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Increase the number of channels during events

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by NecksonBad, Dec 24, 2020.

  1. Daydreamer

    Daydreamer Headless Horseman

    Jul 8, 2017
    5:40 AM
    I/L Arch Mage
    Ant Tunnels has way lower spawn then what I remember on GMS, and come to think of it, the XP rate has always been awful for the higher level mobs there. I think I remember somebody saying that the XP rate suddenly drops off around early 3rd job for a lot of mobs from early versions of the game. You know shit is real bad when the only people down there are hunting area bosses and doing quests. The exception of course is Evil Eyes, which are great.

    The entirety of El Nath is fairly underutilized too, as is most of the lower level parts of Aquarium (though tbf, that's in part because of content saturation at low levels). I remember training my Cleric on Zombies back in the day there, but I don't think anybody does that anymore? That might be a nice alternative to the ever-crowded GS2.

    I tried grinding in Leafre in late 3rd job and early 4th job since the ice-weak mobs there make it _in theory_ a good spot for an I/L to train. Sadly, it was just not happening. The maps are way too big and often have only a half dozen mobs in them. So maybe have a look at those, especially Kents and Wyverns.

    Earlier on Discord there was a convo about how bad Magatia is. Ariant is a pretty good questing location at lower levels, but Magatia has absolutely nothing going for it. EXP is bad and drops are somehow worse. I don't know if this will ever really be a viable spot without a ton of changes.

    Something fun to look at is old guides from pre-BB. People were training at all kinds of weird spots back in the day. A guide from 2009 on Hidden-Street recommends Clerics go from Zombie Lupins to Soul Teddies or training in a party on Wild Kargos, for example.
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  2. cypepsi

    cypepsi Slime

    Oct 31, 2020
    2:40 PM
    I'd really enjoy the Idea of have Mini-dungeons on Overcrowded Map.
    It would let some Space for Leechsellers also for People who wanna Farm there alone.
    So Reg. Maps would be filled with Partys and with Leechers.
    (i just farmed a day as a 4 Man Party in GS2 whit solid exp :D)

    A Friend of me told me "Dont go GS its Toxic" - First day i was there i got a Report for Verbal (Yeah i lost my Map due i had to Repot my Lowlevel Cleric and was kinda Mad - no excuse)
    Second day kinda the opposite happend to me and i got a Channel from one kinda the same way. (While he claimed he DC'd and was Mad AF)

    So this is a Fact wich definitly decreases the "Fun" at grinding at overcrowded places sightly.
    So i went for a hella Time to Zombies. And if you compare now the Respawn Rate (if you do a perfect Rotation in DM2) you wont get close to GS. So when you aim for farming Eventdrops (NX,Presents,Paper) you wanna make it as quick as possible due its limited and will End up in GS again. (Low Level Cleric/Priest issues :D)

    Greetz ~
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  3. RegalStar

    RegalStar Nightshadow

    Sep 23, 2019
    8:40 AM
    Ant tunnel 1 used to be packed back in the GMS beta when all we had was second job, victoria island and florina island. Nowadays the terrain is too awkward and Ariant basically completely outclasses it.

    Zombies had very different map layout in the earliest days - back then they were very small maps with no aerial platform, so they're compact and easy to train in and were basically the most sought after maps in the game (kind of like GS2 in ML, except they're actually good maps). Nowadays they're a lot larger, spawns are a lot more sparse, there's a high-off-the-ground aerial plat, all of which screws up their viability greatly.

    I don't think those maps were really ever in vogue (though I remember training in red kents on Evan at about 60s back when it was first released).

    C-1 is a fantastic map to train in for people in level range. It's just that most people in that level range have all base stats in INT and the few that don't would rather do PQs or crowd one of the GS maps for no reason. It also doesn't help that Magatia is kind of like in the middle of nowhere as far as traffic is concerned; it doesn't connect to any other place, and while C-1 is great it isn't so great that it overpowers other options in its level range like straw target dummies and forest of golems, all of which are located in more convenient to access locations.
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  4. Daydreamer

    Daydreamer Headless Horseman

    Jul 8, 2017
    5:40 AM
    I/L Arch Mage
    Ant Tunnel 1 was packed even after beta for sure. The comment on Zombies is interesting though-- I did not know that the map layout changed! Maybe an earlier version could be restored?
  5. yurain

    yurain Windraider

    Dec 30, 2019
    8:40 PM
    I/L Wizard
    Seems like a lot of the maps are crowded because of leeching (or like 7f/himes grinding?), since they will be like taking the map for like hours everytime.
    It is just that those leeching map has high spawn, which leads to faster paper collection thus funneling everyone into those leeching map even those who don't leech.

    I don't think purely event pumpkim/paper hunting itself is really that much of a problem for a map. It is like a 20-30mins job mostly (or even shorter).
    Just ask the mapowner to whisper you, after they are done, it really wont take too much longer than a toilet/water break.

    I am suggesting wrt to the event crowd only while leveraging on the present npc concept we having.
    I think we can make the paper drop from weekly random mob (pre selected random, pegged to level range?) while reducing the number of papers needed significantly.
    This will then prevent the paper hunters funneling into those leech map, and also added benefits of exploring new maps.
  6. Voxtagrams

    Voxtagrams Headless Horseman

    Jun 13, 2020
    5:40 AM
    I would say just add in extra channels, period.

    Not just for events, just in general.
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