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Any information whatsoever about Old Man Tom's Word quest?

Discussion in 'Help & Advice' started by BrokenPotat, Nov 8, 2023.

  1. BrokenPotat

    BrokenPotat Blue Snail

    Oct 20, 2023
    7:17 AM
    Hi, with the halloween events going, I recently accidently started this quest:


    I roamed around the hunted mansion (Via NFC, not the Event) and couldn't find anything to help progess that... There are a couple quests there but I'm not sure if they're related and got stuck on another quest in there - finding a doll for Sophilia.

    Wasted 15 minutes searching online - didn't find anything, including bbb hidden-street...
    Does anyone here have a clue? It bugs me that I can't forfeit and can't complete the quest.
  2. Reisu

    Reisu Horny Mushroom

    Jun 11, 2020
    1:17 PM
    I think it just begins the whole Sophilia doll quest, which should lead to the Edmunds butler and then a whole chain of quests. I just finished it the other day and it was a sad story and you get Toymaker equips from it. Perhaps you just let it keep going? The old man's quest just disappeared for me at some point but you go back to him at the conclusion of this questline anyways.

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