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Update Client Patch Notes: 1.5

Discussion in 'Maintenances' started by Kimberly, Aug 30, 2020.

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  1. Kimberly

    Kimberly Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    12:04 PM
    Moderator Post

    With the Summer Event finally out of the way here's the new client patch notes.

    New .ini options


    Auto cache clearing is one of the methods we use to make sure the client cleans its cache more often.

    While this worked perfectly fine for most people, some people have reported gaining small lag spikes since the last patch. We've now given the users the option to disable it, and going back to the old method. You can do so by putting AutoClearCache to false in Legends.ini. Do note by disabling this you may increase the risk the client gets overloaded and crashing on Windows 10. In short, if you had no problems stay away from this option.
    Mouse cursor fix

    Known in every single pre-big bang client unmodified, there's a bug where if you scroll your mouse wheel while in window mode the cursor goes visually all over the place. We are happy to report we got this fixed, and now when you scroll around the mouse stays at its place.
    More memory leak fixes

    With this version, we've also addressed one more specific thing related to client memory leaks. Hopefully, the odds to crash now during boss runs is even smaller as before.

    We're also still pending a complete overhaul of our .wz files (which currently are a hot mess) which even more further will improve this problem.
    Achilles re-fixed

    Achilles not showing proper damage in 1st person is a v62 bug. This was initially fixed, pretty disgusting code caved in our .exe which had some side-effects. Now, we re-did this fix inside our .dll instead, hopefully properly. Damage should now show properly again in first person (meaning yourself).
    The biggest map fixing patch yet

    As mentioned in a few maintenance posts, this marks the biggest map fixing patch yet. Countless maps completely overhauled and fixed to support our true 16:9 client, as well as the 1024x768 resolution.

    We are still not done, however, but making massive progress at our goal on fixing every single map out there.

    A lot of thanks to the fantastic designer who wished to remain uncredited for helping me with the designing, while I did the implementing and moving around, as well as suggestions. A lot of fun so far! We hope you like the changes so far, and I cannot further mention that I highly recommend playing MapleLegends in 1366x768 if possible.
    More uncompressed songs (Windows only)

    With this patch is more discovered uncompressed songs. Uncompressed is essentially the highest quality available. Unfortunately, those were never officially released, so we have to dig to sources and composers for them. Originally, the game client, as well as the sound files themselves, are compressed, thus in lower quality. We've edited the sound engine to allow those higher-quality songs to actually play in-game too.

    The following songs are now in the highest quality possible on top of the other:
    We hope your ears enjoy!
    Misc fixes and changes

    - Hopefully, the client crash at EPQ boss has been fixed
    - Added support for items in the speed quiz which were missing in the v0.62 client
    - The character info image is no longer reddish but back to its normal colour with our tweaks
    - Black List UI has been re-named to Block List to save myself from silly suggestion threads soon enough
    - The coconut harvest timer window is now in the right position
    - The coconut harvest timer in 'Time remaining' has been slightly moved because GMS screwed this up and overlapped it with the text
    - The Cash Shop purchase window is now correctly centred again
    - Other general UI polish

    Thank you:

    - As usual, huge thanks to yeehawyeehaw and PastaPasta for client development shotshot for main server emulator development
    - Foxpat for help and tips regarding .wz image formats and img's.
    - F0 / Flippy for help with the cursor fix. You can find his work at http://mabi.pro/
    - Shavit / =^● ⋏ ●^= for being a cool owner to talk with. Runs Windia: https://windia.me/
    - YungMoozi For general help to yeehawyeehaw once need. Runs rebirth: https://rebirth.dev/
    - The uncredited designer for being an amazing pixel artist. Thank you!
    - Snoozey converting the uncompressed songs to a more size friendly format
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You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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