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Guide for Windows GR2D Dual Monitor Solution

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Clairevoyant, Feb 29, 2020.

  1. Clairevoyant

    Clairevoyant Snail

    Feb 28, 2020
    1:28 AM
    Hi, all! This is my first time posting in a legit forum ever, so it's gonna be a train wreck.
    So, without further ado:

    Please note this works best with Windows 10, and that Windows 7 and 8 will probably have the same solution, just look differently.

    First up, let's try running that CRU thing again:


    You've probably seen this screen before. This app is suggested all over the Maplelegends guides to solve the GR2D problem, but some people see limited success with it.


    The idea is that you enable all of the 800x600 resolution options and delete all of the extensions. This often works at the price of losing your monitor's ability to output sound.
    Not optimal, but there's a work-around if you're using a dual-screen setup.


    Click here to pull the monitor select drop down, like this:


    Now, it's important to note you won't be seeing exactly what I'm seeing here, so I'll try to explain the logic behind what I'm suggesting.

    The main thing we want to look at are the options that say "(active)."

    DELD08E - DELL SE2417HG (active)
    PHL0825 - Phillips 230W5 (active)

    These are the two we care about; for the rest of the guide, ignore the other two entirely.
    My first monitor, the Dell one, is my main monitor hooked up to my graphics card via HDMI cable. I can enable the 800x600 options and delete the extensions, and Maplelegends will run every time without fail (minus crashing). Problem being, again, my monitor loses the ability to process sound.

    That's not great, as the speakers hooked up to my monitor also run my Switch, as the monitor receives sound input via its HDMI hook-ups, meaning that I'd have to switch my speaker to the back of my computer every time I want to play Maple, and switch it back every time I wanted to do something else.

    Other solution includes running the reset app that came with CRU and then running the restart function, restarting your computer every time you want to do something else, and then going back in, enabling 800x600 stuff, deleting the extensions, and restarting whenever you want to play Maple again.

    Every. Time. Also not great.

    No, but we can do much, MUCH better.

    Please note in this example, I have the Phillips monitor selected in that drop down instead of the Dell one.


    If you have two monitors hooked up to your computer and your speakers hooked up to only one of them, you can set up the OTHER monitor to run Maplelegends as suggested above, enabling 800x600 stuff and clearing extensions, and then open up your display settings.


    Right clicking the desktop works,


    but searching "display settings" in the start or run menu works just as well, though.

    Okay! Time for the magic.

    You should see something like this (Windows 10), let's scroll down:


    You might not believe it, but the solution is simply to use CRU to set your secondary monitor up to run Maplelegends, at the cost of almost everything else, and then just set that monitor as your main display.

    You can select your secondary monitor by clicking the 2 box there, and then scrolling down and check: "Make this my main display."

    Because your primary monitor is still considered primary by your graphics card, your sound should continue to process through the main one. However, everything you launch will attempt to do so through the primary display set software side, meaning whichever monitor you have selected via the process portrayed above.

    So, NOW, you have sound, don't have to move anything around, and simply need to switch primary displays whenever you want to run Maple vs anything else (assuming you can't just keep the secondary monitor as your primary display, for some reason). No restart, no plugging/unplugging cables, no hassle. Just a few clicks and launch Maplelegends.

    Hopefully, this guide helps, but I'm out of room to attach files and therefore, can't use more visuals to further illustrate my point.

    And finally, the formatting here is atrocious, so if someone wants to recreate this thread in a nicer, more legible manner, be my guest.
    Just, like, link me or something, if that even matters.

    Happy Mapling!

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