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Oven Mitten Request

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Sjoix, Apr 1, 2017.

Should the Oven Mitten be allowed to be kept by players?

  1. Yes

    17 vote(s)
  2. No

    2 vote(s)
  1. Sjoix

    Sjoix Snail

    Mar 12, 2017
    7:03 PM
    So, this is a simple, yet, easily debatable request in regards to the oven mitten weapon we are receiving from event. In short: Let us all keep the mitten. Long version: Anyone who has ever played a beginner/islander would know that beginners are obviously limited to specific weapons and, for the most part, weapon types. These typically end up being, 1h Sword, Dagger, and Polearm (especially polearm). The oven mitten is a common weapon that anyone can equip that is technically a claw and uses arrows to shoot projectiles. The damage from the claw can actually be increased using LUK. This is actually a really unique and cool concept, especially to islanders as it gives them basically another class on the island, Besinners (Awesome I know), and it is a nice way to change things up on even a normal perma-beginner character. Simply by adding more avenues to try new things could potentially lead to some really amusing, as well as impressive character builds. The only thing is that I have been given the impression that the claw will be removed after the event. I personally think that anyone who has a oven mitten should be allowed to keep it for this purpose alone, or for mementos save I suppose. And in future events that give claw based weapons like this, it should follow suit making it a possibility for people to create this kind of beginner. The only real issue I would see with this is that this actually kind of gives the Beginner on maple island an advantage in training, due to having a ranged attack always. But its debatable as it is a normal attack speed weapon, when a lot of islanders are using fast attack polearms which have high reach as well, notably the super snow board, which is fast and gives a ton of speed. I actually think the snow board user could out train the claw user, despite range. I personally would like to hear anyone else's opinion on this or whether or not they think this is a good/bad idea.
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  2. Slime

    Slime Pixel Artist Retired Staff

    Apr 8, 2015
    2:03 AM
    Slime / OmokTeacher
    I agree, because without attack potions (which you cannot get on Maple Island) it's very hard to hit for decent damage with the Mitten.

    As for the whole suggestion, I'd like to inform you that you could get a very similar Magical Mitten from the Christmas event, which was wiped from everyone's inventory with this recent patch. I myself have a level 43 full Luk Beginner. And as much as I always support and trust our staff's decisions, I too, would like an explanation on why it was removed, as well as a reconsideration.
    I should also mention, as someone who has a level 42 full Dex Beginner, and a level 71 Str Beginner, that the Luk Beginner was the weakest, so it shouldn't hurt the (nonexistent) Beginner competition.
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