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Guide to Fame Mules/Leveling to 20 in under an hour

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Shivering, Sep 15, 2020 at 11:40 PM.

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  1. Shivering

    Shivering Master Chronos

    Mar 9, 2018
    3:33 PM
    I/L Arch Mage
    Decided to put this in a separate guide as it almost doubled the length of the meso making guide.

    • Time Investment: 8~12 minutes per mule made in batches of 5 to abuse party mechanics (should take 40-55 minutes per 5 mules for 1-15) + however long it takes you to do the pre-work.
    • Sale price: 100-150K per fame.
    • Best way to find buyers for fames is to look at rankings and ./find everyone in the top 50 and ask them if they want to buy fames. You can develop a good 15-20 clients per month if you're selling for 100k per fame. Fame resets once every 30 days so make sure you keep track of the day/time you fame someone.

    1. Make new accounts for however many fame mules you want divided by 3 (If you want 100, you would make 34 accounts). I highly recommend for you to create generic usernames like xxxx1, xxxx2, xxxx3 and use the same password for all of these accounts. I will explain why further down.
    2. Make 2 mules on separate accounts and level them to level 10 and farm 3*# of chars tree branches, 1*# of chars slimes, and 1*# of chars mush caps. You can ask islanders to help you out; that's normally how I collect these items. The reason you need to get these mules to level 10 is because you cannot create a party until you hit level 10. Once you get to 10, park these mules on these 2 maps: Rainbow Street: The Field East of Amherst next to Mai and Maple Road: The Field West of Southperry next to Bari. Next buy # of chars you're going to make *1 Henesys return scrolls on your attacker and move them to the NPC that lets you into Henesys PQ.
    Making Fame Mules
    1. You want to do this 5 at a time with 6 clients up (preferably on 2 separate computers with a 3/2 split but 1 computer is fine too). The 6th client you'll be rotating between the 2 mules you made and your attacker who is now at HPQ.
    2. The 6th client should be on the mule parked next to Mai. Create party on this guy and add the other 5 mules. Make sure you are on the same channel.
    3. Walk through Maple Tutorial (skip all quests).
    4. Quick Tip: NPC Chat is bound to spacebar; make sure you use this to talk to NPCs to avoid using your mouse as much as possible. You can use enter to browse through most screens, the up and down arrow to browse through answer choices, and Y and N to accept or decline a quest when asked to do so (you can not press enter on this screen or quests will not be accepted).
    5. Talk to Robin once you are out of the tutorial and complete his 3 question quiz to hit level 2. Technically this quest isn't necessary for you to hit level 10, but I recommend doing it because it allows you to hit level 4 when you get Maria's quest to deliver a letter and allows you to have max nimble feet before you do the majority of your walking. Put a point in nimble feet and bound this to your keyboard on each of your fame mules. You want to use this skill and rotate between each client while it's on cooldown (this is most efficient once you max it where it lasts for 12 seconds and has a CD of 60 seconds).
    6. Talk to Sam and accept his quest to kill 10 snails. Move all fame mules to Snail Hunting Ground 3. Use 1 mule to kill 10 snails and since you are all in a party the quest will complete for all 5 characters. You will hit level 3 while doing this as long as all mules are on the same map.
    7. Once you kill 10 snails, move on to the next map, which is Maple Road: A Split Road and talk to Maria. You will now be level 4 and have max Nimble Feet which is important. Get the quest for Lucas' letter.
    8. Walk to Lucas; he is 2 portals to the right and deliver the letter. Remember to rotate between clients while Nimble Feet is on CD. Lucas will ask you to go back to Maria. If you CC after talking to Lucas you will appear next to the portal so do this. Go through the portal and CC again to appear on the left side of the map. Go through this portal again and CC one last night time and you will appear right next to Maria.
    9. Talk to Maria to receive your gangsta dana. Walk back to Lucas and accept the Mai's Introduction quest (other quest doesn't matter we won't be doing it).
    10. After speaking to Lucas walk right and you'll appear next to Mai and your level 10 mule you created. Drop 3 tree branches x 5, 1 slime x 5, and 1 mush cap x 5 and pick it up on each of your mules.
    11. Accept each of Mai's quest and keep your fame mules next to Mai as you use your attacker to kill the mobs. There are 4 quests in the following order: Kill 5 stumps, Kill 5 Red Snails, Kill 3 Slimes, Kill 2 Pigs. When you finish these quests you will be level 7. Leave party on your islander mule and log off and log into the mule you have next to Bari.
    12. Once you finish these quests go left and return to Lucas to receive his recommendation letter (this is important because you don't have mesos to pay to go to Victoria Island). Use the CC trick again to travel to the Split Road Map. Once you are on this map do not CC, but simply jump down and go through the portal towards Southperry.
    13. Create party on mule you have at Bari and add your 5 fame mules. Get the quest from Bari that asks for you to kill 1 mushroom and give him 1 mushroom cap. You already have the mush cap from earlier as you dropped it for your mules along with the tree branches and slimes. Use your islander mule to kill 1 mushroom on the map and complete the quest on each of your fame mules. You will hit level 8. Log off islander, log into attacker at HPQ and go to FM.
    14. Next travel 1 map right to Southperry and at the top of the map talk to Bigg's and get the Story on Victoria Island quest. Next talk to Shanks and leave Maple Island.
    15. You will spawn on a boat in lith harbor. Walk left and jump down you will see a portal. Press up and walk a bit right and you will see Olaf. You need to do the quests in the following order in order to hit 15 with only 5 HPQ's; if you do it in the wrong order you'll have to waste 3 minutes doing a 6th HPQ (this is assuming there's no event exp bonus going on). Do the job quiz first. This will get you to level 9. Next turn in Bigg's story on vic island and you will hit level 10.Get the path of a bowman quest. Go to FM.
    16. Drop trade 5x Henesys return town scrolls to each of your fame mules. Exit FM and use the scrolls. Walk to the HPQ area. Party these mules on your attacker.
    17. Each HPQ should take between 2:30 and 3:30 (I've only done this on a mage with access to teleport and using a fast weapon so YMMV on other classes). Read a guide on how to do HPQ; all plants always spit out the same colored seeds and the placement for seeds is fixed so after 1-2 PQ's you should have everything memorized. It will take 5 HPQ's and you will end up close to 15. Go to Athena to turn in the path of a bowman quest and you should be level 15 if you have not already hit it (during an event you can skip this part as the XP bonus will get you to 15).
    18. Random Tip to level to 20 quickly (not relevant to making fame mules): Do HPQ to 16. Go to Amoria and use an NLC return scroll and do the NLC quiz with the mayor. This should get you to 18. Go back to Kerning and talk to Spinel to go to Thailand. There's 2 fixing roofs quests; one requires 10 screws and the other requires 50 tree branches and 50 firewood; when I know I'm going to be leveling mules I'll usually just smega and purchase these items from other maplers for fairly cheap. Do both of these and congrats you did 16-20 in <5 minutes.
    • Don't be disappointed if you can't get the 40-55 minute time frame I talked about earlier on your first 1-3 tries. There's a learning curve to it and you will get the hang of it once you do it a few times.
    Actually providing the fame service quickly.

