests you need to go to El Nath and talk to your 3rd job instructor. After that you walk up to the Door to Zakum to talk with Adobis.

    Part 1
    You will need to create a party even if you are the only person in it. This stage is a party quest and is easier with more people. It can be done alone in about 15minutes though (30min limit).

    Once you enter you will need to search through the maps and hit rocks / chests to collect 7 keys. These 7 keys will give you what you need to finish this quest. You can also try to collect all of the 32 documents from this but it normally requires several people. If you do try this then you will get 5 dead mine scrolls (take you from anywhere in orbis / aqua / nath to dead mine).

    Each map in this PQ has a different name, opening the mini-map so it shows the name will tell you which of these rooms you are in.
    The keys are always in the same rooms:
    To get to room 16 go into room 10 and go right two maps.

    Once you have all the keys you should go to room 16-5 (this map is normally left until the end). In this map there will be a large chest, you should drop all 7 keys in the middle in front of it (this is sometimes hard because of falling rocks). After a few seconds the chest will open and drop a large red fire orb. You should then go to the main room (Unknown dead mine) and talk with Aura.

    Once you have talked with aura everyone except the leader should exit through the portal. The leader should always be last otherwise the other members will not receive the fire orb needed to progress on to stage 2.

    Part 2
    This stage is a jump quest. It can take anywhere between 10 minutes and 24 hours depending on how good you are. The average time seems to be 1-2 hours. There are two maps to this, the second being slightly harder.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Once you have reached the end of the 2nd map talk with adobis and you will receive the breath of lava.

    Part 3
    For this stage you will need to collect 30 gold teeth. These are dropped by zombie minors in the dead mine shaft maps. These are just before bains on the way up to Zakum. It can take quite a while to collect them so make sure you do this in good time before a run. All you have to do after that is bring them to Adobis. You can then trade the fire orb (from stage 1), breath of lava (from stage 2) and 30 gold teeth for 5 eye of fire's. You will now be able to enter the Entrance to Zakum as long as you have at least 1 eye of fire (EoF). You cannot just buy one to avoid doing these quests, you must have done it at least once.

    You use the eye of fire to summon Zakum by dropping it in the middle of the platform.

    Good luck
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2015
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