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Henesys PQ Guide

Discussion in '(Party) Quests' started by Shendizz, May 14, 2015.

  1. Shendizz

    Shendizz Orange Mushroom

    Dec 30, 2014
    7:44 PM
    Henesys PQ Guide
    by Shendizz


    Hello there! Welcome to my Henesys PQ Guide, and I hope that you'll find this useful. SlimeLaugh

    Henesys PQ is the first ever PQ that you can participate in, and it is the easiest as well. It has a time limit of 10 minutes, and gives a solid chunk of ~3500 XP. HPQ is the fastest way to get from Level 10 to the early 20s.

    Starting the PQ
    Head over to Henesys Park, which is where the PQ NPC (Tory) will be located. After forming a party, have your party leader talk to him. Make sure your party meets the following requirements:
    • At least 3 people
    • All members have to be levels 10+ (There's no level cap!)

    Stage 1: Collecting the Seeds
    You'll be teleported into this place known as Primrose Hill, and your first task is to whack the brown plants at the bottom to obtain the different colored seeds. Here are each of the seeds.

    [​IMG] - Blue Primrose Seed
    [​IMG]- Green Primrose Seed
    [​IMG]- Yellow Primrose Seed
    [​IMG]- Purple Primrose Seed
    [​IMG]- Brown Primrose Seed
    [​IMG]- Pink Primrose Seed

    Thereafter, drop the seeds on the different platforms above. Each platform corresponds to a different colored seed, and dropping it correctly will result in a flower sprouting out.

    Contrary to popular belief;
    Each plant drops a specific seed color!!! THEY ARE NOT RANDOM!!!!!!

    Here is the information:


    And this is where the seeds go:


    After all 6 seeds are placed correctly, Moon Bunny will be summoned.

    Stage 2: Collecting 10 Rice Cakes

    Moon Bunny will spawn at the center of the map, and your task is to defend Moon Bunny from the oncoming onslaught of monsters. Moon Bunny will also make Moon Bunny Rice Cake [​IMG], and the primary goal of the PQ is to get 10 Rice Cakes. When the monsters attack Moon Bunny, it weakens its health and slows down the rate of Rice Cake production.
    If the Moon Bunny's health reaches 0, you fail the PQ. (though that never happens)

    Most people attack the monsters the traditional way, but if your party is low-leveled, I propose the luring method.

    Luring is to aggro the monsters but not kill them. This can be done by using a weak attack, and drawing the monsters to a far away land. This will also allow the Moon Bunny to produce Rice Cakes at an astronomical rate, since no mobs are attacking it (and no new mobs will spawn as well).

    It is key that a member (i.e party leader for convenience sake) be near the Moon Bunny, since it can be quite hard to aggro all the monsters. You don't want your poor Moon Buddy to suffer in silence, right?

    The good thing about this is that it saves lots of time if performed correctly. Personally, my fastest run was under 3 minutes. 3.5k XP every 3-4 minutes is a crazy pace.


    After 10 Rice Cakes are obtained, the party leader would collect it, present to the tiger NPC, and you complete the PQ.

    The rewards for the PQ are different from the traditional PQ, where you complete PQ x number of times to get a certain reward.

    Instead, to get the reward for this PQ, you have to present an additional 20 Rice Cakes, which means that you have to stay back after the 10th Rice Cake to collect some more Rice Cakes. You do not have to present 20 Rice Cakes at once. You can present it over any number of PQs, until the total reaches 20.

    After you submit the 10 Rice Cakes, you get teleported to this in-between map where you see this brown bunny human NPC and Tory. You submit the Rice Cakes to him.

    *NOTE: You cannot drop the Rice Cakes in the in-between map, so any Rice Cakes you want to submit has to be collected in the actual PQ map. You can still drop Rice Cakes in the PQ map, so if you want to give the Rice Cakes to someone else, it has to be done in the PQ map.

    After giving 20 Moon Bunny Rice Cake, you get this nifty little thing :3

    It gives a bunch of WDef for a low level person. Besides, the bun looks really cool on anyone's head :)

    @Jaikor@Jaikor for allowing me to use his "Where Seeds Go" diagram
    Moon Bunny picture obtained from http://strategywiki.org/wiki/MapleStory/Moon_Bunny
    Different seeds, Moon Bunny Rice Cake sprites obtained from http://bbb.hidden-street.net/party-quest/henesys


    Last edit: 5/9/17 (removed lots of unnecessary information)
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2017
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  2. Bulba

    Bulba Skelegon Retired Staff

    Dec 11, 2014
    7:44 PM
    Pro-tip: For Rangers and Snipers, simply drop your Puppet far away to attract all the mobs for an easy time.

    Every now and then a new mob will spawn or an existing mob will stop being attracted to the puppet for some reason, simply cancel the puppet and re-summon it again.
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  3. Jafel

    Jafel Capt. Latanica

    May 3, 2015
    1:44 PM
    why is the bonus stage a waste of time tho
  4. bamdf

    bamdf Red Snail

    Jul 10, 2020
    2:44 PM
    if i remember it correctly nothing drop from the bonus

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