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Grinding Efficiently, or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Force Spawns

Discussion in 'Training' started by SinfulB, Feb 23, 2023.

  1. SinfulB

    SinfulB Blue Snail

    Jul 6, 2020
    5:48 PM
    Have you even been saddled with a quest to grind out hundreds of mobs, just to clear them from your chosen map on every channel and more refuse to spawn? Me too, it blows. Even if you wait half an hour, they're not coming back...but we can fix it! I've spent a frankly stupid amount of time doing tests, and now I'm going to share my knowledge with you.

    From what I've gathered, each map has a cap on how many mobs can spawn. It doesn't matter if the map contains spawns for six mobs or just one, you have a hard limit. Whether each map has it's own limit, I can't rightly say. However, this can lead to situations wherein you've murdered all of a specific mob and due to the normal spawning methods, more are prevented from spawning.

    Here I am in Malaysia's Muddy Banks 1 map. The middle platform ONLY spawns Dark Fissions, and unfortunately, I'd killed them all. However, you CAN see that the above platform is chock full of Oly Olys.

    Hopping down the platform is a little bleak too.

    However, after clearing out the other platforms, nature starts healing and the middle platform is back to being near full.

    It seems that unless there's no other space, the game prefers to spawn enemies away from you. You're gonna wanna move around as you go, eliminating groups of mobs whether they're what you need to kill or not. On linear maps (Orbis/Ludi Towers, Ellinia Tree Dungeons) it's pretty straight forward, just requiring you to go up and down.

    On wider maps (Pig Farm, Path of Time, Aqua Road) it's I'd recommend to go in a circular manner, making sure you're not missing any platforms. Even if you do, one or two aren't gonna ruin the grind, provided the map you're on is large enough.

    On extra large maps (most of Ant Tunnel) you really needn't worry about it. The spawns are so numerous, so varied, and the cap is so high that a ton of enemies on the lower levels don't seem to prevent more from spawning on the top ones.

    So yeah, if you ever end up surrounded by mobs you don't need. I, personally, had this issue with Poison Poopas in Aqua Road, somehow leading to 2 maps across 8 channels being utterly devoid of fish. Damned seals took their spawns.

    If I figure out anymore quirks of the engine, I'll update the thread, but that's all I have for now. Happy grinding!
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