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S> Monster Card Hunting Service!

Discussion in 'Free Market' started by Regie, Jul 30, 2020.

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  1. Regie

    Regie Mano

    Mar 15, 2015
    Clash City
    10:03 AM
    Dark Knight
    HELLO and WELCOME to my Monster Card Hunting Service!
    From [​IMG] Snail to [​IMG] Oblivion Guardian, From Victoria to Leafre, I AM DOING EVERYTHING!
    You can either farm with me in a different channel for faster clears or just lay back and relax while i do the work.
    Prices are depending on the cards!
    [​IMG] Stump only cost 50k per card,
    [​IMG]Cold Sharks cost 800K per card,
    [​IMG]Dark Yeti & Pepe can cost up to 1,3mil per card.
    -> All drops are mine except the cards that you are buying.
    -> Be sure to check every 3min if you are Semi-AFKing,
    . . .Failing to loot the card for the first time will be paid 50% of the desired price.
    . . .Failing to loot after the 1st failed loot attempt due to whatever reason will be charged 100% of the desired price.
    -> Please tell me whenever you need to AFK or BRB.
    -> Payment is only via single card or a whole set. (no 2 card from this and 3 from that)
    . . .if you need cards that are not single or whole then you need to buy it in single times (x the amount).
    -> Payment in Single is right after the loot of the card to avoid miscount and mistakes.
    . . .Payment in Set can be advanced.
    > Dont ask for the impossbile. (HT, Zak, Ergoth, etc.)
    -> Finding the locale boss will get you -50%. (Mushmom, Dyle, Zeno, Seruf, etc.)

    Card Ranks:
    BLACK = S+

    VIOLET = S
    ORANGE = E
    RED = F

    Why buy from me?
    > I do not charge 500K per card on lower card ranks unlike the others.
    . . .(noob friendly, new players are able to save mesos.)
    -> I am a Dark Knight. I can hunt monsters that people normaly avoid.
    . . .(Like
    Cold Sharks. Mages that cant 1 shot them with Blizzard, Meteor Shower or Genesis usually dont do them because of the dispell.)
    . . .(Also Night Lords tend to avoid them since being underwater makes no use of their mobility.)
    . . .(F/P Arch Mages Avoid ''Road to Oblivion'' in ToT due to Fire Resistant.)
    . . .(I/L Arch Mages Avoid ''Road of Regrets'' in ToT due to Ice Resistant.)
    -> Temple Of Time is like walk in the park.
    . . .(I guess m
    ost of the other Card Hunter did not do the ToT Prequest)
    . . .(Unwashed or Low Washed Card Hunters usually dont do ToT)
    -> Fast and efficient. I 1 shot all monsters under LVL 65 with Dragons Roar .
    How to contact me?

    -> Whisper ''Tine'' in game, if i am not online try messaging me on Discord.
    -> Discord: ꧁ ✧ ᖫ Rai ᖭ ✧ ꧂#2797
    First come, first served.
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You must be a logged-in, registered member of this site to view further posts in this thread.

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