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Other Client keeps crashing

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by moorais, Mar 29, 2023.

  1. moorais

    moorais Blue Snail

    Sep 21, 2022
    8:59 PM
    Hi guys

    I have a notebook Dell G3 3590 (20 RAM, I7-9750, GTX 1660Ti 6GB) and my clients keep crashing (no matter if its 1, 2 or 3 clients). It happens with Zakum, HT (Only bosses that I go these days) and while I'm leeching too and no error message apears, the client just closes out of nowhere. I dont think that the hardware is the problem, but I dont know what else to do, I can't even go to a zakum without the fear of crashing mid boss.

    Here are the crash log (always the same exception code)
    [T-1.17.0] - [2023-03-29 10:26:15]
    Exception code: C0000005
    Exception address: 6E4AB516
    Base: 6E490000

    Call stack:
    76ED2891 (ws2_32.dll)
    762C7D69 (KERNEL32.DLL)
    778AB74B (ntdll.dll)
    778AB6CF (ntdll.dll)

    I already tried:
    -Run it as administrator;
    - Compability with win 7
    - Reverse the version of the driver to
    - Update all drivers;
    - Complete reinstall ML
    - Complete Windows Reinstal
    - Changed SSD
    - Changed RAM Cards
    - Instal March 5 ML Version

    If someone could help me with this, I'ld be very gratefull, atm I'm thinking about quiting because I can't even grind and what is meaning of maple if I can't boss too.


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