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MapleLegends Custom Client Mod Options

Discussion in 'MapleLegends Features & Information' started by Kimmy, Apr 9, 2021.

  1. Kimmy

    Kimmy Administrator Staff Member Administrator Game Moderator

    Sep 9, 2014
    The Netherlands
    10:31 AM
    Moderator Post
    This topic is made to describe all our custom client modifications found in Legends.ini, which can be found in your MapleLegends directory.

    What is Legends.ini?

    Legends.ini is a text file that holds many options to tweak and improve your client, as well as the main place to increase or decrease the game's resolution.

    In this thread all the options will be described, so you can tweak the game client in anyway you like!

    Please note that this only include the client tweaks inside Legends.ini. We also have a lot of client tweaks and improvements automatically applied!

    To change a setting, go to the setting of your choice, and change the = value to something else. Please note that changing anything with a ; at the begin has zero effect, and is purely used for instruction purposes.

    HDClient is probably the most used feature from the Legends.ini. In here, you can alter the resolution of the game. If you prefer Classic resolution, or don't have a big screen, you put the value on 0. 1 is the default, and 2 is the highest resolution.

    0 = 800x600
    1 = 1024x768
    2 = 1366x768
    Default = 1

    <Screenshots of each resolution goes here>
    Very simple setting. This decides if you start the game Windowed or not. In-game, you can still toggle between the two options by holding ALT and then pressing ENTER.

    false Start the game in Full Screen
    true Start the game in Windowed mode
    Default = 1
    This option boots the game in the center of the screen, so you no longer have to move it manually yourself. If you disable this, it will start in the top left corner of your screen instead.

    false = Start the game in the left top corner of your screen
    true = Start the game in the center of your active monitor
    Default = 1
    This option allows you to boot up the game client in the position it believes it was used the last time, before it got closed. This can be useful if you always play in the very same way, and do not want to move the window each time you play the game

    NOTE: This does not work if StartInCenter is already enabled

    false = The game boots up normally
    true = The game tries to boot up in the old psotiion it was in
    Default = false
    Enabling this allows the client to immediately boot into the login screen without showing anything from the company logos. This became an option for those that love to still hear the tunes that come with them.

    false = The game boots up normally with the logos
    true = The game immediately boots into the login screen
    This option allows you to darken the background of your chat in-game. A common complaint is that text is very hard to read on light backgrounds. Enabling this fixes the problem!

    <screenshots go here>

    false = The chat background is like the original game
    true = The chat background is slightly darker
    Default = false
    This option allows you to have infinite chat logs each session. In the original setting, you can only scroll back up to your chat so much until it disappears. Not with this! You have the option turning this off if you believe it effects your performance.

    false = The chat log works like the vanilla game
    true = You have infinite amount of chat log each session
    This is one of our methods we use to prevent the infamous GFX bug. Enabling this allows the game to automatically clean up data from the game when no longer used, allowing the client to have more data for other things. It's highly recommended leaving this on while bossing, but you can turn it off on normal gameplay if you notice it effects your performance.

    false = The auto cache system is turned off
    true = The auto cache system is turned on
    This allows you to alter the speed of the transition animation when going through portals, logging in, going into Cash Shop, etc.

    <Video demonstrations goes here>

    1 = Classic transition speed
    2 = Transition speed like modern GMS
    3 = MapleLegends' custom tweaks (faster)
    A feature made for streamers! Enabling this allows you to automatically censor the Login ID, as well as the Login ID found on the Cash Shop without fear of you revealing your information. No longer need to blank your screen when logging in!

    false = The Login ID is revealed like normally
    true = The Login ID is censored for streaming

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