    If it takes you longer than 8 minutes per 100 fame you are doing something wrong. When you fame someone you want to do it with 2 clients open and stacked directly on top of each other. You should use alt+tab to rotate between each client during black screens such as login. Also this is where the xxx1, xxx2 comes into play.
    1. If you enable the save username feature, when you log out of an account all you have to do is hit shift + tab and backspace the number digit and add 2 to it (because you have 2 clients open) once you're done using faming on the 3 mules per account. Then hit tab and paste your password in (since it's the same on all accounts).
    2. Hit enter for the channel menu to open and double click channel 8. When FM isn't in event you want to pick channel 8 and have whoever you are faming stand between the up arrow and fm 1 (during this summer event the magic spot is channel 7 and under the maple board thing). This is so you don't have to move your mouse at all. Use arrow key to navigate left or right on character selection and hit enter to log in on that specific mule. You should only use your mouse to do 3 things and you should never be moving it: to double click the channel you want, to double click the character you are faming, and to click the up arrow to fame someone.
    3. Double click the character you are faming and line up the up arrow to increase someone's fame with where your mouse was when you clicked channel 8 during login. Now this window will open in this exact spot every time you double click someone.
    4. Log out and repeat.
    Also going to go ahead and apologize for formatting because I have no idea how forums work.
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