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Glossary Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by gazela, Oct 27, 2021.

  1. gazela

    gazela Mano

    Jul 9, 2021
    12:52 PM
    F/P Mage
    In a construction process

    All abbreviations have been copied from:
    SharpSide's Guide to Legends Abbreviations!
    My contribution is to pour content into the terms and clarify there use in the game. Especially suitable for beginners.

    AFK - Away From Keyboard : It lets people know that you will not be at your keyboard for a while, or that you will not be online for a period of time.

    ATM - At the moment : Right now ; At the current time

    AW or A/W - Auto Win : When an item is offered for sale to the highest price and the Abbreviation is attached with a specific price, then whoever offers that price, will receive the item for sure

    B> - Buying : When you are looking for a specific or general item and also when you are looking to buy a service in the game

    BB - Bye Bye : A friendly Goodbye

    BF - Boyfriend : A guaranteed relationship :)

    BFF - Best friend forever : Characterized by trust, and permanence

    BRB - Be Right Back : Used to indicate the speaker will return in a moment, gone for a short while.

    BRT - Be Right There : Used mainly when a destination is set and you report that you are on your way

    BS - Bullshit : Now, that's not a nice thing to say :(

    BTW - By The Way : Used to introduce a new subject to be considered or to give further information

    Bc - Because : For the reason that; due to the fact that

    BZ - Busy : Please, do not disturb

    CO or C/O - Current offer : When an item is offered for sale to the highest price and the abbreviation is attached with a specific price, then this is the highest offer gotten by now

    Crit - Critical : Pay attention !!!

    Cya - See You (later) : Alligator

    DC or D/C - Disconnect : If only we could control it so it doesn't happen

    EXP - Experience : The main goal of the game. You must gain as much experience as possible to advance in game levels

    EZ - Easy : Little enough ; I've got it ; you've got it

    FFS - For Fuck's Sake : These are things you say when you're exasperated and imploring someone to do something, especially treat you better

    FTW - For The Win : Being the best ; Being grate, awesome. amazing or spectacular ; Sure to succeed

    FYI - For Your Information : Spoken used when you are telling someone that they are wrong about a particular fact

    GDI - God Dammit - Someone here is angry :rage:

    GF - Girlfriend : A guaranteed relationship :)

    GG - Good Game : Often said in bets, mini game and PQ regardless of victory or loss, success or failure, in fact this is just an encouragement call

    GJ - Good Job :
    Appreciation for your or others work

    Grats / Grz / Gz - Congratulations, usually used when someone goes up a level, gain an achievement or earn a coveted item.

    GTG or G2G - Got To Go : As much as I was happy to stay, I have other things to do or attend

    HMU - Hit Me Up : Contact me

    IDC - I Don’t Care : I have no preference ; This does not bother or upset me

    IDGAF - I Don't Give A F*** : ^ Same Same ^

    IDK - I Don’t Know : I'm unsure about something ; I don't have a response or suggestion right now

    IDR - I Don’t Remember : A classic case of dementia

    IIRC - If I Remember Correctly : A classic case in an attempt to prove that there is no dementia

    Ik - I Know : I understand that something is the case ; I have the answer or solution

    Ikr - I Know Right : Give yourself a pat on the back

    IMO - In My Opinion : As I see it ; It seems to me

    IRL - In Real Life : Introduction to a question or answer about who we are in real life

    J> - Joining : Refers to searching a party to do a quest a PQ or a task.

    JK - Just Kidding : Don't take me seriously

    JN - Just Now : When exactly

    K / KK / OK / MK - Okay : Denoting approval, acceptance, agreement, assent, acknowledgment, or a sign of indifference

    L> - Looking For : Refers to a search after a partner, party, guild, item or any other search

    L/O - Leave Offer : Refers to leaving quotes for items for sale on FM

    LMAO - Laughing My Ass Off : :laugh::laugh::laugh:

    LOL - Laugh Out Loud : ^ Same same ^

    NGL - Not Gonna Lie : This is probably a preparation for a complete lie

    NP - No Problem : Used to express confirmation of or compliance with a request ; Used to acknowledge an expression of gratitude ; You can count on me

    NPC - Non-Playable Character : Any character in a game that is not controlled by a player like shops sellers

    OMG - Oh My God : Used to emphasize how surprised, angry, shocked, etc. you are

    OP - Overpowered :
    Account or item reinforced above average

    OTW - On The Way : Used mainly when a destination is set and you report that you are on your way

    PC or P/C - Price Check : Can appear before a transaction of an item or a service, the action is behind the scenes through guides or online

    Pls / Plz / Plox - Please : Try not to get into this kind of indulgence

    R> - Recruiting for : Refers to recruiting characters for PQ, guild or tasks. The suggestion will usually come from the leader

    Rekt - Wrecked : To get owned ; Very badly damaged ; got beaten or embarrassed by someone else

    RIP - Rest In Peace : No longer with us

    RL - Real life : Introduction to a question or answer about who we are in real life

    ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing : :laugh::laugh::laugh:

    S> - Selling : When you want to sell a specific or general item and also when you want to sell a service in the game

    SS - Screenshot : An image that shows the contents of a computer display, can be taken anytime.

