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PQ Buffs

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Pixel, May 21, 2023.

  1. Pixel

    Pixel Mixed Golem

    Jun 17, 2018
    2:07 AM
    Disclaimer: I am aware the team has been working on a PQ Revamp for a while, this is just the suggestions / ideas from an outside player based on experiences

    I don't need to make an intro about how PQs state is in RN, i'm not going to say there's not enough new players because there are but now most of them will quit PQs after their fill of nostalgia after they realize how bad it is so...here's my list of suggestions

    1.-Add Gacha/Silver Gacha to random end PQ rewards + remove some trash

    Makes Players not lose on gach while PQing compared to grinding, 1-2 gach tickets per 15 minutes is more or less what they get while grinding and is not guaranteed, you may still not get nothing, keep some stuff like trash scrolls but we're at a point where getting blue potions in LPQ is so outdated, it was okayish back then but getting 30 blue pots when you could be grinding and getting un-stealable NX and Tickets is a detriment

    KPQ can stay the way it is, if anything just remove some of the trash, basically the potions, the ores can stay

    Argument against this may be that getting gach is too broken but honestly the only people i imagine complaining are mage mains who think they're the only ones who deserve gach


    Also PQs are mule proof unlike events since even if you have a PQ mule , you still have to handle 3-5 characters in order to maybe get 1-2 gach after 15 minutes, at that point just farm on your main lol

    2.- Halve requirements for items, 20 for earrings, 30 TOTAL for glasses (20 for base, 10 after for glittering)


    Getting Items in PQs is a hassle, you gotta commit to a PQ that doesnt have enough people, and some are insane requirements, unless you want to live there you barely will get to the level before moving to the next stage aka post 55 for EPQ or post 45-50 in LPQ

    You really gotta do LPQ religiously from 35 to 43 to get enough runs, and giving players flexibility to take a break from PQing , and EPQ you really have to run from 45 to 55 exclusively to get altaire earrings

    People may argue this will discourage people from PQing, but honestly people still do KPQ not wanting the shoes, or EPQ not wanting the earrings

    3.- Remove HP Washing mules

    Add requirement that you cannot do it if you have over 100 INT and not a mage


    One of the major things that drive players off PQs is that most people are leeching their alts, ''Joining 2 spots, me and my sin'' or 3 mules refusing to help with kills since they're washing, yes they sometimes have a carry mule or MW to help a little bit, but most people don't want to carry them, it's just lame to do a PQ where half the party is useless because they're washing, make it worthy for regular players to participate, HP washing mules would need a mage leech anyways.

    This is the hottest take since it removes a part of the community but honestly PQ has only been a hatching nest for ez leveling for washing mules rather than a relaxed fun experience for new players, and that's why actual players in LPQ or KPQ level just go grinding compared to going to the PQ area, they know there's only mules there.

    An int prohibition on PQs will filter the 300 INT characters that just AFK there expecting a carry. while maybe giving some sliiiight pass to those ''light washers'' who still can contribute with more than just cheering and good wishes

    4.-Card 100% Drop, make it drop 2 (This one is debatable)

    Card Drop, similar to items drop, this is required for PQs, a card drops 50% of the time in PQs it's 6 people, that means for all 6 to get a card it would take like 30 runs minimum if it drops 100% of the time, but is not 100% so it turns to 60 runs if 50% of the time

    Making it drop 100% at least or 2 cards will guarantee that most people finish the set
    I think out of all the characters i've made only 1 has finished Alishar set and 2 King Slime

    I'd say Poison Golem is in a good spot, at least make it 100% on that case. but usually the most luck i get finishing a set is when the others already gave up on even wanting it rather than finishing their sets themselves.

    5.- EXP Buff (LPQ 25%, OPQ 30% and PPQ 30%)

    Just a slight buff to make it worth the time of doing these PQs compared to grinding as well
    Putting it in numbers all these PQs are actually worse than grinding, they just seem easier but even time investment they're worse, just a little bump in exp to incentivize doing them would make them more populated.

    6.- Designated PQ Teleporter

    One of the biggest nuisances of PQing is having to be in the spot
    OPQ, PPQ and EPQ are the biggest sufferers from this

    EPQ seems to get a pass since it's next to LPQ the PQ that you just finished doing
    But the reason they're also empty is that you need to be in Orbis or Pirate ship to wait for a party and there's basically no one

    Having a teleport NPC in towns like cassandra, so you can grind/farm cards and if there's a party looking you can just teleport there immediately and not be like
    ''Damn OPQ i really want to do it but i'm in Windraiders rn....and when i get there the PQ is gonna be full or only for 2 rounds before disbanding''

    so you can go to PQ zone, do 3 PQs until Jimmy has to go dinner, then exit and go back to card farming.

    7.- Entry PQ redirect to guide

    Make the PQ NPC have an option that sends the player to the internet browser for BBB or a forum PQ guide, that way they know how to do the PQ and some mechanics

    ''Hey in this stage you catch the Poison Sprites like Pokemon''
    ''Here's how JMS works if you havent learned it''
    ''This is how you do the PQ''
    It will not only help confused players but also first timers, PQs scare people because some of them never done them before and the guides aren't as accessible as before, just a little bump for those who really want to learn because i know they're out there

    I think i covered most points and i'm ready for controversy about how it's too broken to make PQs actually worth your time
    Last edited: May 21, 2023
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  2. LeonardoJF

    LeonardoJF Zakum

    Jun 16, 2021
    Rio grande do Sul - BR
    4:07 AM
    I just disagree with the restrictions for char with int, I believe that the rest can be very useful, mainly a better reward and the part of the teleports
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  3. Siegfried

    Siegfried Pink Teddy

    Apr 21, 2017
    12:07 AM
    1, 2, 4 are the most important

    the rest don't matter

    re: 3
    usually doesn't matter, and esp with hp challenges, not needed.

    re: 4
    100% is arguably fine, but limit to one. everyone rolls for the dice anyways, and there usually is a big influx of new characters to pq that don't have the set.

    re 5:
    almost important, but, because of #1 and #2: this would make PQs too OP, i think. balancing ordinary quests to tackle leveling diversity is the better idea here.

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