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Recruiting Community is recruiting!

Discussion in 'Guilds' started by Fluggo3, Apr 27, 2021.

  1. Fluggo3

    Fluggo3 Slime

    Sep 11, 2020
    3:32 AM
    I/L Wizard
    Community is recruiting active, talkative members of any level!

    Community is a beginner-friendly guild full of fun talkative members that are here to help you along your Maple journey. The majority of our players are of PST+EST timezone, and we're an English speaking guild. Currently for "late" game (mid-game, tbh) content, we run Zak and CWKPQ, with HT hopefully coming soon.

    While we are accepting of all new players, we are also on the lookout for attackers at the mid-game level (135-155) so that we can plan runs more frequently as at the moment we rely heavily on the same squad of people, which doesn't always make it easy to plan runs.

    Join us for Guild Events, Discord movie nights, Jackbox/Party Games, etc! We aren't a strictly ML guild, we play plenty of other games together.

    If anyone is interested in joining our Community or have any questions, please whisper me in-game (IGN Petrifighter) or add me on discord - Roost#6969.
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  2. Junaki

    Junaki Stone Golem

    Apr 1, 2015
    Northern New York
    3:32 AM
    Google, Piks, Arkin, JunakiG, Doss, Nezi
    Hero, Paladin, Dark Knight, I/L Arch Mage, Bishop, Bowmaster, Marksman, Night Lord, Shadower, Buccaneer, Corsair
    Also! If you'd like to join the guild or even just be part of the community guild by being an ally of our guild, feel free to fill this Google doc out and we will get a hold of you shortly.
    Like our brave leader above said, we are mostly EST/PST though most of us stay up till like 2-4 am est/pst. So we are on all sorts of hours.


    As you'll see when you click the link, the jobs listed are 4th job. This does NOT mean we are only looking for higher level people. Anyone is welcome, simply just put whatever your 4th job class would eventually be.

    Hope to see many of you become guild mates or close ally's :)
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