    T> - Trading : Most often refers to item replacement or service replacement like Fame, can also include money

    Tbh - To Be Honest : Don't trust the things said !

    TL;DR - Too long; didn’t read : Do you really expect me to read all this ? Bring me the shortened version

    TTYL - Talk to you later :
    A friendly farewell, with hope but no promise that you will indeed speak later

    TY / THX / Tnx - Thank you : You're welcome :D

    W/e - Whatever : A disparaging reference to what has been said or done

    WB - Welcome back : Social greetings when entering the game or returning from AFK mode

    WBU - What about you : You got an answer now it's my turn to get an answer

    WC or W/C - Wrong chat : I made a mistake in the conversation group, don't pay attention to what's been said, wasn't intended for you

    BM - Bow Master : Fourth job advancement of an Archer

    Bucc - Buccaneer : Fourth job advancement of a Pirate (Pirate > Brawler > Marauder)

    CB - Chief Bandit : Third job advancement of a Thief

    DK - Dragon Knight : Third job advancement of a Warrior

    Dit - Bandit : Second job advancement of a Thief

    DrK - Dark Knight : Fourth job advancement of a Warrior (Swordman > Spearman > Berserker)

    F/P - Fire / Poison Arch Mage : Second to fourth job advancement of a Mage

    GS - Gunslinger : Second job advancement of a Pirate

    I/L - Ice / Lightning Arch Mage : Second to fourth job advancement of a Mage

    MM - Marksman : Fourth job advancement of an Archer (Archer > Crossbowman > Sniper)

    NL - Night Lord : Fourth job advancement of a Thief (Thief > Assassin > Hermit)

    Pally - Paladin : Fourth job advancement of a Warrior (Swordman > Page > White Knight)

    Sader - Crusader : Third job advancement of a Warrior (Swordman > Fighter)

    Sair - Corsair : Fourth job advancement of a Pirate (Pirate > Gunslinger > Outlaw)

    Shad - Shadower : Fourth job advancement of a Thief (Thief > Bandit > Chief Bandit)

    Sin - Assassin : Second job advancement of a Thief

    WK - White Knight : Third job advancement of a Warrior (Swordman > Page)

    AE - Arrow Eruption

    B-step - Boomerang Step : Shadower - Attacks monster twice at an incredible speed with a success rate for the monsters to be stunned - Master level 30

    Bliz - Blizzard : Arch Mage (Ice/Lightning) - Summons spears of ice from the sky, showering up to 15 monsters at one time with a nasty blizzard. Incurs tremedous ice-based damages to the attacked - Master level 30

    BoT - Band of Thieves : Chief Bandit - Summons fellow bandits to attack a few monsters around the area. Can attack up to 6 - Master level 30

    Bombing - Bossing or training Using Meso Explosion : Chief Bandit - Explodes the mesos dropped on the ground around you to attack monsters. The mesos from the monsters killed by someone else will not be able to be used for this - Master level 30

    DS - Dark Sight : Rogue - Use MP to hide behind the shadows. While hiding, the enemy won't attack, but you can't attack back either. All movements other than attacking are available. It's temporary, so after a while, you'll be back to normal - Master level 20

    Echo/EoH - Echo of Hero : Admin - Increase weapon attack and magic attack on all players around. Terms between skills: 2 hours

    FA - Fire Arrow : Wizard (Fire/Poison) - Creates a magical fiery arrow that can be used against multiple enemies. Deals extra damage to ice enemies - Master level 30

    FA - Final Attack

    FD - Fire Demon

    FJ - Flash Jump

    Gen or Gene - Genesis

    HB - Hyper Body

    HH - Heavens Hammer

    HS - Holy Symbol / Holy Shield

    IA - Iron Arrow

    IW - Iron Will

    L7 - Lucky Seven

    ME - Meso explosion

    Meteo - Meteor Shower

    MG - Magic Guard / Meso Guard

    MW - Maple Warrior

    Nate - Assassinate

    Para - Paralyze

    PB - Poison Brace

    PG - Power Guard

    Ress - Resurrection

    SE - Sharp Eyes

    SHSH - Shadow Shifter

    SHST - Shadow Stars

    SI - Speed Infusion

    SS - Smokescreen

    Stance - Power Stance

    TT - Triple Throw

    Tele - Teleport

    CwK - Crimson wood Keep

    FM - Free Market

    FoG - Forest of Golem

    GS2 - Ghost Ship 2

    HHG - Henesys Hunting Ground

    Hene - Henesys

    KC - Kerning City

    KFT - Korean Folk Town

    Lith - Lith Harbour

    Ludi - Ludibrium

    MP3 - Mysterious Path 3

    NLC - New Leaf City

    OB2/OB4 - Road to Oblivion 2/Road to Oblivion 4

    ToT - Temple of Time

    Vic - Victoria Island

    APQ - Amoria Party Quest

    BPQ - Boss Party Quest (an Event Quest)

