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Recruiting California

Discussion in 'Guilds' started by julianlee93, Aug 19, 2018.

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  1. julianlee93

    julianlee93 Timer

    Aug 1, 2017
    8:51 PM
    Night Lord
    California is welcoming new members!
    ~ No level requirement ~


    The California Community
    We're a mid-size guild whose purpose is to build a fun, kind, and helpful community. If you're new to the server, we're here to help you grow. Whether it's through advice, price-checks, or in-guild offers (like our new Level Lottery!), we'll have your back! If you're a more established, higher-lever player, we're about to reach in-guild bossing capabilities (Zak + Scar runs), join us for our first runs! If we're not training, PQing, card hunting, or FM-hoeing, we're always on Discord!

    Unique California Features
    Members Lv30-120
    have access to the guild Level Lottery!
    Post a screenshot of you leveling in the Discord Level-Lottery chat to roll.
    Win and cash out $1M mesos (& other prizes like apples, bwg's, & more)!

    Want to Join?
    Leaving a reply here is the fastest way to join and advance to Resident status!
    Just use the following format!
    Why you'd like to join:
    Fun fact about yourself:

    Joolahn, Vectory, WeBareBear, Onip,
    CyberLight, CyberWarrior, or CHICKENS.

    Do I have to be from California?
    Nope! While many of us are from California, our members are from all over.
    So, whether you're from California or Canada, Australia or Singapore, you're welcome here!

    When is California most active?
    PST: 9am - 2am
    EST: 12pm - 5am
    SGT: 12am - 5pm
    Server Time: 4pm - 9am

    How do I progress in California?
    Guild ranking: Tourist -> Resident -> Local -> Native (Jr. Master)
    Tourist: Brand new members start here but advance quickly!
    Resident: Members who we've gotten to know a bit (name, age, Lv50+)!
    Local: Members who have been notably involved with the guild for at least 1 month!
    Native: Other Jr. Masters may nominate in new Jr. Masters!

    What is the Impera Alliance?
    Impera is one of the most prominent alliances in ML!
    We're a proud member, along with Tempus and Twice! <-click!

    Any California Rules?
    We have a Zero Tolerance rule for toxic behavior and/or harassment.

    Guild-inactivity status is based on a 1 month rule - after which you might be expelled!
    If you are going on hiatus, please leave a message in the guild BBS!
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Thread Status:
You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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