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Not a Bug Lvl 1 Holy Symbol Overriding GM Holy Symbol

Discussion in 'Report Bugs' started by kelper, Sep 13, 2023.

  1. kelper

    kelper Blue Snail

    Aug 10, 2023
    8:34 PM
    Description of the bug: (optional screenshot/video): My priest duo accidentally casted her lvl 1 hs while GM buffs were active and it replaced my GM hs.
    What is supposed to happen?: No buffs are supposed to override GM buffs, I think.
    Where did you find and/or notice this bug?: Himes map
    A step-by-step guide to re-producing this bug (optional):
    Extra information (optional): Priest who casted did not have GM buffs active, but my character did.
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  2. JKNS

    JKNS Selkie Jr.

    Sep 21, 2020
    7:34 PM
    Hero, Dark Knight, F/P Arch Mage, I/L Arch Mage, Bishop, Night Lord
    Not a bug, % buffs override all other % buffs regardless of level (this applies to HS, HB, and MW).

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