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Map & Mob changes: February 19, 2021

Discussion in 'Update Notes' started by Kimberly, Feb 19, 2021.

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  1. Kimberly

    Kimberly Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    3:28 AM
    Moderator Post

    This patch has a lot of map changes, as well as mob changes. I'll try to mention all of them in this post, but something may have been forgotten.

    Temple of Time

    The Temple of Time has been completely overhauled!

    - You can now select which part of Temple of Time you wish to go to once you've unlocked them:

    - Warp teleporters have been tweaked, made visible, and additional ones for the following maps:

    Past of the Verdure:
    Memory Lane 1
    Memory Lane 2
    Memory Lane 3
    Memory Lane 4
    Memory Lane 5

    The Frozen Past:
    Road of Regrets 1
    Road of Regrets 2
    Road of Regrets 3
    Road of Regrets 4
    Road of Regrets 5

    Burning Past:
    Road to Oblivion 1
    Road to Oblivion 2
    Road to Oblivion 3
    Road to Oblivion 4
    Road to Oblivion 5

    On top of that, the spawns have been increased. However, this is still in an experimental state, so changes may still occur.

    Crimsonwood Keep

    All the mobs of Crimsonwood Keep have been polished, overhauled, and improved. Thanks to SnoozeySnoozey for researching, polishing, and tweaking based on requests.

    Baby Typhon:
    -Fixed double hit frame
    -Slightly increased attack range
    -Added sound effects
    -Adjusted animation delays

    -Fixed double hit frame
    -Fixed "character hit" animation not displaying correctly
    -Slightly increased attack range
    -Adjusted animation delays

    -Fixed double hit frame
    -Fixed misaligned "character hit" animation
    -Slightly increased attack range
    -Adjusted animation delays

    -Fixed double hit frame
    -Removed invincibility frames during her move and stand animation
    -Fixed off-center projectile spawn point
    -Adjusted her attack's timing to better line up with the animation

    Firebrand (Transformed):
    -Fixed double hit frame
    -Fixed misaligned attack animation
    -Fixed misaligned "character hit" animation
    -Adjusted hitbox during attack animation
    -Adjusted animation delays

    -Fixed double hit frame
    -Slightly increased attack range
    -Adjusted animation delays

    -Fixed double hit frame
    -Slightly increased range on both attacks
    -Slightly adjusted attack timing
    -Adjusted animation delays

    Crimson Guardian:
    -Fixed double hit frame
    -Fixed misaligned "character hit" animations
    -Fixed flail attack sometimes inflicting touch damage
    -Increased range on both attacks to better match the animations
    -Adjusted animation delays

    -Fixed double hit frame (This should also fix attacks sometimes going through them)
    -Adjusted animation delays

    - Leprechaun can now attack!*
    Demonstration: Click here
    -Fixed not having MP, resulting in neither his attack nor skills being used
    -Fixed double hit frame
    -Fixed Laprechaun's meso sack dead animation

    *So this one is very interesting. Leprechaun has graphics for dead, skill, attack animations, and even the sound for all of those things. However, in all versions we are aware of Leprechaun has 0 MP, making them go completely unused. We've re-enabled the MP, making them now go used.

    Crimson & Phantom Trees:
    -Fixed double hit frame
    -Fixed overly delayed attack animations
    -Fixed "character hit" animation being an "effect" instead
    -Increased attack range significantly
    -You can now dodge their attack by jumping (They also cannot attack you on ropes now)
    -Now properly fades out on death
    -Adjusted animation delays

    -Fixed double hit frames
    -Fixed misaligned "character hit" animation
    -Removed invincibility frames during his attack animation and hit frames
    -Increased his attack's damage significantly (It does about 3k more damage now)*
    -You can now dodge his attack by jumping
    -Adjusted animation delays

    *Note that this is for his attacks and not his touch damage. Touch remains the same!

    Monster Dungeons

    Teased on Discord is the addition of Monster Dungeons. The purpose of adding these dungeons is to improve availability for popular maps, but not having to add completely new channels. Heck who knows someday we can remove even more of them!

    The following maps have received a Monster Dungeon for this patch:

    - Ghost Ship 1
    - Ghost Ship 2
    - Ulu Estate I
    - Ulu Estate II
    - Sutra Depository 5-6 F
    - Star Avenue South Section
    - Sophilia's Bedroom (Voodoos)

    Right now each dungeon can still be entered by 1 person/party on each channel. We are looking into whether we need to change this to how later versions did it, which was essentially unlimited. We are, however, aware that more map availability also causes more mesos generation, and we will observe things and see if we have to tweak things further to balance things out.

    All the new dungeons have a 1-hour timer. The timer has been made short on purpose to give everyone a chance to enter, as well as to encourage people to actually be there.