    C - Clear (Used for 2nd stage of LPQ)

    GPQ - Guild Party Quest

    HTPQ - Horntail Party Quest

    JQ - Jump Quest (Also during an Event)

    KPQ - Kerning Party Quest

    LMPQ - Ludibrium Maze Party Quest

    LPQ - Ludibrium Party Quest

    Ldr - Leader

    OPQ - Orbis Party Quest

    PPQ - Pirate Party Quest

    PQ - Party Quest

    PT - Party

    ZPQ - Zakum Party Quest

    ACP - All Cure Potions

    BCO - Black Crystal Ores

    BWG - Blue / Brown Work Gloves

    C. Ilbi - Crystal Ilbis

    CS - Chaos Scroll 60%

    CSS - Clean Slate Scroll

    Egg - Nine Spirits Egg

    GFA - Gloves for attack (scroll)

    GFMA - Gloves for magic attack (scroll)

    HS / Stoppers - Heartstoppers

    HTP - Horn tail pendant

    PAC - Pink Adventurer Cape

    PGC - Pink Gaia Cape

    PuAC - Purple Adventurer Cape

    PuGC - Purple Gaia Cape

    PWG - Purple Work Gloves

    SS - Snowshoes

    WG - Work Gloves

    WS - White Scroll

    YAC - Yellow Adventurer Cape

    YWG - Yellow Work Gloves

    Zhelm - Zakum Helmet

    DTs - Death Teddies

    BF - Bigfoot

    BMM - Blue mushmom

    Crog - Crimson Balrog

    EWs - Elder Wraiths

    HH - Headless Horseman

    Himes - Dreamy Ghosts

    HT - Horntail

    MDTs - Master Death Teddies

    MM - Mushmom

    Nouch - Lilynouch

    NS - Nightshadows

    Pap - Papulatus

    Petris - Petrifighters

    Rog - Balrog

    STDs - Straw Target Dummies

    Skeles - Skelegons / Skelesauruses

    Wr - Windraiders

    Ws - Wolf Spiders

    ZMM - Zombie mushmom

    Zak - Zakum

    Zrun - Zakum Run

    Aggro - To aggravate/catch a monsters attention (and have it focus on you)

    AP - Ability Points

    BL - Buddy List

    Boomed - To have an equip explode from a dark scrolls failure rate.

    Buff - Status Boosts

    CC - Change channels

    CC Pls / CC Plz / CC Plox - Change channels please

    CD - Cool down

    CFA - Claw for attack

    CS - Cash Shop

    Debuff - Status impairment like slow, stun (from bosses like Zakum, Papulatus, etc.)

    Dispel - Specific debuff that will take away your buffs

    Dex - Dexterity

    Drop - An equip or item "dropped" from a monster/boss

    Egging - Using a Dragon Stone on a HT pendant

    EMS - Europe Maplestory

    F1 / F2 / F3 / F4 / F5 / F6 / F7 - Reference to maple emoticons (as seen on the hotkeys)

    Fame / Defame - A stat that every player has, only able to be increased/decreased by other players (once per day)

    GFX - Known as graphics. It is lowered by players (specifically in boss runs) to fix their sprites, stop DCing from occuring, or just stopping in game lag.

    GM - Game Master

    GMS - Global Maplestory

    Henehoe - A player that primarily hangs out in Henesys

    Int - Intelligence

    KB - Knockback

    KBed - To get knockbacked

    KS - Kill Steal

    Leech - The action of doing nothing/AFKing while letting a different party member attack and kill other monsters in the map so you can obtain some EXP. Mostly sold by bishops.

    Luk - Luck

    Lure - Pulling a monster/boss to and from a specific part of the map by taking advantage of the aggro

    M. Att / M. Def - Magic Attack / Magic Defense

    MSEA - Maplestory South East Asia

    Mil - Million (mesos)

    NPCing - To sell useless items to a NPC store for extra mesos.

    NX - NX cash

    Pots - Potions

    Ppl2pass - A term used when a player wants to or levels up very fast and "passes" other players on the rankings.

    RNG - Random number generator. Used for drop rates, gachapon prizes, exchange quests, etc.

    Sed / Sed Mule - A status effect named seduce casted by both HT and Pink Bean. It is often combated with players considered as seduce mules, so as to support more important roles.

    Self leech - Having a bishop and leeching your own low leveled character on higher level monsters by using two separate computers for each account.

    SMEGA - Super megaphones

    SP - Skill Points

    Str - Strength

    TMA - Total Magic Attack

    Track - The command "/find [IGN]" arguably also notorious for being used on PQers inside of a PQ and stealing their channel right as they are exiting.

    Wash - HP / Int Washing

    W. Att / W. Def - Weapon Attack / Weapon Defense
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  2. Soblet

    Soblet Zakum

    Sep 14, 2015
    11:52 AM
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  3. OP

    gazela Mano

    Jul 9, 2021
    12:52 PM
    F/P Mage
    Thank you very much. I searched for this link without success. Now I can refer there from my 'beginner guide' :)
    By the way, maybe you know how I delete unused Thread ?

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