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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Perceval, Sep 19, 2023.

do you recognize any of the **** items?

  1. yes

  2. no

  3. some but not all

  4. only a few

  1. Perceval

    Perceval Snail

    Sep 19, 2023
    2:44 AM
    I would like to suggest adding in stormcaster gloves or other itcg items into the game. I understand the problem of power creeping and the reasoning behind putting the item such as Facestompers to require lv 150 to equip so current footwears wont be obsolete. My suggestions are
    1. same treatment as FaceStompers
    2. lower the clean stat values
    3. gate it behind a content that needs some love/ lackluster rewards
    4. Make it untradeable
    My suggestion would be to combine 2~4.make it a CWKPQ reward drop or gpq drops, make it also untradeable, and also lower the max clean stat to be 4(1-4) att 5 slots (up to the ML team) while raising the lv cap to 110, same as MoN. BFC also drops from cwkpq and we dont see it power creeping capes... AT ALL aside from certain people who appreciates the HP bonus from it. That was just for storm caster gloves, but also items like ****stirgeman pants, black phoenix shield, neva, tiger's tooth, glimmerman weapons, bosshunter armor equips, and crystal ilbis*** all have a firm place in our nostalgic memories. These items aside from scg never really powercrept anything or ended up as an endgame item. I think were missing out on a lot of fans who would covet these nostalgic yet "swag" items to add to their collection. While an item like **Black Crystal Blade** can serve as another challenging to obtain yet balanced item they could use for niche warrior itemization (specifically 1 handed sword hero/pally).
    I think i can safely say that alot of players can and will recognize + enjoy these items added into the game. With proper balancing and consideration, I think these additions can provide a nostalgic crafting/gach experience with something new and exciting to show off their friends!
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