    Pink Bean (written by NiseNise)

    As we promised, we've continued to keep an eye on Pink Bean over the past month, and started asking ourselves the following questions:
    • Does Pink Bean feel "challenging", yet enjoyable?
    • Do the drops from Pink Bean feel like a "balanced", yet "desirable" upgrade?
    • What other impacts has Pink Bean had on our economy and other related items?
    Based on this, the staff team and balance team have collectively come to the following conclusions, which we've based our current round of changes on:
    1. Pink Bean is challenging with our previous round of statue changes, but still not "challenging" enough to be considered the final boss of MapleStory. However, making it far too challenging or DPM reliant would make Pink Bean tedious and unenjoyable.
    2. From how the players (and the market) have reacted, it seems like Timeless/Reverse weapons should be slightly modified in terms of its requirements, and its crafting recipes as well.
    Pink Bean Boss Battle (written by NiseNise)
    • Resting Pink Bean (the one present during the statue phase) will have its skill cooldown reduced by 50%
    On the original version of MapleStory, Pink Bean has access to 8 skills, with the number of skill effects doubled up (eg. two skills that result in other mobs' attacks being raised). However, due to client restrictions, Pink Bean has only had access to half of its arsenal. As such, it seems to make sense that he should be able to cast them twice as frequently!
    • Damage Reflect delay reduced by 50% (already applied)
    While the Damage Reflect effect shouldn't be immediate, it seems that the current version of our DR seems too lenient. By reducing the time between seeing 1's and taking damage by 50%, should re-introduce difficulty in the battle.
    • Mounts are enabled in the boss map
    • DCing or logging out in the expedition map will no longer bring you to Three Doors
    • Leaving the Victory or Defeat map will, instead, bring you straight to Three Doors
    Horntail (written by NiseNise)

    With the prevalence of single target bosses at end-game, and Neo Tokyo Part 2 (when it comes out) being a similar case, we decided to revisit and change Horntail slightly so that cleave classes have more options when it comes to slaying this terrifying dragon.
    • Horntail's Left Head and Mid Head can now be hit together
    • Horntail's Right Head and Mid Head can now be hit together
    Shaolin (written by NiseNise)

    With mobs now able to jump and being immune to freeze, we were able to make some changes to ALL the Shaolin maps, with the following goals in mind:
    1. Make the map easier to traverse through (we previously placed mobs in annoying places to prevent AFKing)
    2. Make mobs easier to hit for all types of attackers (mobs on shelves and stairs, making it annoying for some classes more so than others)
    3. Revert excess mob spawns applied accidentally a few patches ago (around Halloween) AND bringing it in line with other training locations
    With those considerations in mind, the following changes were made:
    • 7F footholds for some platforms removed, mobs relocated, spawn reduced
    • 5-6F footholds for some platforms removed, mobs relocated, spawn reduced
    • 3-4F footholds for some platforms removed, mobs relocated, spawn reduced
    • 1-2F footholds for some platforms removed, mobs relocated
    As we've communicated in the past, our version of Shaolin is a mix of CMS mobs with JMS spawns. However, it turns out that we were using the wrong map layout, with the wrong platforms/footholds. We've corrected this change, albeit quite late, and applied the proper platforms/footholds.

    Other mob changes
    - Fixed Krexel spawns, should no longer spawn Dark Wyverns
    - Fixed Ravana spawns, should no longer spawn pirates
    - Minor fix for Nibergen not attacking at times

    The following maps have teleporters added:
    Practice Field: Normal Level
    Practice Field: Advanced Level

    The following maps have teleporters added + spawn increase*
    Entrance to Sky Forest
    Sky Forest: The Train
    Deep in the Sky Forest
    Snake Area: Teleporters
    Where the Sky Forest Ends
    Peach Farm1
    Peach Farm 2
    Peach Farm 3
    10-Year-Old Herb Garden
    50-Year-Old Herb Garden
    100-Year-Old Herb Garden
    Bellflower Valley
    Old Swamp
    Isolated Swamp
    Foggy Forest
    Virtuous Forest

    *This is not yet complete and more maps will be modified in future!

    Other map changes:
    Forest of Dead Trees I now uses the old nostalgic layout (Should be MUCH better to grind at now)
    Forest of Dead Trees II now uses the old nostalgic layout (Should be MUCH better to grind at now)
    Forest of Dead Trees III now uses the old nostalgic layout (Should be MUCH better to grind at now)
    Forest of Dead Trees IV now uses the old nostalgic layout (Should be MUCH better to grind at now)
    Navigation Room (1st job Pirate) now looks fine in HD 2 mode
    The Magatia background is now beautiful again

    We hope you'll enjoy it! More changes are coming in the future.
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