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MapleLegends 2021 Anniversary Event Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by joota, Jun 10, 2021.

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  1. joota

    joota Selkie Jr. Retired Staff

    Jul 13, 2019
    7:43 PM
    Hi! Here is a little guide for the event~

    I don't have all the information so please comment and I'll fill it in!

    The NPCs are located in:
    • Henesys Park: Laura, Oz, Becky
    • Cassandra (to go to Sweets Room): most towns
    • Sweets Room: Vickey & Cookie (Puff Daddy), Patty (Pink Bean PQ, Cake Jump Quest)

    Go to Henesys Park and talk to Laura. 100 Anniversary Points for:
    • White Scroll
    • Chaos Scroll
    • Pink Gaia Cape
    • Purple Gaia Cape
    • Pink Adventurer Cape
    • Purple Adventurer Cape
    • Golden Event Ticket
    • Eveliyse's Me Pot Chair
    • String Phone Chair
    • Happy Pierre Chair
    • Bubble Bath Chair
    • Cake
    • Pie
    • Maple Equipment Box
    • Maple Pop Chicken
    • Wedding Cake
    • Rice Puff
    • Strawberry Jam Toast
    • Mysterious Candy
    • Clean Slate Scroll 3%
    • Clean Slate Scroll 20%
    • VIP Teleport Rock
    • The Owl of Minerva

    Talk to Oz for Pets, Chairs, Coupons, Single Cosmetics, and Cosmetic Sets:
    • Cake: 75 points
    • Pie: 75 points
    • Pink Bean Cube Chair: 100 points
    • Anniversary Hair Coupon: 45 points
    • Anniversary Face Coupon: 45 points
    • Anniversary Cosmetics Bundle: 80 points
    Talk to Becky for Consumables, Box Rewards, Event Equipments, Golden Event Ticket exchange:
    • AP Reset: 40 points
    • 5 AP Reset bundle: 160 points
    • Magic Crystal: 10 points
    • Spring Festival Armor Scroll Box: 40 points
    • Spring Festival Weapon Scroll Box: 40 points
    • Spring Festival Cape Box: 750 points
    • Maple Equipment Box: 50 points
    • Ring of Melodies: 150 points
    • Banana Peel Spectacles: 150 points
    • Colorful Cube: 25 points
    • Maple Leaf: 150 points
    • Maple Syrup 25 points

    1. Get a Maple Weapon Box from the raffle or for 50 points from Becky and open it for a random base Maple equipment
    2. Get a Magic Crystal from Becky for 10 points
    3. Talk to Cassandra to upgrade the base Maple Equipment (Maple Equip + Magic Crystal)
      1. 35 level weapon -> 43 level weapon -> 64 level weapon
      2. Maple Magician/Thief/Warrior Shield -> Maple Shield

    Pink Bean Party Quest guide:
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You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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