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Completed Community Event: Design your chair!

Discussion in 'Events' started by Kimberly, Aug 14, 2022.

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  1. Kimberly

    Kimberly Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    7:06 PM
    Moderator Post
    When it comes to our community, we believe to have many talented and amazing artists. We've never had many design-related community events yet.

    With our recent addition of support for chairs that alter your character's position, as well as double-layer chairs in this patch, we really thought about creating a chair designing event.
    :heartbeat: Banner by BlondeBlonde :heartbeat:


    1) Chairs must be drawn as pixel art, in order to be eligible.

    2) Existing game assets may be used, but the majority of the chair must be custom-made.

    3) A chair must be designed in a TRANSPARENT canvas with dimensions up to 200x200 pixels.

    4) Special properties must be specified:
    - if the chair will always face one direction (default: chair flips horizontally with the character)
    - if the chair has two layers (one layer behind and one in front of the player. Default: only one layer behind)
    - if some frames have a custom duration (specify each duration. Default: 100ms each frame)
    - if the chair has a randomized design every time the player sits (please provide every design and its chance to appear. Up to 4 random effects. Default: only one design)

    5) Chair design must include the default sitting player, facing left:

    6) The player may be positioned anywhere on the chair, but cannot move during the animation.
    Note for randomized-effect chairs: the position must be the same for every design.


    A) Collaborating with other designers for ideas or sketches is allowed. Your entry must include the concept sketch, in addition to the finished product.

    B) Community members from other MapleStory servers are allowed to participate.

    C) Using copyrighted designs (eg. characters from other videogames) is prohibited.

    D) Plagiarism is not allowed. Your design must be an original concept; claiming stolen art as one's own may be subject to a (temporary) in-game ban.

    E) Each participant can submit only one entry. Collaborants' IGNs must be included in the submission.

    F) Editing details of your own entry is allowed, but the overall design idea cannot be changed once submitted.

    G) Staff will declare a winner entry; the winner design will be implemented in game at a later date, and the winner participant will receive a special prize.

    H) Staff reserves the right to alter details of the chosen entry as deemed fit, in order to properly blend with the overall game design.

    I) Additionally, staff reserves the right to implement additional submitted designs that did not win the contest.

    Chair name:
    Chair description (optional - will automatically include credits to the participants):
    Chair with default player (animated if necessary, all designs if random):
    Single chair frame(s) without player (please separate the two layers if present; all designs if random):
    Concept art (please use a spoiler):
    Special properties (if any):
    Notes (optional):

    IGN(s): Pasta

    Chair name: Helth
    Chair description: The healthiest chair on the block.

    Chair with default player (animated):

    Single chair frame(s) without player:
    The base frame, behind the character is always the same:

    The second layer, on top of the character:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Concept art:
    I had this sudden revelation when drinking a power elixir while sitting on a Relaxer chair. This is my sketch, created right after that.

    Special properties (if any):
    The chair has two frames, as indicated in the Frames spoiler.
    Every other property is by default.

    Notes (optional):
    Chairs are comfy.

    For the first time in MapleLegends, we are holding a chair design event! With so many chair feature supports now we want to see how creative our community is.

    For this round, we give users a lot of freedom. However, please do note that quality is important. We do want the chairs to fit with existing chairs, so it's almost like they are official quality-wise.

    Note: There have been other servers in past that had similar events. Please do not steal/take any chair that was made by any of their users since it's stealing, and the same plagiarism ruleset will be applied. However, if you were an author of any chair you made for another server you are allowed to submit it. Please note we require screenshot proof of you being actually that person and that you've designed it.

    Disclaimer: Any chair submitted allows us to do whatever we want with the chair. Such as, adding it to the cash shop, using it as an event, using it as a community prize, etc. We will also not remove the chair from the game by request after it made it into the game. By submitting a chair you've agreed to this.

    Deadline: September 18th 2022
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