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Medium Corsair Sitting Bug

Discussion in 'Report Bugs' started by Paxill, Dec 21, 2022.

  1. Paxill

    Paxill Mushmom

    Apr 16, 2020
    9:57 PM
    Bishop, Bowmaster, Corsair
    Description of the bug: (optional screenshot/video): Sitting Bug for corsair still exists. Link to gif included. Gif description: first half is homing beacon -> immediately press battleship -> hold cannon. Second half is homing beacon -> wait for beacon to finish casting -> battleship -> hold cannon
    What is supposed to happen?: Corsairs should not have extended animation lag for casting battleship during a skill.
    Where did you find and/or notice this bug?: Most easily seen by using bullseye, but works with almost any other skill. Noticed it on the first day of when the patch when "sitting bug" was fixed, but I've been busy with school.
    A step-by-step guide to re-producing this bug (optional): Cast an out of boat skill, before that skill ends cast battleship, enjoy your 3 seconds of being unable to cast.
    Extra information (optional):
    Fixing this half of sitting bug might cause weird issues with sairs being able to animation cancel more skills when out of battleship without having to use battleship twice.

    Showcase: https://imgur.com/a/hGGaEib
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  2. Gurk

    Gurk Wolfspider

    Mar 9, 2020
    6:57 PM
    Marksman, Shadower, Buccaneer
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