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Help with HP Wash

Discussion in 'Help & Advice' started by JartNow, Sep 25, 2022.

  1. JartNow

    JartNow Snail

    Sep 21, 2022
    5:34 PM
    Hello everyone, i recently discovered this server and i want to start my adventure with a classic bishop so i can help my mains in the future.

    The thing is that i have been reading about hp wash and i already have an idea about it but i don't know exactly when should start doing it, like what lvl or job, when should i stop and what equipment do i need.

    I don't have any mesos so i can't buy expensive equipment yet, what do you recommend? I should leave the hp wash for later, like when?
  2. HimeHam

    HimeHam Pac Pinky

    Mar 22, 2020
    4:34 PM
    What I would recommend is you think about what characters you want to make down the road, and you start voting on those accounts daily. The biggest hurdle for new players to start HP washing is having a mage to self leech / fund the mains and having enough NX to wash out and make your character playable.

    The standard HP goal for a ranged attacker is 12k-13k HP, and this can be achieved with 120-160 base int and MP washing after ~lvl70. I recommend you try out some of the washing calculators the community has made. (I personally use Pelinsu's). Warriors will have a much easier time washing and can reach max hp while still having enough dmg to train by themselves. ~40 base int and MP washing is likely enough for them to reach 30k. The hardest to reach an endgame HP goal is probably Buccaneer. If you have plans to make one I would suggest doing a lot of research before you even start, and I would try to gain a pretty good understanding on how washing is done beforehand. Again washing calculators are incredibly helpful.

    Another important thing is to leave your Bishop and all future mages on their own accounts. The whole point of making a Bishop first is so that you can leech your high base int characters who cannot train efficiently by themselves.

    As for washing on your bishop I wouldn't worry about it until lvl 90 for a new player. Make sure every AP you get goes into INT, as there are very few reasons to make a LUK mage on this server. At lvl 90 I would recommend researching MP washing and doing it every time you lvl up until you have 30k MP. Do note that it will cost a LOT of NX so the sooner you start voting daily the better. Magic guard is strong enough to keep Bishops alive in bosses so the only reason you'd want to HP wash on a Bishop would be to survive Dispels if you aren't paying attention, or rare cases at endgame bosses. 30k MP is recommended because potion costs can be crazy without it.

    In the current meta of the server INT gears are pretty overrated. People go for such high HP goals now that MP washing has become king. INT gears only affect the amount of MP you gain on lvl up, but MP washing is entirely reliant on base INT. Depending on your HP goal you might need to vote for a long time. 13k HP on a ranged attacker can be achieved in under a year of voting iirc, but going for goals higher than that will take a long time. My recommendation is to take the game slowly, there's plenty to do before 4th job, and I think it's best for new players to enjoy it, since it's very common for mage players to level faster than they can afford to NX wise.
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