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Notice MapleLegends and You

Discussion in 'MapleLegends Announcements' started by Kimberly, Mar 31, 2020.

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  1. Kimberly

    Kimberly Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    1:33 PM
    Moderator Post
    For the past weeks, it's without any question for anyone that we've received a lot of new users, as well as old users coming back to take a peek at the server in its current state.

    For those new, I want to welcome you to MapleLegends. MapleLegends is an Old School MapleStory server providing the MapleStory from 2008, for those that wish to experience it or experience it again.

    While we are on an Old School client, we have made balance changes, as well as providing content from newer versions, such as maps that came out after 2008.

    Furthermore, MapleStory in 2008 was only available in 800x600, where we have higher resolutions available. While not perfect, the support for higher resolution is custom and done by modifying the base client.

    Our community

    The first thing I want to point out is our community. Since the beginning of MapleLegends, we are proud of what we as a server reached when it comes to our community.

    The MapleLegends community is a tight small group of adults that are here to re-experience the old days of MapleStory, as well as the more difficult server rates.

    The priority of MapleLegends was always that we had a high-quality community because we all are here to have fun, as well as feeling safe and wholesome.

    When playing MapleLegends, we would highly appreciate if you act your age and do not attempt to intentionally act in ways that give you negative attention, such as trolling. We would like to keep the high-quality community, and trolling, as well as other things that give negative vibes, are not appreciated within MapleLegends. If you wish to poke at people, please do it at people that know you, such as your friends, and not strangers, unless you are sure they are not inappropriate jokes.

    Lastly, if you purely join MapleLegends to be a dick, such as swearing at everyone in PQ's, or in general, I will very quickly kick you off the game permanently. Please don't. Do it somewhere else if it's your thing.

    Edgy names

    One thing we've noticed the past week is people joining the server with 'edgy' names. This is honestly in the same category as 'act like your age' any name that contains an obvious name that has the intention to 'try how long you can last with it' get immediately name changed without question. Please do not argue with us when we tell you to change your name. While having 'corona' in the name is getting really old too, it's right now not in this category, simply because a lot of people pick such names to show they are playing because of the on-going events. I see this personally happening in EVERY game right now. However, if you taunt, make fun of people getting sick due to it, and other things, we have all the rights to take action on it too. Please just be mature. Not everyone likes your jokes.

    We also check in which ways you are acting in-game using the name you are associated with.

    The @mapowner command

    The biggest question we have is about the @mapowner command. This is completely understandable because @mapowner is a feature not found in the official game, but a lot of unofficial servers.

    In MapleLegends, each map is 'owned' by a person. You can check who owns a map using @mapowner in-game. When someone owns the map, the person has the right to ask you to not kill steal in it, because kill stealing, unlike the official servers, is not encouraged here.

    If you do not agree, you have the right to ask the owner of the map if he/she may want to party, but the owner has all the rights to deny it, which in that case you have to leave and find a new map or partner.

    Furthermore, if you lose a map because you went to Free Market to get buffs, the new owner has all the rights to do what he/she wants with the map. Same story if you went AFK for too long. To prevent that, get your buffing characters to the same map as you are. Going to Free Market is at your OWN risk.

    For the current users, we would really appreciate if you attempt to calmly explain to new users the @mapowner system, so they feel less threatened. Try to avoid 'ccplz' or other similar comments

    We are actively working behind the scene providing more maps for users to grind in for the near future.

    Explanations of this notice

    The reason behind this notice is because we want to do our best to make sure everyone has an enjoyable time playing MapleLegends. We understand it's difficult sometimes getting along, as well as that each person is different.

    We understand that some people have an easier time communicating with others, where it's harder for some other. If you notice you do not get along with someone, try to move away and do something else. Please do not intentionally taunt, tease, whisper, stalk, or anything that creates a negative vibe to both parties. We do not ask you to like everyone, we ask you to respect everyone. That way, we can stay the high-quality community we are known for.

    Thank you

    One thing I want to make clear is that this notice is not meant to be negative, but informative. We've received a lot, and a lot of great community members and the current users are also happy to see so much more activity again in PQ's, FM, etc.

    MapleLegends is managed by humans doing this all in their free time, trying our best to make sure you have a fun and enjoyable experience. We have feelings and emotions too. We are just like you, a great fan of Old MapleStory.

    I've also received a lot of wholesome messages thanking us for providing a place to play Old MapleStory again, and of course, we appreciate those messages a lot.

    We are very happy you've chosen MapleLegends as your server, and even if it's only during the period of the coronavirus we hope you'll have a great time.

    ~MapleLegends Management
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